Let me show you…

So, today I puttered about a bit. Took a stroll through Birchglen to see if the ice had melted (it has) and to see if there were any crocuses yet (there aren’t)

High above Birchglen North, (note the helicopter!)

High above Birchglen North, (note the helicopter!)

As You can see, Birchglen is a lush place, lots of greenery, and public space as well as residential parcels and homes for rent.


Last year, the Lodge was built. It used to be two stories  high, but that was a bit large so I chopped off the second floor. The back of it is toward the IZ straits, and one can sail up to the lodge, or sail out from it. There is lots of room to dance, a stage, quark and alcohol for the grownups.

Birchglen Lodge

Birchglen Lodge

There is also a Sacred Space park, along with the regular public part. The Sacred Space park has more of a contemplative nature. There is an elemental circle, and at the back will be a Prayer Labyrinth to sit in for (hopefully) services with the Friends of St. Matthews – a group of these lovely folks from SL are in IW and I am hoping to be able to bring a bit of that faith community here.

Sacred Space Forest

Sacred Space Forest

Now, this isn’t to suggest there isn’t amazing varied communities already, there definitely is. The Adult community is thriving, just visit places like Underworld – owned by Chopper Gubrux, (I will be adding some adult LM’s in another post) and you will see that there is a bustling, happy, fun loving bunch of deviants. *grins*

There is also the Faelf – Sidhevair community of which I am part of. A spred of beautiful sims to explore and enjoy. Countless others as well, Elves, Tinies, Victoriana — as I visit these communities I will share some pictures and show you around a bit. But for now, back to my day –

So, off to Birchglen South, my newest sim. Also residential with public space.

Arial View of Birchglen South (Prickle Pear Bay)

Arial View of Birchglen South (Prickle Pear Bay)


Birchglen South Winery

More rentals available here, and like Birchglen North (Diamond Valley on the map) Rent is .50/prim. So, an app 770 sqm parcel with 500 prims would be 250 izzies/week. 2500 Izzies is only 5.00 so, rent on a place like that would only be 1000/month or less than 2.50 US/month! (I love the currency rate!)

I had wanted to find Magika hair – I had heard that it was now in InWorldz *whee!* – I ended up at the Glam Fashion District and didn’t find Magika but found soooo much more:

Mina hairs, Jaro Skins/Shapes/Eyes, Sophia Fashions, Swagga, Step InSide (my skin/shape), Bilo, Aux, Illegal Insanity, Muse, Onyx and much more – http://places.inworldz.com/Mirrors/136/121/1001

Then, I bugged my friend Simone Geddins and SHE passed me the Magika LM, which is at a new area called The Knitting Circle.

o.O —  http://places.inworldz.com/The%20Knitting%20Circle%20II/33/140/702   — Shapes, Skins, Mesh, Clothing, everything uber cool…

If you haven’t been to InWorldz in awhile you HAVE to check out these new additions. I am now happily wearing mesh, colour changing hair .. YAY!!!

At home, after a busy day

At home, after a busy day


With new hair 🙂


So, that’s all for today. So happy to see even more fabulous merchants in addition to the ones I’ve fallen in love with in IW . So very happy to be here!



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