Rite of Brighid and Mer-Faelf Dance



Poor Sweetie my little bird, I brought him with me underwater while I was trying out my new fins and tail. He seems to be able to hold his breath for an amazingly long period of time.

Why the new outfit? Well there is a cool event today and I realized I lacked the suitable attire 🙂

It’s at http://places.inworldz.com/Ennyn%20Sidhevair/53/75/1

Here is the event description:

This evening the Faelf of the Sidhevairs will celebrate the Season with an Imbolc dance under the Sea. Hosted by the Mer-Faelf with Lady Astoria Luminos as our Mer-Faelf DJ. Thanks also to the amazing fish herding in preparation for this event by Lady Kiriana Inigosdottir. The Mer-Faelf will swim up to an islet for the Rite of Brigid. Together we will bring the Poetic Fires of this midway moment between Winter and Spring into our selves to light our revels beneath the waves. Please join us.


So, I’m off 🙂



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