The Rite of Brighid with the Merfolk

I used to take the time to celebrate the cycle of the year in a much more elaborate form. Ritual with friends, followed by potluck and fun.

Sadly, a combination of moving away a few years ago ,  having more children, and a weekend job and I have found myself out of routine.

One of the most singularly important parts of any religious or spiritual services is the intent that fuels it in the background. What is your motivation, what is your personal connection to the service you are about to partake in. Second in importance is ability to visualize or ‘feel’ what it is you are doing.

Much of what is used in any religious service is a tool, a prop used to bring about a certain state of mind so that one can better fall into the ‘current’ or flow of what is unfolding in front of them.

So really it is no surpise that the immersiveness of a virtual world can provide a very close experience.

When the Imbolc celebration of the Sidhevairs was announced, I was very happy 🙂 A chance to celebrate one of my favourite Sabbats with some great people. I am very bad with names, though I recall Tranquillity Dexler, Astoria Lumious, Lord and Lady Sidhevair , Fleure, I– PLEASE forgive me for not recalling other names — or of course just give me a verbal lashing, that’s okay too 😀

Here are some pictures from Saturday

mermaids1 mermaids2 mermaids3


There are actually many amazing places for merfolk! I did lots of exploring, before and after this event with my newly acquired tail and fins *grins*.

Blessed Imbolc! And happy low spring!


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