Busy in Birchglen

I was feeling rather discouraged the other day. I have parts of Birchglen that go rather unused and I wanted to give it a bit of a makeover, you know… accentuating the good and changing out the ‘no longer needed’ stuff.

So, I bugged a certain lil Faelf friend – who has been VERY busy creating some awesome new items for her store – and to my total glee, she said she would help! I had been to her sim Midsomer quite a few times when I first came to Inworldz and loved it. She also had a scenic… Solstice? (I’ll have to revisit and then update) and that was lovely too. Her distressed, weathered, quaint simple beauty was what I was hoping to bring into Birchglen.

She blew me away. She transformed so much of my space and totally inspired me. I had so much fun adding foilage and tearing down the old lodge to put up the new East Harbour Chat Shack – and then I went to Varielle Designs and got a new house to add for a rental home.

Im very satisfied with my rental homes. Leanna Caerndow, Skye Varriale, Julia Hathor , WWD, David West and Kari Paule make up the rental home builds.  I also changed my rental policy a bit, no longer does the home get counted in the prims. So, the izzies paid by the tenant are towards prims for decor. No house count included.

Okay, enough blabbing. Here are some pictures.



The deck at the Chat Shack Pub and Marketplace


Arial view of Birchglen North


The East Harbour Chat Shack pub in Birchglen North and a wee bit of Leanna’s Offbeat store. Her main store is in Midsomer, but she has lil stores of hers in other places as well.


Little beach area in Birchglen North


Sacred Path church, with outside prayer space , northern shore in Birchglen North


When Leanna showed me all the work she did here I was SO happy. She took this sacred space (used mainly for Earth-Based celebrations but  open for all to enjoy – non denominational) and made it into something I could really FEEL. It has become so much more than mere pixels.


Between the Lands – well, sims. Birchglen North on the left and Birchglen South on the right, joined by a bridge that allows most basic sail boats and motor boats to pass under.


Some of the homes for rent in Birchglen South. Lovely Windmill from Oblivion, homes from some of the best creators inworld.


Two homes on the hill, either side of the waterfall. One from Julia Hathor and one from Variele Designs

Skye Varriale


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