Faces of Inworldz – Chopper Gurbux

Today is the first installation of a new feature of this blog called Faces of Inworldz. It is my goal to meet with different Inworldz folk and see what they are up to. To discover how they have been an integral part of the Inworldz community.

When I came to Inworldz a little over a year ago, I had no idea what was I was in for. I didn’t know if there were stores, if there was currency. I had no idea what I would look like (eek, I looked like Ruth – but that is no more. There are now starting avatars). I just knew that I wanted to live out my own dream, whereas in SL, I was limited financially and in OSGrid I felt limited by content. I am one of those people who loves to exist in a virtual world, but I’m not tech savvy. I’m not a builder. I am social and like to decorate. So I had wanted an ‘in between’. Via media so to speak.

So, this series of interviews and spotlights on Inworldz people and their creations is about that. Giving non residents a chance to see what goes on here, and giving existing residents the chance to share their creations or to learn about other pioneers of this virtual world.


Chopper in a suit! Something we don’t see every day.This is how we normally see him.

This is how we normally see him.

So, without anymore delay, here is Chopper Gurbux:

B: Hello Chopper! Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

CB: You’re welcome
B: How long have you been in Inworldz?

CB: It will be 4 years in June.
B: I know from speaking to you before that you originate from another grid. What brought you to Inworldz? How did you hear about it?

CB: I was just searching other grids because I couldn’t build what I wanted to on the other grid..cost to set up,upload costs..etc

B: What was your first impression of Inworldz when you came here?

CB:when I got here there were 6000 users, so it was pretty quiet but it was what I needed as far as freedom to build
B: What did you find most challenging in regards to your early experience here?

CB – definitely the problems with PhysX and it taking so long, and also the fact that I still can’t sell bikes here yet because I can’t find scripts that work correctly for bikes

B: What do you enjoy most about Inworldz , now that you’ve been here awhile?

CB: I’d definitely say the people,and the chance to build what I have wanted to

B:I first found your sim – Underworld – about a year ago when I came to Inworldz. I was struck by all the detail that has obviously gone into it. Is Underworld based on a place you’ve been? Something you’ve read about? — what exactly is the inspiration?

CB: Well, I’ve never been to a place like Underworld, so I draw the inspiration I guess from my imagination of what a older city would be like, as far as the detail aspect..a good friend Indy Bluebird, pointed out the details thing because if you go look at his sim the detail work is awesome. I really didn’t start building seriously until I got here.

B: What do you envision for the future of your sim? How do you ideally see it being used or enjoyed?
CB: The future of my sim?I don’t know,I hope people would just come and hangout and use the places I have built either for RP or just to explore. I don’t think a lot of people see it because the “adult” rating plus the name might scare them off a bit.

B: Well, thank you so much for your time. I also want to thank you for going out of your way to be so welcoming to the adult and alternative community. I must say that even though your sim is rated Adult, there is a common respect and camaraderie that I sense there. Going to the Saturday night parties at The Dive, people laughing, joking, talking and most importantly, truly seeming to enjoy each other’s company. It’s Adult, but with the sort of welcoming air to it, that even a Faelf like myself is able to feel comfortable. (though I admit I’m a bit weird *winks) . You do a great service to the Adult community of Inworldz – AND you play great tunez! Glad to have met you, and all the other Underworld folks.

CB: No problem, and thank you very much too. Have a good one!

Some photos from my wander through Underworld last night. He has it set to night time, but I set it to [ss]Atmospheric 17:00b so that more of the detail was easily visible.


6 thoughts on “Faces of Inworldz – Chopper Gurbux

    • No problem. You do lots of good here, and you’re right… sometimes the A rating can scare people off, especially if they have experienced the ‘A’ sims on other grids. However, Underworld, and the people that frequent here are pretty darn awesome!


    • aww, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I thought it would be a fun way for ME to get to know people too! 😀 Thanks for the comment!


      • I’m too shy to talk to “Grid-celebrities” unless I am blogging/writing about something that concerns them too, but I’m also always so darn curious about their inspirations & motivations! lol
        With this series, you do the “dirty” work and we can sit back and get to know each person a bit more too! Love it! 😉


      • Thank you *grins* – I’m actually shy too, but for me it manifests in the inability to shut up 😀 Luckily the folks I’ve met in IW are very friendly and tolerate me well haha.


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