Lazy Dayz

A friend of mine who hasn’t been in IW for some time, decided to come back and visit again. I love it when people come round for another visit. Inworldz has changed so much even from when I first came here. I had made him an avatar for his first visit – this was back in the days of Ruth I believe, and so I wanted to create something basic for him when he got here. He has since tweaked him and ‘prettied’ him up some. Easy to do with the growing choices of skins and shapes. And of course, now IW has starting avatars, so no one has to look like Ruth anymore. Yay!

(i apologize for picture quality. Im on my laptop with multiple things running so I have my graphics way down low. And for whatever reason, my laptop doesn’t take the same quality pictures as my desktop does)


Having a mid morning dance in the forest. Birds are chirping, even the robins. Spring has definitely sprung!



Showing Brion the waterfall and enjoying some peace while the sun rises.



Crashing waves, pink glow of a new day … butterflies and birds. A very perfect morning 🙂


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