I love friendly merchants!

I truly do.

I got some items from [Aux] the night before last. One of the items I got was low-rise sweats. [Aux] is a great store at The Knitting Circle in Inworldz, with some fab mesh clothing. Well anyhow, the low-rise sweats had the alphas but for some reason didn’t give me the actual pants. Well anyhow, I messaged Tyr Rozenblum, the store owner and told her. Today, she apologized and sent me the fat pack of pastels, as a thank you for being patient.

That’s pretty awesome in my books.

(plus i look awesome now. Thank you Tyr)

Yes, day by day Inworldz is just getting more awesome. The people rock. Truly.

Okay, no pants in this pic (well, pants, but not the ones I was talking about. I’ll wear those next) – i’m on my little laptop with a cruddy graphics card, so I apologize for the lack of detail. Oh! And A Judy Dessler boat behind me that seems to say BWIND… hmmm, thats an odd coincidence!


Ears ‘Leafy Ears’ – .::ElfWorkz::.

Hair ‘Many’ – Magika

Skin ‘Livia’- Step Inside

Shape ‘Harmony’-Pulse

Sail Away Shirt- [Aux]

Leggings ‘Trendy’ – Muse

Shoes ‘the Slip me on Flats’ – .Olive.

Necklace ‘the Mine -Zodiac’ – .Olive.


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