The Merry Month of May – in review

May was a fantastic month at Inworldz. It started with a Beltaine celebration that Leanna Caerndow was instrumental in pulling off. I also had the help of a stand-in Priest who did an amazing job. (Thanks Sig!) I took some fantastic pics of Leanna — in case you couldn’t tell, it was a clothing optional event, being Beltaine and all. 10252027_627336480693684_4223244198750274594_n 10155985_627336484027017_4246652333404806546_n 10171027_627336497360349_763880751172679506_n 10308208_627336737360325_2566827781253478105_n Then after that lovely event, I had the honour of being May Queen, along with my priest Sig, for the Sidhevairs. I unfortunately did not take pictures at that event!!!! But I do have some from the King and I on our last evening of wandering the Sidhevair lands in Inworldz. If you haven’t seen them already, PLEASE check out the beautiful lands of the Sidhevairs! So, final night of being May Royalty – MayRoyal1 Now we are into June – I wonder what adventures will unfold inworld this summer! *hugs*


3 thoughts on “The Merry Month of May – in review

    • 🙂 Thank you Amethyst! It definitely was fun. On the RL grid, being May Queen has a lot of responsibilities , I’ve never considered running for it. This was a very nice opportunity.
      & Leanna — you hosted the Beltaine ritual AND participated, even had a part! Thank YOU for the event.


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