Faces of Inworldz – Leanna Caerndow

Leanna LeannaKitty


This week, I bring to you a dear fae and sometimes kitty who I met in my early days in IW. I was exploring her sim Midsommar and saw her lovely creations. I messaged her about something or another that I was trying to find – a shop for my sim I believe, and she kindly passed me along one of hers. From that time on, I continued to furnish my home and my rental homes with her furniture. Not only does she make furniture, but she makes garden items, decor and some lovely quality builds — but the BEST thing is that she is simply one of the most wonderful people I know 🙂

So, without further adieu, Leanna Caerndow!


Birch -Hi Leanna, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me

Leanna- You’re very welcome!

Birch – I admit I’m a huge fan of yours. 90% of my furniture in Inworldz is made by you *grins*

Leanna. –  *blushes* thank you!

Birch – First of all, how long have you been in Inworldz for?

Leanna– almost 4 years now

Birch – What brought you here, how did you first hear about Inworldz?

Leanna – A friend sent me an email telling me about InWorldz. I had never heard of it before. So I decided to create an account and check it out. I liked it, so I stayed 🙂 This friend of mine gave me a lovely home and I moved in \o/

Birch – What was your first impression of Inworldz when you came here, and what did you find most challenging or most difficult to adjust to?

Leanna- My very first impression was that it was like SL a few years ago but emptier. Then I learnt about the prim limits and prices and I think I was unable to pick my jaw up off the floor for a month.
The most challenging experience was to decloud, lol.  I’d been a cloud for a week before I read on the forum how to decloud. I think I could have gone to a mentor but back then, I still avoided people as much as I could. *blush*

Birch – What do you enjoy most , now that you’ve been here awhile?

Leanna – My friends – the wonderful people I met here – and my sim. I love to decorate without having to worry about prim limits. It’s nice to be able to make a place look “alive” or really lived-in. It adds so much realism to a scene.

Birch – Have you been able to fulfill what it was you came here to do?

Leanna – I just wanted to create…so yes, I’ve definitely been able to fulfill that.

Birch – Do you want to talk a bit about your store, and your sim etc? You have recently been doing some talks about Mesh, correct?

Leanna- My sim is called Midsommar and my store is called Offbeat. Yes, I’ve given some talks on mesh – a super easy blender tutorial, actually. I tried to show people that creating mesh in blender is a lot less intimidating than they might think.

Birch -What are you hoping to achieve in the future here? Any big plans you’d like to share?

Leanna – No “big” plans, I just want to help enrich people’s virtual lives.

Birch – Leanna, Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. And thanks for providing us with such beatiful quality creations

Leanna- *blush* Thank you for your kind words, and it was my pleasure.

Leanna blogs at http://offbeatshowroom.wordpress.com/

Some Pictures of Midsommar

Midsommar1 Midsommar2 Midsommar3 Midsommar4

Some of the items Leanna Makes:

Offbeat Mainstore Landmark:  http://places.inworldz.com/Midsommar/177/30/22

Midsommar Landmark: http://places.inworldz.com/Midsommar/74/100/26


6 thoughts on “Faces of Inworldz – Leanna Caerndow

  1. Another wonderful peek behind the avatar, Birch! I love reading these interviews. 🙂
    I was at one of Leanna’s Mesh classes and they were so well done and easy to follow. I really admire anyone who takes the time to try and help the “community” here InWorldz in whatever form they can.


    • 🙂 Thank you Amethyst. There are so many wonderful people that help make Inworldz what it is. I often meet newly joined avatars inworld who are used to the density of SL, and don’t realize that there is a thriving bunch of creativity and interaction going on. It’s my hope to let that aspect of IW be seen. Now the trick is to come up with more creative questions! haha


  2. lol Birch… interesting questions like the ones you pose are perfect enough for me! 🙂
    And I think too that that is one of the biggest battles being faced IWz… how to “keep” the new players that arrive but soon depart because “nothing is happening” – it’s so not true! Getting the info about places/events/RP etc.to someone completely new to grids is the largest hurdle (an SL-refugee can look after themself!)…


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