A New Direction

My time in Inworldz has been pretty amazing lately. One of the coolest things is that I found out that my dear friend Leanna Caerndow has many of the same goals as myself , one being to share what we love and enjoy most about Inworldz. So we were brainstorming and it occurred to me that it would be twice the fun to share this blog with her. This way both of us are able to update with pictures, stories and events. Her and I are in totally different time zones so there will be times that she can get to events I am unable to and vice versa.

So, once we decided that this might be really awesome to do, we decided to change the name of the blog as well. FaelfsInWorld seemed like a good name, but I’ve always thought I might like to be a faun *hehe* so in the chance that I reinvent myself – as I am so prone to doing – we chose a name that better reflected us in any incarnation. No need to change any url – if you follow this blog already it will simply redirect you – http://livinginworldz.com

So.. from now on this blog will be a joint effort of both myself, Birch Wind and Leanna Caerndow.

Bye for now!


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