Friday the 13th. Good day for a town meeting?

You bet!

It was June 13th, a Friday – I arrived early and found a comfy seat on a log near a few other Faelfs. It was a beautiful place for a meeting- a sense of casualness but at the same time the feeling that the space had been prepared for us, with thought. Comfy chairs, cushions and other various places for an avi to relax while a founder of their grid addressed us and our concerns.

Here I’m sharing with you two parts of the meeting. First being the talk given by Tranquillity Dexler (on of the three Inworldz founders) and then the transcription from the question and answer period that followed. There were over 140 residents in attendance!

IW Meeting

To view the meeting, you can watch the recording here:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream



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Good morning everyone.

First off I’d like to thank you for joining me today. I know that the weekdays aren’t the best time to try to hold a get together like this, but I felt that we had a lot to talk about and didn’t want to push this meeting back.

Find a spot to sit or stand if you would like. We tried to accommodate everyone with the seats. We have quite the lovely mix of seating ranging from the tiny seats all the way up to that retro looking green chair which I think has become my favorite after staring at it for a while..

Please make sure you have voice turned on to hear me, but that your microphones are turned off so that we don’t have a lot of echos and background noise. Also, when asking a question, please type it out in chat so that we can get it as part of the transcript.

I’d like to start this meeting off by talking about some of the more immediate fixes and enhancements that are coming to the InWorldz grid.

Over the course of the last month, I have devoted the majority of my development time to fixing the region crossing and teleport connectivity issues that have plagued us since we started. In the past we spent a lot of time trying to patch around the existing code trying to make it work in an acceptable manner for the majority of users. Along the way we discovered that even small losses and network problems caused major issues when trying to move between regions either via teleport or on a vehicle, flying, or walking. We also discovered that the code that was managing the regions that surround your location was not sufficient to guarantee the correctness of many of the assumptions in the existing code.

I performed a complete review of the transit sequence on both the client and server side. Once I fully understood it, I began working on a more reliable design to power InWorldz crossings, teleports and neighbor region management. This design is now in the testing stages and is due to hit the beta grid next week.

What are we expecting from this? First and foremost, less crossing and teleport failures. We have intelligent code in place to clear the way for your avatar during a crossing that makes the crossing event the number one priority for your avatar once you designate you would like to teleport, or when you walk or ride off of the edge of a sim. Secondly, neighbor region behavior especially in the face of restarts and crashes will be much improved and there will be less instance of a region seeming to be up or down when it is down or up. Finally, region crossing delays should be drastically reduced and many anomalies will be gone.

These changes are huge, but we took the project on because this is a priority for many people on the grid. We fixed dozens of architectural problems, and we are confident that this will make the in-world experience a lot better, especially for people on slow or lossy internet connections.

During the time I’ve been working away at the crossing and teleport changes, Jim Tarber has been hard at work fixing a myriad of issues. I can’t name them all here. They will be listed on our release notes next week, but one thing I want to highlight is that we are implementing the export permission. This will allow content creators to specify if they want their content to be able to leave the InWorldz grid through functionality like viewer based OXP export and the collada export tools. By default, this option will be off.

Being able to specify yes or no to export is important to help content creators more easily define their licenses. After we implement the export permission standard, we will no longer have to ask third party viewers to make exceptions for InWorldz in their export functions, where opensim grids are normally treated to mean full permission equals export.

Since enabling export means that people will be able to save content on their hard drives, make multiple copies, and manipulate it as they please, we are requiring that the item be made full permission first before enabling export. This will avoid the surprise situation when someone exports from a viewer without copy permission, and is still able to restore the file multiple times, accidentally violating the creators intended license.

We may offer the option to provide other services utilizing this permission in the future.

Mike Chase has been working on server side support for materials and that work is almost ready for release. Materials allow for a much more realistic rendering of content and include the ability to specify textures that make surfaces of objects look shiny in specified areas as well as appear bumpy, raised, or uneven according to an image you can specify. When we release this feature, we’ll include some examples and documentation for you to check out. I personally have been waiting for these features for years, as they’ve been utilized in games to make the scenes more realistic forever.

I’d like to switch gears a little bit and move into company goals for 2014.

Our general company goals for the rest of 2014 can be summed up pretty succinctly. We want to attract new users to the InWorldz environment that will allow us to expand our support and development staff so that we can start taking on larger and more challenging projects as well as completing all of our projects more quickly.

InWorldz strives to provide, first and foremost, a quality 3d virtual world implementation. We have made great progress in achieving simulation stability even under high load. InWorldz can run on much fewer resources now than it could in the past while still providing a great experience for dozens of avatars. Our script engine provides support for thousands of scripts actively running on a region without bogging down the sim and without hogging memory. Though we do have recommendations for best practices, you’ll note that we hardly ever tell people that they can’t do X or Y with their scripts for fear of causing problems. We don’t force minimum repeat intervals for timers beyond what the operating system requires. Our physics engine supports many interacting and colliding objects without causing problems on a region, enabling realistic looking objects and vehicles. These are the things that set InWorldz apart and prove that we have the programming chops to take on any project that you or we might dream up. We have come a long way.

But it takes more than technical prowess to make a 3d virtual world really tick. Merchants and builders alike require a stream of new faces to encourage new ideas. We recognize we need to strive to make InWorldz a household name. We need to provide more people with reasons to want to interact with virtual worlds, and make sure that InWorldz becomes their first destination for a virtual existence. We think we can do this by bringing more real into the virtual world, and bringing more virtual into the real world.

Since my region crossing changes are nearly complete and tested, I’ll be shifting my focus back to the InShape platform. We have made some contacts that are confident they can show the value of InShape to gyms and other clubs where a virtual/real mashup of exercise and friendship with friendly competition can really get people to push hard and get a workout in without feeling like they’re doing extra work.

These people are going to come back into InWorldz from home later on to explore, to buy some exercise gear and to find out what the rest of InWorldz is all about. They’ll need some friendly and helpful faces to guide them through virtual living and show them that there is more to the world than just biking, rowing, and running.

We’re also working with a couple groups to bring more live music into InWorldz and provide a platform where artists can more easily make a meaningful connection with their fans. We were recently guests at the Urban Network Digital conference and were invited to stream the Tony! Toni! Toné! reunion concert live into our UND regions. We had dozens of people stop by our setup very excited and ask us questions about the virtual world and how it could help the music industry. We think InWorldz is a great place for artists to be discovered and keep in touch with their fanbase all over the globe in ways that only VR/VWs can provide.

InWorldz is also attracting interest from museums that want to provide their artwork and displays in 3d to the internet. Being a huge softy for the arts in general, I think this is a fantastic idea.

On the homefront, we would like to make a call out to all RP groups to work together on a project that will benefit all of you. From sci-fi, to fantasy, and everything in between, there is a huge value in the platform for people that can create and maintain immersive role playing environments. We have recently provided you NPC functionality that can be utilized to fill an RP region with interactive characters. This was hard work, but it was done with the intention to support role playing and storytelling communities on InWorldz.

We emphatically need you all to come together and form a team for the good of InWorldz. We need you to help us come up with a good concept and build an all inclusive RP hub where new users can drop in and decide what kind of role play they would like to try out. We need a group of people that can work together on a common goal, without a ton of drama and infighting. Does this community think they’re up for it? Do you ladies and gents have what it takes to make a really awesome HUB that will provide new residents directly to all of your sims to discover the best of RP on InWorldz? Get together and form a coherent group. Come up with a layout for sims that will feature roleplay destinations. Utilize NPCs to guide newcomers to where they belong. Remember that all RP groups, current and future will need to be able to fit into the hub and the destinations will need to be maintained. We will expand the land as necessary, but we want you to design the flexible entrypoint that can survive the test of time with sims coming and going.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, get together and submit an initial proposal to us by the 27th of June, two weeks from today, so that we can review it and give you what you need to get started. You can send the proposal via email to and

On the subject of interest hubs, if you’re interested in providing destinations for inshape runners and bkikers, make sure you keep an eye on the inshape forum at viewforum.php?f=100. When the beta is further along, we’ll be providing a set of sample InShape virtual objects to support content developers in making their own virtual exercise and fitness equipment or devices.

This community has come a long way, and grown since 2010. We’ve all seen our share of ups and downs, groups coming and going, a lot of laughing and sometimes tears.

As a community grows, it is inevitable that just as there will be more friendships formed, there will be more conflict. While we’re all adults, sometimes human nature gets the best of us and we allow those conflicts to spill out into public places. One of the places we see this play out over and over again is the InWorldz forums which also serve as a public window into the InWorldz community.

Because first impressions are important to us, and because we’ve seen far too much hurt over statements made on the InWorldz forums, we’ve enacted a new more strict moderation policy, but we need some help to make sure that the forums can be a source of community information without all the noise.

InWorldz is looking for a forum moderator. Someone that will take time out of their everyday to read through the forums, and provide a balanced hand when things start to get out of control.

A forum moderator:
Must act in an unbiased manner
Must be available to read the forums daily and quickly take care of posts violating our community standards.
Must not be afraid to remove messages or entire threads
Will be assigned an anonymous forum username and must never reveal the identity of their primary account or brag they are a moderator
A breach of any of the above includes termination of moderator status and loss of benefits provided by inworldz for performing the duty.

Benefits of being a moderator include a free region and the love and adoration of the entire community as you slaughter their posts. If interested, please send a message via forum PM, in-world IM, or email to myself or ele.

This is going to be an interesting year for InWorldz. This is a time when I can honestly say we have the greatest potential to see explosive growth, and see InWorldz technology finally used to its full potential. We have a lot going on, and we have a great community. But this community has challenges to face as well.

I look around and I see much smaller communities than this one working together and confronting challenges even in the face of slow growth and other technical problems. Some of them have been around longer than InWorldz, but they are still working together, still part of a team and recognizing that they are an essential part of the success of the whole. This is invaluable to a virtual world. This is what moves mountains.

Conversely when I look at what has transpired recently in a portion of the InWorldz community, I see fragmentation. I see a failure to recognize that we’re all part of a whole and deep down, we all want the same things. We want to see our efforts justified. We want to see InWorldz grow and prosper and have a chance to grab a little piece of that success.

It is time to stop spreading rumors about people you might not like. It is time to realize that when you push someone out, you’re hurting everyone. It is time to make amends and when you see someone that is struggling, ask them how you might be able to help. It’s time to hold more of the negative back, and push the positive forward.

I have no doubt that when this community pulls together, it accomplishes amazing things. I have seen it. I have seen well over $7000 USD in donations for Toys for Tots over the years. I have seen you all come together for friends in need to make sure that they know they are loved and thought about. I have seen the beauty hidden in your imagination that you have masterfully spread out on our shared 3d canvas.I have seen the best you have to offer, and it is an amazing experience.

I need you to pull back together again. Forgive each other for mistakes that have been made. Help each other at every opportunity. Build this world with love, friendship and cooperation so that when we show it to the rest of the real world it can serve as an example of how you’d like things to be on the outside.




* * * * * * * * * ~

Thanks guys, that’s all my prepared stuff for today. I really want to make sure the community spirit can come back to Inworldz and on the forums especially. I know that there’s a ton of you here that don’t read the forums and have no idea what has transpired and that’s cool too, but, let’s stick together. Let’s do some really cool […]* It’s going to be an amazing year, it really is. I think with some of the new projects, you guys are going to have a renewed sense of what this world’s all about, and what we’re trying to do.

We’re not just trying to be some virtual world … that’s something that’s been done before. Yeah, we’re not using the latest and greatest tech. We’re not using sparse voxel octrees; we’re not even using HashSpace worlds, which is something that I want to get into. But, eventually, if we can stick this out, and make this work, with all the tech we’re coming out with, and we can make these people feel invited that are coming in, for all sorts of different reasons, I think that’s key to make all this work.

So, I’d like to – if you guys have questions, I don’t know exactly how you’d like to do, you’d like to format the questions, but what I do know is, we need them typed out because we want to be able to provide a full transcript, so type out your questions and I’ll try to answer them, the best that I can.

And, Astoria, […] talk really slow, do you think you can grab my answers to the questions? Actually, I’ll have a recording of this, so, maybe you could go back in and fill it in if you can?

Astoria has the difficult job of trying to keep up with what I’m saying and, so, that’s why we prepared the notecard, beforehand, so…
~ * * * * * * * * * ~

OK, so, I see a question from Taika. Can InShape work on platforms as well as main levels?

Yes, it can work anywhere an avatar can walk/fly, anything. It records the it records the path that you take no matter how you take it. So if you’re walking on the ground it’s going to follow your path exactly and it, it places it out exactly how you walked it. And then, the InShape software itself, all it’s actually doing is sending control messages to the script, to a script that’s listening, and those control messages specify the power of the person that’s walking or running, like how much effort they’re putting into it, as well as, it tries to estimate, when you’re taking steps […generates?] the speed of walking or running, or biking, or anything else.

So, the really cool part of that is that we can provide this software to, say, a gym. And they can provide it as a special feature to their members. So say they set up like four rowing machines and four treadmills with the InShape platforms. So, they just need to have screens on them, now everybody nowadays has a smart phone of one kind or another, and so they’ll be able to put the phone in their pocket, and they’ll be able to come in and run, come into that gym and run, and have their avatars race. They can, they can set up gyms in different states, even all around the world, and have people be able to compete and just be friendly and meet new people and exercise with friends.

So, that’s going to provide a huge, huge benefit to you guys even if you’re not really into the exercise thing, because you guys can make products, to be able to […utilize?…InShape] so you’ll be able to make like, say, running shoes. There’s going to be a huge demand for that. Now you have to be careful, you can’t use Nike or whatever, you have to make your own trademarks. But, you’ll be able to design running shoes, water bottles, even exercise equipment for those of you that are scripters, et cetera. So, I don’t want to go too deep into that but, that’s pretty much how that’s going to work.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

So I’m looking back in the chat here. if you guys don’t mind, while I’m talking, wait to post the questions, otherwise I have to try to fish back and find them, so, just from now on…

OK, Do you have an approximate Date, for your next Major Server Update, as to when it will hit the Main Grid?

Yeah! So! Next week, we’re going to be posting the, ah changes to crossings, region crossings, region management as well as teleports and everything else, so this basically touches all the connectivity forces of the InWorldz grid. So, next week is the test. Next week Friday is when we are going to start that. Now it would have been this Friday, but […]. So, […we’re going to run?…] testing for two weeks, after that. It’s not just going to be a one week test because the changes are really huge-mungous. So we’re going to run tests for two weeks, and then, all goes well, it’ll be out, so that would be three weeks from today I believe, right? … One, two, yeah! So three weeks from today, that should be launched off to the main grid unless something’s really broken.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

Ummm… ok, I’m looking for … yes, DJ MagickFox mentions InShape could be for games too, a breedable or something where you could actually ride the horse through real world movements etc….

Yes! There’s really no limit once we introduce the InShape API stuff and the beta kit, to what you can do with it. Like, I fully expect, somebody’s going to think of something I did not think of at all, and, it’s going to be the biggest thing that, the InShape project is going to do. So (laughs) I know that, I know that it’s, there are definitely ideas out there that are going to hit.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~
A question about export – can you reassure merchants and content creators that this isn’t a move to push us towards joining the hypergrid?

No! We are not doing the hypergrid. Not right now, and not in its current state. Maybe we will entertain connectivity in the future, but we have way too much to do to be thinking about that right now, there’s just… We need to get our world functioning really nice, before we start trying to, spend a ton of time, debugging every other problem that’s going to come from the outside. It’s just, we have a limited amount of time to do what we need to do, and that’s it, so no.

This is not a push towards the hypergrid. This is simply to provide– the big problem with the export permission, is that when we don’t provide the viewers with an explicit yes or no to export content – because we’re considered an OpenSim grid, is, if the item is full permissions, then a lot of the 3rd party viewers make it so that the stuff can be exported. And I- we’ve heard from […many of you that?…] that’s not the way that they want things to go. We definitely agree that there is no implicit permission. We want you guys to be able to specify it.

So, what export is all about, is, being able to specify yes, it’s ok, if somebody takes this and exports it with the viewer, and then has a copy of it on their hard drive. That’s what it’s about, for now. as well as we may provide other services based on it, not hypergrid but, I have a few ideas, maybe some, region backup tools that you guys could save to your own disks, and once we have export, ah,enabled, we would allow you guys to take those, and like save- roll back to say like, four months ago, or something. You know, something, or, say, for some reason, you had to take your sim down for a couple months, maybe we could, provide you with a file that would allow you to restore all your stuff, but obviously we can’t give you files of other people’s stuff.

So, the export permission takes care of that really nicely, where that intent is there, and it’s off by default so you have to set it, in order for that to turn on.
~ * * * * * * * * * ~

[…] something?

OK! Materials will be diffuse, specular, and normals like on Second Life ?

Yes. That’s exactly what materials are, now… That stuff’s been in use in games for practically ever. And, so, in my opinion, that’s one of the biggest things that’s really stopped SL-based platforms from really looking nice. Now that we’ll have diffuse specular normal maps, everything’s going to look a lot nicer once people get into using them. It allows you to put in a lot more detail with a lot less triangles, is what it comes down to.

So, for the, technically, people that have technical problems understanding that, basically means, less lag, but things look even better, even with less lag. And so, that’s been used in games for a very long time, so, yes!

Materials, that’s exactly what they are, they’re going to be based on the same. We just had to revamp the way that it was being done because we needed to make the […storage?…] available so, we just wrote it from scratch.
~ * * * * * * * * * ~

… Are there plans for an InWorldz sponsored marketplace?

Not at this time. We have, a project in the works that is kind of related, but it’s not the same thing, and I can’t go into detail on it, because, it’s really so different from what’s out there, that I don’t want to give it away yet. And I’m -really- hoping to be able to get to that before the end of the year, and, depending on what happens with these, deals and, things that we’re looking at, that are going on in the background business-wise, and I’m sorry to be vague, guys, you know that’s not me. It’s just, it has to be that way right now, but once some of that stuff goes through, I have no doubt that we will be able to get some of these other projects done that have been just sitting, and waiting for, for (debt?) of time.

So, there -is- something that will help with that but it’s not, it’s not an online marketplace the way that you know it.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

Where would you wear the phone.

Um (laughs) Wolf, was that, I don’t know if that was an an-ah question that was sort of related to the sex bed thing? But the phone actually goes in your pocket, right now, with all the InShape setup we have. Now, in order to do rowers, and this is where rowers get interesting, I’ll have to put that on either the wrist or an armband, and see what the force values look like, on the wrist and the arm. But I really want to do a rower, because I think it would be super cool to have people in row boats going along the oceans and stuff, so, and, there’s already, region crossing support built in, so. That should be really cool.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~\

Um… There always seem to be viewers that override export, will our stuff be safe?

Um, the OXP export, the viewer should respect it, if the viewers do not respect it, they’ll be banned from Inworldz. As far as 100% safe, it’s it is nearly impossible to provide. If you can see it on the screen, [… some…] try to get in and grab it, but, I think our mitigation is the fact that, this is a single grid. So, we can enact the DMCA, and, remove anything that we need to, and if we need to go as far as banning, multiple repeat offenders, as well as, looking up, information that can correlate accounts to delete those offenders from the grid, because it’s usually the same people over and over, and they try to make money, and it’s really screwed up.

And I know how much… I’ve… been through this with you guys, and I know how, emotionally draining it is when your stuff gets copied, so, we’re going to do the best that we can, as far as making sure that, once we have this in place that, the viewers are respecting it, that, and I’m sure the TPVs that, are in good standing, the vast majority of TPVs that you’ll end up wanting to use, will welcome this change because it does help for everybody too.

And, all this code, for this export stuff, started off on OpenSim, and, we just kind of finished it off, and, Jim Tarber was responsible for that, so, what we’re hoping is that the groundwork for all that […] we’re going to turn it on, and it’ll take a very short time before it’s respected, and, any viewer that doesn’t want to respect it, will find ways around that too, so…

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

Does the materials include the Lighting effects in SL?

Yeah, it’s going to include everything that, that is over there. Mccabe is working hard to merge in a whole bunch of changes, as well as merge back changes, and, this export thing is one thing that we’re going to be pushing back, anything that we have to change, and stuff like that, so um. Once he, once he sorts out that stuff, yeah, it’ll have everything that the materials, everywhere else has, in SecondLife.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

We’re not switching to havoc! As a matter of fact, on the physics front, there’s a newer version of PhysX that got released, but it includes significant changes to the interface, so I will be updating PhysX, within, this year at some point, probably within the next 4-6 months, I’ll be updating PhysX and then seeing if some of the weird-y [… some of the ? …] that Balpien and myself had to work around, so we’ll see if some of those are, are gone, but… Those work pretty good even with the workarounds, but I’m hoping this, new version also is a lot faster too, it shows a lot more, so maybe we can start doing some really crazy stuff with, with colliding prims, we’ll have to see.
~ * * * * * * * * * ~

OK…. I’m looking for more questions…

If you have issues with weapons and collisions right now, that, the change for physx may actually resolve that. So, if you’re seeing missed hits, and I know I have some reports of that — I really need a repro guys, if you have like something, where you can give me instructions and set it up, I have not, everything I have so far, by the way, for the collision issues, I, when I try to set up the repro I can’t, so there’s something I’m missing. So if you guys have like a really fine tuned step, set of steps, to reproduce any of the collision issues, I [… really …. definitely…] It can’t be a special sculpty or something that I don’t have; I need to be able to take it into my, into my standalone, and, mess with it.

So… Yeah I know, I’ve -looked- at the Mantis. I can’t get the reports to happen on my own. Trust me, I wouldn’t (laughs) I wouldn’t just skirt around it, I really can’t – I can’t get it to happen, so it would definitely help, especially if you have something that reproduces like, almost all the time, that makes things easier.

I’m not sure if it’s my bug, or if it’s PhysX at this point, I know we’ve had a few issues here and there, where we’ve had to work around PhysX, so, definitely, any, any more information or, you know, direct steps, or, yeah, even meeting you inworld, that’s-that’s fine too, as long as I can reproduce it on my own later.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

Beta the next release

OK… The next release is going to be weird, and, I’m going to warn you guys now. And…

What happens is, since I had to replace all the sim crossing stuff and the teleport stuff, […] is not going to work between new and old regions. So, what does this mean. When we do that rollout, the grid’s going to be really broken for, like, eight to ten hours. In order to get somewhere, you may have to log directly into the region. So, just going to get that out here now. It was necessary to do it, there was not enough handshaking going on and not enough guarantees.

So, what we’re going to do is, we’ll have it up on the beta grid –(laughs) I won’t break your shoes and nails. we’ll have it up on the beta grid, and, you’ll be able to test everything there.

Then what I’m going to do is put like a four sim square, on four different servers, on the main grid, with the new release on it. You will have to log directly into that four sim square in order to get there. And then once you do that, you should be able to get, and, test, help us test that, and both inworld and on beta.

So, that’ll be super appreciated, I’ll let you know. But yeah, prepare for, when we do that rollout, that there’s going to be a little bit of weirdness overnight [….] you might not be able to walk directly into sims.

Then after that, things should be greatly improved for anybody that has had sim crossing as well as teleport problems, and even if you still have an issue after that, there’s debugging in place where I’ll know exactly where it is, and I’ll be able to tell exactly what is going on.

So, we’ve done a lot of research and work to make this whole crossing and, and teleporting and everything, a whole lot more, reliable and work a lot better.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

[Q on screen] is fitted mesh going to be in the next viewer release?

Ah, is McCabe here? I think fitted mesh is. Hmmm, let me have a look around here, there are a lot of people sitting.

I think fitted mesh is, is in the next release target. So, yeah (laughs). And we’re still going to support the deformer, so you can choose, pick and choose, we’re always going to support the deformer, we think that that’s a good solution for a lot of problems too. So I guess if you have two things to choose from, you find the one that works the best and go with it. […] continue supporting both, so, yes.
~ * * * * * * * * * ~

[Q on screen] Will it be possible down the line to share a scenic without being partnered?

The issue with sharing scenics, and, the reason why they’re set up like they are, just an overview, is because, we didn’t want scenics getting rented out because they are, they’re stacked, so there’s a lot more scenics, per server, then there is, a normal region. So, what ends up happening is if you let people change ownership too easily, they rent out the scenics, and then, everybody’s scenics start to get really bad, and we saw this, on, the big grid, where everybody started renting out the lower powered lands, and, it turned into kind of a… it’s not very fun, being on one of those, let’s put it that way.

So, what we’re trying to do with scenic regions is make sure that, there’s enough power to, provide a really nice experience on the scenic regions, so we have disabled renting them out. if you have ideas that don’t enable people to […] create a problem for everybody else, then, you know, totally open for em, go ahead and send me an instant message, or, whatever, but, if it comes down to the renting them out or something like that, then, nah, it doesn’t, that just doesn’t work, because we don’t want to, we want everybody to be able to enjoy em, and they’re, they’re really cheap, so, it’s hard, it’s hard to provide a lot of hardware for them.

~ * * * * * * * * * ~

Well I’m really glad that some of you guys are able to make it today, and, I hope you enjoyed the seating. I know there’s a variety of seats, and, it’s cool seeing everybody get back together. And, quite honestly, if you guys, if you guys don’t have a lot to do today, stick around, talk for a while, and, and, get reacquainted as a group.

I know, individually, everybody that I’ve talked to, you’ve all been really great and supportive of Inworldz, and I think we need more opportunities to just get together and be one big family, ’cause […that’s…] what it is, so… This is a really big family and I think that, even as we grow we’re going to continue being a really big family. And, that’s what it really takes for a virtual world, it’s beyond just tech, or just sales, or, you know, anything else, it’s all about just having a lot of people around that you can trust, and that you can tell anything to and not be afraid that they’re going to take it and use it against you in the real world, you know, and, so that, anonymity of a virtual world really makes it easy to make friends, and have real, real connections with people. It’s, so when I’m talking about the community, I just want you guys to get back together, and you know, if some things have transpired in the past four years since we’ve been around, do your best to try to put them behind you, and, try to come up with some things that you guys can do together, and build out your relationships with your friends, and everything else.

I think a lot of times, you know, you get kinda done with your builds, and you get bored and you’re kinda [looking for something to do and …talk] of the world, and, getting a little bit too into that, and forgetting all about why we first came here in the first place, and I still remember, that’s what, when I end up, when I go back to my sim, and take a look at what I did, I think back in end of 2009, it hasn’t really changed much since then, I remembered that the reason I started off in a virtual world was because… I was in a lot of pain back then. Something had happened that was really personal to me, and I needed a place to go and express the way that I felt so, I think that a lot of the people who are here, have done builds, have done builds for similar reasons, and so, just when you get angry and stuff at each other, just remember, that, the reason we’re here is, because, you know, we want to have these true relationships, these true friendships, and have a place to be able to express ourselves freely and not have to worry about it, so let’s try to bury some of those grudges, and get back together, and, [make it work?…I know I’m going to?] We need you guys to work together more than you realize, and, we need your help.

And, but I do promise, we’re working as hard as we can over here on just about everything that’s reported, as well as make growing the company, getting everything together, and, getting all our ducks in a row, and it’s been a long journey but, we’re on the way! And this year’s really going to, it’s really going to show us what our potential is, it’s really going to show us, that we can make it, and succeed in this area. We have a really large population here comparatively, and I think that really shows a lot, about what Inworldz means to people. You know, that there’s ten times as many people here as most other places, and so, there’s something special about here, let’s capture it, and let’s make this thing work this year.

So, things might, some of our schedules may slip a little bit, and things may not get done as fast as we want but, as this thing grows […] the founders we don’t, take home huge pay checks, buy Mercedes and fly around on airplanes and stuff, because, it’s just not the way this works. We take every penny that comes into this company, we reinvest it back into the company, because this company is bootstrapped by itself. You guys -are- our investors. You all trust us enough to supply us with the money to help us make our dreams come true at the same time, we’re trying to help you, as well, so just remember that this is an investment from you guys to us, and, and we realize that your trust, is in us, and so we’re taking, as much as we can, putting it back into the company to try to get as much help as we can to make everything work really nice, and then, in the future, as this thing grows, you’re going to see some really cool tech come out of this company, ’cause we have some really cool ideas that just need a, few more people. Just a few more people, to be able to work on them, to make them work. And, we’re getting close, so, (laughs)

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed, and […I seriously thought…] if you guys don’t have anything to do, stick around and, get to re-know each other, and it’s probably some faces here maybe you’ve never met, you know. stick around, and, say hello, and, these regions are going to stay up for a while, so um…

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate being able to stand here with all of you and you’ve been a great audience, thank you very much.

<Ustream fin>

*Note: […] inserted where voice transmission was garbled ~ Astoria Luminos –




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