Burlesque @ the Peek-A-Boo

Chopper Gurbux of Underworld hosts many events, one being his regular Saturday night parties. Chopper is a great DJ and if you’re in the mood for some solid rock and you don’t mind seeing a pair of naked buns you should go. The Dive Bar has a casual, laid-back atmosphere and the crowd is always chatty and very friendly so it’s easy to make new friends if you’re new to InWorldz and feel lonely ;D

Another one of Chopper’s events is a fantastic burlesque show at the Peek-A-Book Club, located – of course – on his Underworld sim.

Currently, the burlesque club has 6 regular dancers, each of them creating a new act for every show. It’s more than just pixel striptease, it’s artistic dance that tells a story and you can tell that a lot of work goes into each act.








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