Running with Arrows

Me in my medieval garb

Me in my medieval garb

I’ve always been lousy with mouselook – but things are going to change!

I remember back in Second Life in The Wastelands, I simply hung about my lil swampy house and never ventured to the fights, or out in public much lest I get destroyed.

I’ve always enjoyed RP -otherwise known as Role Play. However, I’ve preferred the basic ‘living’ and social interaction, scene plays etc to anything that involves weapons.

So anyhow, Leanna and I saw that there was a talk going on at IDI (the main arrival sim for new folks at Inworldz ) with the avi that plays the Fae Queen at the Chanwood RP region. It’s a medieval RP area with your basic, expected races and classes. The talk was about RP’ing a Fae, the types of Fae etc.

So Leanna and I went there and were rather put off to learn that we could not play Faelfs. Fae-Elf combos aren’t traditional races. Of course there is good reason for this. Mainly that the other races are those that one can google and find background and character traits etc. Faelfs aren’t like that. They don’t have a rich history source to draw upon. (that’s why we have the Sidehevair Faelfs though, and THAT will be a story for another day)

I honestly got a feeling of ‘These guys think they are elitists’ during the class and got a wee bit huffy about it internally. (I judged too quickly!) However it wetted my appetite for RP’ing, something I hadn’t done since SL.

I sought out another medieval RP sim that I found with the help of my Inworldz explorer hud available at IDI.

Tir Tairngire was the name, and RP was the game.

I arrived at the OOC (out of character) area and quite easily saw the information boxes with races (elf, dwarf, hobbit, fae, human etc) and the classes (ranger, druid, cleric, mage and more) . I grabbed all the notecards I could on everything. I met a really friendly Dwarf named Gnorm, and he gave me lots of information.

I felt welcome, and at home.

I filled out a character notecard and submitted it- deciding I would be a Half-Elf named Realtin, and got my back story all done.

Gnorm, the Dwarf Elder took me about the lands and I really did feel excited to get started in RP again. I had my Unity Meter that is available in Inworldz and Gnorm had helped me set it up. He was such a dear, and stayed in his very believable Dwarven character the whole time. It was easy for me to find myself falling into my RP character right from the beginning.

We walked and strolled and saw the sights and I really felt like I was in a mystical place, accentuated by the ease in which Gnorm portrayed his Dwarfness. I knew I could also maintain Realtin, the traveling Half-Elf’s personna also.

By the end of the night, after my new Dwarven friend had retired, I felt that perhaps I would go visit Chanwood also. Now that my nervousness about setting up the meter and wandering a RP sim had been calmed. (Being away from it so long, I felt like a noob all over again!)

So. Off to Chanwood I went. I found the OOC area a bit more complicated, only because there was SO much info and stuff to look at, it was easy to miss the actual things I needed. (Bim, the lovely Duchess has since vastly improved the OOC starting area)

Chanwood is beautiful.

I had the opportunity to wander it at leisure. No one was there to take me through and I had many questions because they use the ‘lewt’ pouch system of currency and I had no idea how that all worked. However after a few minutes or so I figured it out.

The Lewt system is cool. I can gather herbs and busy myself earning food, herbs and coin by ‘working’ at different stations. Milking cows, rolling dough, tending the garden. I really enjoyed it. It’s nice that there are things that can go on even when no active RP is taking place.

I went back to the OOC area, set up my Character sheet through the web link they had there, and created a new character. This one human. And this one named just plain ol’ Birch of the Glen.

The next day, Bim, the Duchess, contacted me and also took me through the training area. She taught me how to run and shoot arrows at targets in a maze. She made me feel so comfortable and not foolish at all. I had a lot of fun. She answered all my questions patiently. I FINALLY figured out mouselook! *claps*

Jaekob, the head of the Druids in Chanwood, and The River Lands  (and also Mayor of The River Lands) also went out of his way to be very helpful with info, and the Cleric leader Willow as well. She gave me info about being a cleric and answered other questions I had. I realized that the vibe I got from them at the IDI meeting, was more to do with their level of dedication they put into what they do, and was not about them being snobs.

Later that day, I went back to the maze and practiced for another half hour or so. And then later it was back to Tir Tairngire for Rhass’s birthday party. (what a blast!)

Something about Inworldz that makes me feel inclined to try things that in Second Life I felt too insecure or amateur to try. A personable experience with groups like this makes a world of difference. I don’t feel nervous about walking up to complete strangers and saying ‘Hi, I have no helluva clue as to what I’m doing, can you help please?’

I’m so thankful I found these new communities of Tir Tairngire and Chanwood to further enhance my virtual experiences. I am so happy to be a new member of both and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

Some pictures from my first day in Tir Tairngire


And some pictures of The Grand Duchy of Chanwood



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