Faces of InWorldz – Anna Loom

It’s time for another resident interview and this time I harassed  talked to Anna Loom, one of my oldest friends in InWorldz. I met her through another friend of mine who used to own my sim before I took over. 

Anna is one of InWorldz’ pioneers and the founder of Magellan, a community of sims for people who like to have neighbours but don’t like the restrictions of mainland. And – lots of ocean for sailing!

When she’s not busy with Magellan, Anna creates all sorts of maritime decoration, outdoor furniture and accessories for your home. She also creates and sells her own textures. 


Leanna -Hi Anna, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me

Anna- Hi Leanna, thank you so much for wanting to interview me, I feel honoured!

Leanna – First of all, how long have you been in Inworldz for?

Anna– The same time as you Leanna – we both arrived InWorldz on the same day, 1st August 2010. Four years: where has the time gone? 

Leanna – What brought you here, how did you first hear about Inworldz?

Anna – I was told about InWorldz by a friend and they suggested I come to have a look. Within a day we had bought a sim, Alinja, and it immediately became “home”.

Leanna – What was your first impression of Inworldz when you came here, and what did you find most challenging or most difficult to adjust to?

Anna- The very first impression was that everyone was so kind and helpful and that the creators actually spoke to me! Within a very short time laughter came when trying to tp anywhere you would land looking like a rainbow. The many quirks that happened in those early days were amusing. It seemed to take forever to get physics and decent crossings and now we have them thanks to the hard and dedicated work of the devs and some residents. I love to sail and I found waiting frustrating BUT the best thing was that the founders were dealing with parts of the code that were important for the laying the foundations of a great grid.

Leanna – What do you enjoy most , now that you’ve been here awhile?

Anna – I love going to events and meeting up with friends old and new. InWorldz seems to become more beautiful each day with the most incredible builds popping up. I love exploring and seeing how amazing our creators are.

Leanna – Have you been able to fulfil what it was you came here to do?

Anna – At last Magellan is beginning to be the formation we had hoped for. I had never built in earnest before coming to InWorldz and I find the artistic side of me is able to flourish.

Leanna – Do you want to talk a bit about your store, and about Magellan?

Anna – First my store/stores. I love to create my own textures using my rl photos and playing with photoshop. I love the sea and anything to do with it so hence my Underwater world where I try to make exact copies of corals, fish, seaweeds and build out of my imagination! Building is an exacting hobby and because of my love for sailing I have made buoys and other nautical articles. It has been fun making plants and items for the garden and home with animations in them.

Magellan is a dream of many people having their own sims and scenic waters* who all have the same goal of coming together to sail or fly over this huge area. North of the Iz Ocean is a Temperate zone and South of the Iz Ocean is a Tropical and Mediterranean area. There is a covenant for Magellan which is basically common courtesy for each other. Hopefully soon there will be many scenics making the whole of this area sailable. There are a few yacht clubs in place and sailing events are next on the list of things to do. We do have some amazing creators here in Magellan too – all the sims are open to explore and of course the waters are open to all residents of InWorldz.

Leanna -What are you hoping to achieve in the future here? Any big plans you’d like to share?

Anna – I would love to see sailing taking off in a big way here in Magellan.

Leanna – Anna, Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. And thanks for providing us with such a lovely community.

*Scenic sims are different from regular sims in that they hold less prims (5000) and only the sim owner and his or her partner are allowed to rez on them. A scenic sim is cheaper than a regular sim but you cannot own a scenic without a regular sim. It’s a great way to add some more  or landscape or navigable water to your main sim. Commercial activity on “scenics” is strictly forbidden. 

Some pics of Alinja

alinja_001 alinja_005 alinja_006


Magellan Centre http://places.inworldz.com/Alinja/144/207/22

Alinja (landing point) http://places.inworldz.com/Alinja/150/61/25

Alinja (underwater) http://places.inworldz.com/Alinja/142/121/6

Alinja Texture Gallery http://places.inworldz.com/Alinja/66/75/701


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