Hobo Amusement Park – More than just a park. A Tribute.

Well I was going to do a simple ‘fly about’ and travel InWorldz, snapping pics of different places and sharing them here. The first stop was Hobo Amusement Park.

Welcome to the Hobo Amusement Park

Welcome to the Hobo Amusement Park

I wandered a bit and then realized I really wanted to learn more about the park, and it’s inception. I messaged Judy Muircastle, in the off chance she might be available for an impromptu interview and she indeed was!

Judy agreed on the spot to do the interview. It was great to meet her.

Judy agreed on the spot to do the interview. It was great to meet her.

Birch Wind: Hi Judy, I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me this evening.

Judy Muircastle: sure

Birch Wind: I’ll exclude typos grins

Judy Muircastle: Good I make plenty laughs

Birch Wind: First of all, how long has Hobo Park been here in InWorldz ?

Judy Muircastle: I have had hobo park here for a year ,just had the one year celebration party on Friday

Birch Wind: Well happy one year! 🙂

Judy Muircastle: Thanks

Birch Wind: What brought you to InWorldz?

Judy Muircastle: well laughs ….

Judy Muircastle: I was here in 2010 as Patti Mallory, I came here to marry my boyfriend from Second Life and opened Mallory amusement park here.  When we split up a year later I went back to Second Life because the physics were so bad here . I just came back a year ago with my Second Life  name because it was associated with hobo park on Second Life.

Birch Wind: So that leads into my next question, what were your first impressions of InWorldz, and what did you find most challenging or most difficult to adjust to?

Judy Muircastle: well in 2010 there were no physics here and it was impossible for my rides to work right here but around a year ago an old friend from InWorldz came to Hobo Park on Second Life and asked if I had seen the new physics engine on InWorldz. I told her I would look and when i logged on I was shocked!! It was very close to the physics on Second Life and I was so annoyed with high sim costs ,rules and griefers on Second Life I closed the park and brought it to InWorldz

Birch Wind: Well that’s great that you came back and brought your park along too! I had seen images of your Hobo Amusement Park on facebook and on the IW log in screen and decided to come visit. There’s so much detail, and its such a fun happy place to visit. What was your inspiration and how did Hobo park come to be?

Judy Muircastle: Oh wow, laughs

Judy Muircastle: Here I go, laughs

Birch Wind pulls up a chair

Judy Muircastle: I lost my real life husband in 2002 and my real life brother told me about Second Life in 2008. He said it would keep my mind off things and was he ever right.  I found you could build on Second Life and purchase land to build on. I went to a place called Dino Park on Second Life and when I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do . My late husband absolutely loved amusement parks in real life, so I was going to build him one in Second Life to honour his memory His name was bill so I called it Bill’s Amusement Park then and I purchased a parcel and 2 rides cause I had no idea how to build them let alone script them and that was the start . I switched the name to Hobo Park because after he graduated high school, Bill wanted to see the USA so he joined a traveling carnival and went on the road. He was stranded in several large places so he actually became a ‘hobo’  – he came home a year later and went to college and became very successful but he always felt sorry for the homeless  and donated largely to help. He called himself the ‘hobo’ and me the  ‘bag lady’ smiles

Judy Muircastle: So I changed it to Hobo Park and started to learn building and scripting on sl taking private tutor classed and I kept building hobo park and it became the biggest and most popular park on sl and I built it all bought nothing else for it and thats where hobo park came from

Birch Wind: I think you touch on an important topic – how virtual worlds can aid us during difficult times, and can help us find a form of expression different from that in the ‘Real Life’ Grid.

Judy Muircastle: It helped my through some very lonely times and I thank my real life brother all time for telling me about it cause it helped me so much. I was crushed when he passed and he was only 28 years old

Birch Wind: I can only imagine. Life is really so very impermanent. I think it is so wonderful that you could use a virtual world as a platform to make a tribute to him

Judy Muircastle: Oh he is at all my Hobo Parks on all grids , I feel him every time I log in. He is in my heart and he is here. He is probably laughing his head off at this but I know he loves it !!

Birch Wind: I think that’s wonderful. And I agree, I am sure he is present.

Birch Wind: Did you build all of this from the base up once you got here? Or were you able to bring things in?

Judy Muircastle: Most of it I imported from Second Life but there is a lot more here than there was at the Second Life park. I have 15 levels in the sky here the ground is just a small part of it , but I built it all except for a couple of games that were donated to the park

Birch Wind: Oh, wow it looks like I have a lot of exploring to do then! I had no idea! What is your favourite part of this creation? Is there anything here that you like the most?Judy Muircastle: of course I like it all lol it’s like my babies 🙂 you just use the teleporters and pick different destinations two of my favorites are the space station with bumper saucers and the ski resort with a ski lift and ski just you just rez the skis from a rez box sit on them and drive them down the ramp and all over the mountains I do it all the time just for tunBirch Wind: Oh that sounds great! I’m so glad you were able to meet with me this evening, before I wrap this up, I am interested, are there any other projects you plan on working on? Or is this park going to keep you busy for some time yet?

Judy Muircastle: Oh its a continuous build has been since 2008 and I will never stop . I forgot to mention the scenic water sim connected to the main park sim thats for a scuba diving tour a submarine tour and tons of boats to drive

Birch Wind: And this is why I’m so glad I decided to message you, rather than just wander about as I had originally planned. I was just going to do a photoshoot, but then I realized I would much rather meet with you and get more information.

Birch Wind: I never would have realized about all the levels grins

Judy Muircastle: Yes most people don’t – I put teleporters all over but they don’t see them.

Birch Wind: I totally didnt, but now at least whoever reads the blog will notice! laughs

Judy Muircastle laughs

Judy Muircastle: good

Birch Wind: Judy thank you so much, I really appreciate the time you spent on this tonight, and I also want to thank you for taking the time and effort to share such a wonderful tribute here in InWorldz. Hobo Park is really, a very special place.

Judy Muircastle: well thank you for doing the blog it’s fantastic !!

Birch Wind: smiles thanks!

Judy Muircastle: thank you !!


Now, take note.. there are many levels here, so take your time and explore! Look for the teleporters, try out the rides and the many different things there are to do!


Here is me enjoying myself at the park. There is definitely an amusement park feel to it- the creatures on the Mars level, the train ride, and so many other things… I didn’t have the space to include everything here, but there is so much to see. As well, many of the items at the park are purchasable – just look for a sales box nearby.


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