Summer’s End

In the Northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter, there’s a chill to the wind and slowly the leaves start to change colour. I can always tell it’s autumn when I step outside and breathe in the air. Every season has a particular scent and autumn’s scent is one of the most distinct – rich, earthy, and tangy.

Doesn’t sound bad at all. And as much as I miss the long, hot, lazy days of summer, I’m also looking forward to autumn, the season of harvest.

“A magic dwells in each beginning” – a quote by Hermann Hesse and I think it fits the changing seasons very well.

The changing of the seasons is something magical. It’s a goodbye and a hello at the same time, a bit of sadness, a bit of anticipation.

A week or so ago I asked on my facebook page what people associate with autumn. Some were looking forward to lower temperatures, others mentioned less tourists in their area and yet others mentioned books, and apple cider.

That’s just a very short list of all the lovely things autumn has in store for us and I decided to make my own list with the help of pictures taken in InWorldz. Because as the days get shorter and the temperatures outside lower, we will spend more time indoors and log in to virtual worlds. 😉

With the end of summer there will be less tourists! So if you live at the coast, the beach is yours again!


hair by MINA

skirt by Ingenue

shirt by Ingenue

jewellery by Earthstones

shoes by Ingenue

location: Midsommar beach


Then, of course, as autumn is the season of harvest, there will be all sorts of delicious fruits and veggies ready for you. To me, autumn also means home made apple pie! And it’s so much nicer to bake when the hot temperatures of summer aren’t turning your kitchen into an oven.


hair by Magika

apron by Hopscotch

sweater by Stellar

jeans by Muse

earrings by Earthstones

locations: Safe Paths Sanctuary on Midsommar


Shopping for new autumn clothes! Wrap yourself in a cosy, comfy sweater and enjoy a stroll along High street.


hair by Mina

hoodie by Chele’s

shorts and boots by Ingenue

necklace by Pure Poison

tights are mine

location: The Knitting Circle Shopping District


Dance through coloured leaves! It’s fun, it’s healthy, and it’s free!


hair by Mina

sweater by ZcZ (Arora Zanzibar)

trousers by Ingenue

trainers by Deviant Designs

location: Creative Fantasy


Look forward to Halloween! There will be plenty of decoration to get you in the mood for the spookiest day of the year.


(credits same as previous pic)

And then, after a day in the autumn glory, it’s time to come home and relax with some apple cider, wine, and a good book.


hair by Magika

tunic by Bilo

jeans by Muse

slippers by Mango Cheeks

location: Safe Paths Sanctuary on Midsommar



(credits same as previous pic)


And of course, don’t forget to log in to InWorldz and shop for seasonal goodies for your avatar and virtual home ;D



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