Taking (In)Shape

What comes to mind when you think of exercise routines and getting back in shape? My first thought is “ugh”, immediately followed by a cringe and a smack round the head from my conscience. “Get moving, you lazy cow!” it says and I try to ignore it but it’s always there with its moral cattle prod. I know, I know!

I do get some exercise. I have a dog who wants get out twice a day so I usually take him to the park where I sit on a bench, play fetch and let him run around. So really, that’s not enough.

I’m good with routines and I used to have a fairly strict exercise routine but what can I say…I got lazy. Woe is me. Thinking of a gym membership makes me feel uncomfortable, too. I’m not much of a people person and the thought of sharing my awkward beginner’s sweat with at least a dozen others doesn’t appeal to me. At all.

So the only solution seems to be a home trainer. But still, it can be rather boring. For me personally it’s a daily fight against the looming boredom of spending an hour or just 30 minutes working my underdeveloped muscles and staring into space. Once an exercise routine has become a part of my day, I’m very strict about it and tend to get grumpy when I have to miss it. But as they say in Ireland, it’s a long way to Tipperary.

However, there’s something that could change that, something with the potential to make your exercise routine a lot less boring. Woot!

All you need is your android or iPhone, an account with InWorldz and InShape, the free app from InWorldz. Then the fun starts. You log in to InShape with your InWorldz user name and password, chose the type of exercise and get moving. With your phone tucked securely into the pocket of your trousers – or bra, or knickers, if you’re into that – you walk or run or cycle while you explore virtual beauty.






Once you’ve logged in to InShape and InWorldz, hop on a ball and you’re ready to exerplore (from exercise and explore…clever, I know…).

At the moment there’s only one region in InWorldz that supports InShape but, as IW founder and InShape developer Tranquillity Dexler said recently in a forum post, he will make the scripts needed to make a path for InShape available to all residents. There are a lot of regions in InWorldz, there’s a lot of landscapes, beauty and art to be explored. I think that’s a fantastic way to get motivated and back “InShape”. Imagine you’re on your home trainer while at the same time you’re watching your avatar explore exotic or historic regions, cities, museums, art installations or even space ships! Now that should make exercise routines a lot less boring.

You can form teams and exercise with friends who live thousands of miles away! Or do something for a good cause and run for RFL 😉


Exercising on your home trainer while walking through beautiful virtual landscapes  – this is even better than real life and minus the bugs that are attracted to your sweat.


I think I spotted a gazebo hidden behind some trees. Perhaps it’s time for a little break before I walk on.


Working on my RL shape sliders…



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