A Paradise for Wee Folk

You probably know that my avatar is not always human. Well, human with pointy ears, that is. I also have a cute little cat avatar that I can’t wear when I have “stuff” to do because I keep staring raptly at the screen. Those cute little cats – “Dinkies” – are mesh avatars made by Etheria Parrot, and there is a growing number of creators who make clothes especially for Dinkies.

A couple of weeks or so ago I saw a group notice advertising some new clothes for Dinkies. Of course I rushed over and found myself in the middle of an incredibly beautiful fantasy sim called Ai Gwaith.

Gwaith is actually Welsh for work, “Ai” can mean “or” or “if”. According to the sim owners, “ai gwaith” is apparently also an Elvish term meaning “wee folk”.

From the sim description: “Ai Gwaith is an island where “Wee Folk” of all races – Dinkies, tinies, faeries, dragons, teenies, lilliputians and many more – can all live and play together in perfect harmony. Each has a separate area to live in if they wish, but they can also happily co-exist together in beautiful surroundings. […]  Enter with Love, Stay in Friendship & Go with the Blessings of Angels. All good intentions welcome here.”

Being in my kitty shape, of course I explored “Dinkieville” first.

ai gwaith8

Among other places to explore it has a cute little cafe and a shop where you can buy furniture and a few clothes for your dinkie.

ai gwaith9

Hidden behind some trees but visible from the Dinkieville village square is a row of little beach houses for rent. Last time I looked, only one of the beach houses was available for rent, all others were occupied.

ai gwaith7

A little off the square is a path that cuts through a lush green meadow. If you follow that path you’ll find a row of lovely little log homes, perfectly dinkie-sized. I have to admit I was very tempted to just rent a cabin because the setting is so beautiful.

ai gwaith6

Of course that’s not all that’s to be seen and explored in Ai Gwaith. Apart from Dinkieville, the sim has a tiny village, glens for fae, and even a little dragon cave.

ai gwaith1

I took the picture above at the village square for tinies. Each house is different – if you want you can live in a mushroom, a whiskey barrel, a tiny windmill, or in the cute whimsical cottage pictured above.

Ai Gwaith5

Exploring the fae glen you will feel as if you’re in a fairytale. Of course you can visit as a human but I think you can only really feel the sim if you’re on eye level with the frogs. The fae glen has  a lot of little homes for faries and pixies – everything from mushroom huts to real little cottages.

ai gwaith4

I even met a pixie there! She told me she was resting from a couple of pranks she had played on unsuspecting victims on a different sim.

ai gwaith2

She looks fairly human-sized in the picture but she wasn’t, she was only 4 inches “tall”. She told me her shape was custom made by Astoria Luminos. You save your regular shape to your hard drive, then open it and paste the text into a notecard which you then send to Astoria who magically transforms a wall of gobbledygook into a tiny mesh shape.

So, get your dinkie, tiny, or petite on and go explore Ai Gwaith and maybe rent one of the whimsical little homes. At 25-75 I’z per week those are more than affordable. The sim owners Tadgh and Ladyheart Muirin are great people who will give you a tour of the sim if they have the time. I’m definitely going to ask them for an interview for the “faces of InWorldz” category, so keep your eyes peeled.







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