The Annual InWorldz Fright Fest

Rumour has it that on Hallowe’en the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest. At this point in the cycle  of the year nature reminds us of our own mortality. Shorter days and colder, darker hours invite us to quiet introspection. It’s a time when death is a part of our lives. More so than at any other time of the year we huddle together inside against the sometimes cold October winds and share ghost stories, delighting in the shivers they send down our spine. With the longer nights and almost bare trees, the rich smell of the decaying leaves on the ground, we feel a little bit more connected to the spirit realm. It’s easy to imagine that the shadow you just caught out of the corner of your eyes is a visitor from the other world. Or that you can hear quiet whisperings in the trees swaying in front of your window.

If you need an extra little shiver – and I know you do – you should visit the annual InWorldz Fright Fest. Wander through amazing spooky landscapes where the trees have eyes and ghouls are hidden in the grass, visit haunted houses and graveyards.

There are 22 (twenty-two!) regions for you to explore. Among them are event sims for live performers, DJs, and storytellers. There are costume contests, build contests, hunts, live shows, and the quirky OddBall, hosted by Tuna Oddfellow. The latter takes place this Saturday, 25 October at 6pm IW time (that’s PDT). Here’s your taxi:

But this year the Fright Fest is not only about Hallowe’en. There are three regions dedicated to a really interesting theme: Dante’s Inferno. When I heard about it I thought it was a fantastic idea and the outcome is, well, fantastic. Amazing pieces of art have been created.

When you land at the welcome point, look around to see gates that take you to all the different regions.



The gates to Dante’s Inferno.


Part one of the merchant area where you can buy spooky props for your virtual home.

fright fest_008 As a side note, I love the houses pictured above, they’re so well done!

Part two of the merchant area:

fright fest_009

Walking through a Halloween forest


A witch house!


Cave under the witch house. The well gives you a blessing when you touch it.


Those few pics really don’t do the Fright Fest justice, there is so much more to see.

Here’s a great video shot by Benski Trenkins (he’s a dinkie!)

And now, go and visit the InWorldz Fright Fest. Bring a friend if you’re easily spooked. 😉


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