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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Pasha Theas. Glass Artist (in real life), Project builder in InWorldz, Owner of “Pasha’s”, Owner of “Crystalwind Art Glass ” and Co Owner JP Designs Mesh Clothing

Birch Wind: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me. My timing always seems to be off, I think this is one of the first times i have actually caught you inworld when ive messaged 😀
Pasha Theas: Awe well thank you for the interest, and I understand how things can not mesh right

Birch Wind: So to start, how long have you been in InWorldz for?
Pasha Theas: a little over 2 years

Birch Wind: What brought you to InWorldz?
Pasha Theas: I was bored with Second Life, I was there for over 8 years doing projects for others but never having my own supply of prims.. I was a mentor for 3 years there also. A friend told my unlimited prims and I jumped in

Birch Wind: hah! yes that’ll do it *grins* What sorts of projects did you work on in Second Life?
Pasha Theas: mainly sim builds the only one left now is the Portland Oregon Build

Birch Wind: What was your first impression of InWorldz when you arrived here two years ago?
Pasha Theas: you mean after the stars in my eyes over the prims 🙂
Birch Wind:*grins* yes
Pasha Theas: I was impressed, the building tools were pretty much the same as Second Life and the lag was better
Pasha Theas: and I could afford it *laughs*
Birch Wind *grins* I definitely understand that feeling!
Pasha Theas: and  so much less drama
Birch Wind *nods*

Birch Wind: What do you do in InWorldz now that you are here?
Pasha Theas: build *laughs*
Pasha Theas: Right now am ass-deep in a high prim Christmas build *laughs*
Birch Wind: Oh that sounds great, is that for a specific project? Or personal hobby at the moment?
Pasha Theas: well I was thinking to put it in the Christmas fest coming up, but will need to know the prim count, and some of the work is for sales. And personal hobby yes I love the medium and that I can build anything. After being a glass artist in RL this is just another medium to play in.

Birch Wind: I visited CrystalWind – It’s really a beautiful region. What has your goal been with it?
Pasha Theas: This will sound strange but I have always wanted CrystalWind, I love to change the seasons, at first I was not going to do any shopping here but I just kept building and needed someplace to put all the stuff *laughs* When I lived in Montana once a long time ago I got up one morning to bright sunshine and the air full of ice crystals. I was so impressed. That is where the name came from
Birch Wind: Oh that sounds really beautiful.
Pasha Theas: it was amazing

Birch Wind: You say you are a glass artist in real life as well?
Pasha Theas: yes I spent many years as an accountant writing accounting software, then my company was bought out so I retired *smiles* Then I could spend full time on the glass
Birch Wind: Do you promote your real life glass work as well?
Pasha Theas: I still have a few clients but dont show anymore to much time spent in here *laughs*
Birch Wind grins
Pasha Theas: No I will only do custom work sometimes, I do like the fact that I was able to bring in some photos so it sort of lives in here also. most all of the works have been sold but I checked with my clients about bringing in here and they thought I was crazy *laughs*

Birch Wind: What sorts of shops can we find in CrystalWind? – and I do want to point out that CrystalWind is not a typical ‘mall’ sort of place but rather a very lovely area with a few well built and nicely placed shops.
Pasha Theas: yes I did not want it to be a mall, just small and fun things
Birch Wind: I did visit your Art Glass, Candle shop, and a shop with some fun kitty items and you have a tee shirt shop as well just to name a few.
Pasha Theas: yes ‘the Shirt Tank’ and I love the teeshirts that was fun. My big store in the back is all the things I would love to have in my house but do not have the room for.
Birch Wind: Some very lovely items there. Very unique and eye-catching.
Pasha Theas: I have a winter gear shop with ski clothes for both men and women. The “Ugly Christmas Sweater” shop will go in shortly
Birch Wind laughs. Ohh! Awesome!
Pasha Theas: Most of the shops there are of my own work, except for two which I have given to friends.

Birch Wind: Now that you have been in InWorldz for a while, what would you say are your favourite things about it?
Pasha Theas: The peace. Here I can plug in my music and just create, and not count prims. I think the grid is much more stable now. If your main goal is money you will be discouraged. You have to want to just build for yourself and if some like it then you can keep score. There simply isn’t as many people here.

Birch Wind: Yes, I have noticed an increase in logged in users, and I do find that if I want to go buy hair or something that Im rarely alone in shops anymore. I remember being able to go to Redgrave or .:Emo and being alone. Still not as many as Second Life – though moreso than any other grid.Why do you think that is?
Pasha Theas: I think people come in to look, it is proven that only 2% of this kind of gamers are builders and we (the builders) are all here. People want action, they want to be entertained.They come and look around , listen to music and that’s it.
Birch Wind: Not long ago I was in Second Life, and looked for an event. I often go to events here and find a nice crowd of 10-20, depending on time of day etc.. so I went into Second Life looking for a place to just hang out and dance and was positively overwhelmed by the amount of people, though in the short time I was there, two griefers arrived and I was propositioned about 5 or 6 times, *laughs*. I think for me I do mostly prefer the closer, more personal setting. But I agree that for those looking for a just a huge party atmosphere, or to get rich, they might be disappointed.Not to say there aren’t parties to be had, every day I do find a fun event to go to, and FrightFest was a great multi day party. But I find that it isn’t just a bunch of strangers, if there are people there I don’t know, most often, friendships are quickly and easily made.
Pasha Theas: Yes and there are a lot like us there in Second Life – they just need to come and see InWorldz, but Second Life has become sex and gambling again.

Birch Wind: Are the free uploads etc something that you also are able to make good use of here, being an artist? I myself am not a builder but I do love being able to upload textures etc.
Pasha Theas: omg you have no idea how much freedom that offers. You can experiment to your hearts content, it just takes practice. Textures is what makes a build.I also design a line of Mesh clothes with a friend as a partner, have you heard of JP Designs?
Birch Wind: I have yes, I think I shopped there as well.

Birch Wind: Do you have any upcoming goals or plans?
Pasha Theas: Well let me see – a line of cool different boots, jewelry – but more natural. I also need to add things to all of the shops I have which will keeep me busy.
Pasha Theas: any suggestions? *laughs*
Birch Wind: Hmm.. well I loved the kitty cushion I got for my oYo kitty from your shop *grins*
Birch Wind: I also really liked my glasswork I got for my home from your Art Glass shop
Birch Wind: What about builds? You have some great builds! Will you make any of your buildings available for puchase?
Pasha Theas: no I think is more fun to not see it everywhere, I like it to be different
Birch Wind: That makes sense, otherwise you quickly have many places looking similar.
Pasha Theas: I hope it will show others what they can do here

Birch Wind: thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today. I’ll let you get back to your Christmas project.
Pasha Theas: You’re welcome anytimeI’ll send you a landmark when it’s done.It’s full of toys.
Birch Wind: Oh wonderful! Ill update this with a link when its done.

Pasha Theas: cool
Pasha Theas: oh by the way great web site
Birch Wind: Thank you, *grins* . Leanna and I both work on it.
Pasha Theas: You guys do a good job I have told others about it, it is good to read all the positive things
Birch Wind: Oh thank you.
Pasha Theas: Just leave out that I can be a bitch *grins*
Birch Wind: Oh darn, that was going to be my header
Pasha Theas: Well – it might bring business *laughs*
Birch Wind: The bitch part? hell yes
Pasha Theas: That’s my fun side lol


And some links for your enjoyment!


Pasha’s Art Glass:

Pasha’s Eclectic Designs:



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