The Arrival of Winter

Much of InWorldz is experiencing Winter right now.

At first I wanted to write a post about all of the great Winter regions and various snowy themed areas. I quickly realized that I would just be writing for DAYS – there are SO many wonderful places.

So, I limited this writing to encompass the places I came across when looking for things I wanted for Yule and for Winterizing of my regions. There are MANY, many more places than those listed here.

These first few are from a seasonal store in Musing Moments. I came here during the Fall as well and they had a lovely assortment of Autumn items, I thought I would come back to take a gander at their Christmas items. There are a few different creators in this store.

Chrismas Shopping Cheyenne_001

Lovely Winter living room set hop:// Moments/67/34/2495


There’s the tree I got, the green one – its really nice. Lots of well made decor. hop:// Moments/67/34/2495


Another living room set – this one in red with a very modern twist on a Christmas tree. hop:// Moments/67/34/2495

I then headed over to Pasha’s, because I heard she had Christmas items also. I had already got my tree but thought I’d check it out for a friend who needed a tree for his home. Pasha Theas has her stores on the Crystal Wind region.


A smaller version of the tree my neighbour bought. hop://


Beautiful and glowy 🙂 hop://


I quite liked this. In RL I actually thought of getting something similar. hop://

Then I went looking for some outside decor. Mainly some falling snow and some evergreens


These lovely little trees – very soft and green. hop://


I love this carousel . It now sits at Ocean View Park in Diamond Valley Purchase your own here: hop://


I ALMOST got this furnished Christmas log home but settled on the Carousel. hop://

Then I found myself at Cherokee Bravin’s Christmas Market where she helped me get the falling snow I was looking for. We had a nice chat, she was very friendly and helpful (and now I have falling snow 😀 )


Cherokee Sensations – Christmas Market hop://

I also wanted some nice mesh season changing trees. I found these at [AD] Mesh – good price and they snow if youd like, in a very natural way. I also got the Winter Firs.


hop:// Dive/42/216/769 These are the 5 stages of the All-Season Mesh Trees.


hop:// Dive/42/216/769

After my shopping it was time to head back home and Winterize. Here are some final images from the coldification of my Region

Diamond Valley Winter Two_006

Winter arrives in Diamond Valley


View from near the church in Diamond Valley – layer of frost covering the ground.


Relaxing on the dock at Ocean View Park


Next week, I’ll be sharing some of the prefabs/homes I’ve come across. I think one of the reasons I love having regions in InWorldz is because it allows me the space to build my vision for the sort of community/village I’d like to live in on the Real Life grid. 🙂


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