The InWorldz Roleplay HUB Part 1

On Sunday, the new InWorldz Roleplay HUB had its grand opening. It’s the starting place for new residents who chose Roleplay as their main interest during the sign-up process on the InWorldz homepage.
The project started in June this year with the help of dedicated residents who donated their time and skills to create an amazing interactive first user experience.
The central starting point is a huge library which was inspired (I think) by the Oxford Bodleian Library. It is an absolutely breathtaking build. Portals throughout the library take new residents to the various roleplay genres – from science-fiction to mediaeval fantasy.

RP hub9
The InWorldz Roleplay Hub Library

RP hub2
Opening festivities

Here is the speech that was given by Moontan Valeeva at the opening of the Roleplay Hub:

“Welcome all to the Inworldz Roleplaying Hub! I would first like to take us back in history for a little while.
It was mid june when the idea of a Roleplaying Hub was touted by the founders during the Community Meeting. Boaz Sands took it upon her to manage the development of ideas that were offered in the forums on a subject started by Yichard Muni. Yichard also did the initial survey to find RP groups and that survey was done a second time by Nebula Star. THANK YOU YICHARD, NEBULA and BOAZ!
After a few brainstormsessions several groups were formated to cover all aspects of the HUB and many meetings followed. Finally in september a proposal was accepted by the founders.
From off October the Hub was built and is now ready to be proudly presented to the public : YOU 🙂

From off june many many people were involved in the Hub. And they all contributed to what eventually was built here. So many many thanks to all who devoted their time and shared their ideas and insights. On our journey to complete the Hub we encountered some severe letdowns and bummers. There were gridbugs to conquer and solve and both Frightfest and Winterfest asked a lot from the volunteers who also happened to be involved in the Hub. Literary Fantasy had to go on without their scriptor because of health problems.
The builders of the first sci fi parcel left the project due to rl importancies. We were lucky to find Xentor Antarix and Lunastra Silverweb to take over the project and they worked very hard to complete the build in less then three weeks! During the actual buildingphase these are the people I’d like to mention and applaud:
They attended numerous meetings with great committment. and loyalty. and worked hard to get things done facing a tight timeschedule.
It was not always easy to have our different opinions and take a leave of one’s own for the greater good. But in the end the result is a coherent Hub with enough diversity and styles to fit each taste.
I already mentioned the numerous people who contributed to this Hub one way or the other. Thank you ALL!

Cassie Eldemar who built this very detailed Library with its characteristic stairs. The library is a replica of the Oxford Bodleian Library.
Eleyenora Wisent who decorated the Library – Victorian style- with her furniture and plants.
Balpien Hammerer who saw more of this library these past months than he saw his rl home. Balpien scripted the library with sound and cinematic interactives.
His support group who tested and gave him advise are Boaz Sands, Boudica Destiny and Astoria Luminos.
The Fantasy parcel builders team: Bim Rasmuson, Rathmeous Dagger, Bridget Jennings Trouble Mooncurser and Ansara LeGuin.
The Dark fantasy builders team: Lannorra Sion, Beck Howard and again Rathmeous Dagger
The Urban team: Misty Harley, Chopper Gurbux and Wolf Hartnell
The Literary Fantasy team, Sophia Larkspur, Fire nice, Jake Dakota and Nitewind Armistice.

A very special thanks to Boaz Sands: Instigator and driving force behind the realisation of this Hub. She made us believe and trust this could be accomplished – again and again 🙂
And the last person to mention is OldeSoul Eldemar who organised this fest for us.

The Library’s interactive experience is turned down for the party.
In between the DJ performances you will have the opportunity to try them out by yourselves or in groups ( the library AI can handle about 10 persons in one scenario). If the interactives are in use there is a “waitingplace” where Librarian Minerva’s sister Athena will greet you.
Ofcourse you can also visit the different parcels to enjoy their scenery or try a RP related quest.
If I had scissors I would cut a ribbon. If I had champagne I would now break a bottle.
I have none of these but the wish this baby will be lovingly nourished to grow and flourish. ”
[12:32] Boaz Sands: I just want to add …..
I am so proud of what all of you have accomplished. A true collaborative effort and I am so glad I could be a small part of it all.
[12:32] Boaz Sands: I want to thank Moontan Valeeva for leading the project team through this building and implementation phase. She has done a wonderful job coordinating all the teams. She has run the meetings with a fair and balanced hand which we all appreciate.

RP hub7

The above gives you a good idea of the time and effort that went into realising the Roleplay HUB. And now that it’s open for new residents and old alike, this old one is going to explore it. Of course I’ll share my explorations, and I might even take Birch with me. I heard the Dark Fantasy area has all sorts of creatures and if one of them is hungry it’s good to have a companion who can be tossed at them to distract them while you run away help you fight them.

RP hub
The library desk, where your quest begins.

RP hub8
One of the many sitting and reading areas in the library. I LOVE it!

So long, stay tuned for part two!


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