InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment

On Sunday, 1 February, a very special Art Fest opened in InWorldz. We’ve had a lot of artfests over the years, organised by Jeri Rahja, an extraordinary patron of the arts, both in real life and in InWorldz. She has been organising artfests in InWorldz for more than four years, she has sponsored dozens of sims to give artists a place to display their art.


This artfest is a very special one, though. It’s the very first endowment at InWorldz – the InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment, short ICE! (ICE, ICE baby! – yeah I know. ) Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, ICE is open to everyone.  It comprises 3 full and 2 scenic regions. InWorldz plans on showcasing 12 to 24 artists per year. As an artist you have 45 days to 2 months time to get your project up, then it will be open to the public for 45 days.

The current artfest, with the very fitting theme “Love of IW Art” is split into four categories or stages: Stage 1 – Frozen Heart Castle, Stage 2 – Lovers’ Romance, Stage 3 – Marshes of Struggle, and Stage 4 – Redemption & Balance. Over 40 artists, both digital and traditional, display their interpretation with the help of many different mediums: traditional prims, sculpties, mesh, RL paintings, photography (both RL and digital).

You can read the entire announcement here:

The current exhibition is amazing. I’ve been taking pictures to show them here but what can I say, the pics really doesn’t do the art justice. Some installations are so huge they don’t fit on a picture without losing too much detail. You really HAVE TO go and look at all the amazing art. And admire the beautiful landscaping.

For some of the following pics I had to turn down my draw distance, way down so another installation in the background wouldn’t distract.

A huge thank you to Jeri Rahja and her helpers Ladyheart Muirin and Gerrard Winstanley, and the InWorldz founders for providing the canvas.

by KaiShun Oleander_001 Installation by KaiShun Oleander

by Kasha Selona  Love Hurts by Kasha Selona

elemental love by ferr_002 Elemental Love by Ferrator Montoya

siesta del gato by bijou benique_001 Siesta del Gato by Bijou Benique

by bijou benique_001 art by Bijou Benique

three stooges by nyx breen_001 The Three Stooges by nyx breen

what about us by kapi kinder_001 What About Us? by kapi kinder

by kapi kinder_001 more artworks by kapi kinder

by bianca xavorin_001 art by Bianca Xavorin

I might go back and take some more pics because this tiny blog post really doesn’t do the art justice. But I want it understood that the above selection doesn’t reflect personal likes or dislikes. In fact, I know that Miso Susanowa, a very dear friend of mine AND one of my favourite artists, has an exhibit at the art fest, too, but I haven’t found it yet! So I am definitely going back. Between this and that I just have to flail around a  little. So long!


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