Aerion in InWorldz

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak with Warwick Falconer, known for Falcon Weapons Forge – Unity Battle & RP meter, and Unity weapons scripts for some of the finest bows, swords and melee weapons in InWorldz! He is also co-creator (alongside Cira Emor) of the Aerion Medieval Adventure – some regions I decided on a whim to journey through (and which prompted my requested interview)

Aerion - War - Cira 4

Birch Wind: Greetings to you, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. For those who don’t know what it is you create, what is your area of expertise?

Warwick Falconer: haha…not sure I would call any of it expertise
I make a lot of things…weapons, scripts, buildings, sims, etc

Birch Wind: When did you first come to InWorldz and what was your first impression then.

Warwick Falconer: I first came here over 4 years ago, but actively only the last 15 months. It’s part of my rl (real life) work actually. I also ran my own grid for several years – for education uses. I have probably visited most major grids. I was very active in Second Life at the time, so didn’t have much extra time to spend, it was better than the grid I ran, but way short of what SL was doing, especially with physics

Birch Wind: Thinking back on when you first came to InWorldz four years ago, and being here now, what has changed the most?

Warwick Falconer: Well, the IW team has done a terrific job of building this environment. They never give up, are always open to suggestions, and never show the kind of arrogance that Lindens did. Their push to improve the physics here was so appreciated

Birch Wind: I first heard of you when it came to the Unity Meter myself

Warwick Falconer: Yes, I brought that over from SL, and my own weapon scripts. It was quite popular there

Birch Wind: How has the experience been, of bringing over so many items and starting out here? Your work has been so appreciated, especially with the increase of quality role playing opportunities here.

Warwick Falconer: <–Laughs. Well, it has been a pain in the ass, but in long run it has really opened up a whole new world for Cira and I. It took us a full year to build what you see on these three sims. We actually have never officially “opened”. The scripting issues were pretty difficult for a long time, and I had to redo all the weapon scripts to overcome the problems. But that has been really stable now. We also changed our focus from the driving business model we had in SL. We were really doing a lot of business, but it took all our time…no fun. So here we really don’t care too much about the business – whatever helps pay for the sim is nice.

Birch Wind: I notice that there has been an increase in the role playing communities coming to life here, what do you think are some of the contributing factors to that?

Warwick Falconer: Two big factors: first, the resources (sculpts, mesh, textures) available here has hit a tipping point…folks can find almost anything they need. Second Life creators are moving here like a tidal wave. Second, the cost to sim owners here is SO low. You get significant increases in return for the same dollar.

Birch Wind smiles – I myself still haven’t quite got over the amount of direct interaction the founders have with the community and the amount of input etc that they rely on from scriptors, creators and just average people like me.

Warwick Falconer: Yeah, you see, that is the secret of good customer service in any service industry. Open communication, forming that relationship and then following thru. They do that in spades!

Birch Wind: Now, you mention that your regions have never officially ‘opened’ – and please then share only what you want people to know – i came here originally to get food – 🙂 but wandered about and fell in love with the beauty of your regions. What is your goal for Aerion?

Warwick Falconer: Well, thanks for the wonderful compliment. We really just wanted to build a place that was unusual in detail…the more the better. We rebuilt this place so many time…hahah…but in the end the terraforming, flora/fauna are coming together. We will weave great stories around it all, and hopefully have a good number of friends that come to play.

Birch Wind: I myself wandered through and even though I own two residential regions, I wanted to move in here, haha.

Warwick Falconer: aww…thanks for that. There is another driver here though

Birch Wind: Cira?

Warwick Falconer: Yes, she has a great eye for the details, and is so creative

Birch Wind: I have to interject and just say….I was here looking for an outfit. And I thought she was a model/bot… and just wandered through *grins* then she spoke to me and was so very sweet. She was very helpful in trying to find something I would like to wear and was just a very warm friendly person. And very talented.

Birch Wind has a habit of ignoring nametags overhead

Warwick Falconer: Yep, and that is one of the reasons Aerion was so loved in SL .She makes a lot of one-off things that take about 1000% more time than what she actually charges…

Birch Wind: I can see that in her work.

Warwick Falconer: but when someone is happy, she is as well

Birch Wind: And once again we go back to customer satisfaction and how important it is to have such sincerity.

Warwick Falconer: yeah, even in here, you can’t fake it

Birch Wind: I know you can not speak on her behalf, but is she enjoying this new adventure?

Birch Wind asks him to speak on her behalf anyhow *grins*

Warwick Falconer: Yes, she is. We are both very busy at the moment with our rl projects, and that means we don’t even see each other in here all that often. But this is still a place we come to laugh and poke fun at the real world

Birch Wind: I think that is one of the focal points that gets missed. This is a venue to make dreams come true and to find a sort of solace amongst chaos sometimes. And probably why I myself like roleplay.

Warwick Falconer: Yes indeed. Just read any of the work of Jane Mcgonigal, or better, watch her TED talks. Games are magic, in here and in their effect on human health.

Birch Wind: Is that the Jane McGonigal video?

Warwick Falconer: yes (interviewer’s note – give it a watch, it’s very good)

Birch Wind: Do you have any sort of estimated ‘official’ opening, and in the meantime are people able to wander through and visit?

Warwick Falconer: All of Aerion is, and will always be, open. We love to have visitors from any rp sims. We hope to “open” soon, but I am working on a really new approach to Avatars with the meter, and want a bit of time to experiment.I want this to be a healthy place, that supports rl health. So, I want to connect avatar health to rl things, like Fitbit, Moves, etc

Birch Wind: Oh that’s really quite a task! Is there any chance you might also incorporate some InShape trails here?

Warwick Falconer: yes, it will rely upon that API (external connection)

Birch Wind: Well I won’t get you divulging too much more about that – because otherwise we’ll all be bugging about ‘when’ *grins* But that really sounds like quite an approach that I will be looking forward to.

Warwick Falconer: Hahahah..yeah. I have a team working on it, but naturally we won’t promise any timelines. Pretty cool stuff though.

Birch Wind: Any final thoughts on your time here in IW and what you and Cira hope to accomplish or opinions of your time here etc?

Warwick Falconer: Watch the video. We want our wishes to be sane. That will make sense when you watch it.
Birch Wind: I want to thank you again for chatting with me tonight, its really nice to learn more about people that people might know OF but don’t actually know, and your work is quite legendary.

Warwick Falconer: Well, thanks for that. These environments are full of amazing talent…we should all celebrate that When, not if, when folks start to understand the power that games have in our real lives, what they do for us, what the hard science literature shows, games will be a magnet. I research it….and it is stunning so, your blog is hugely important….a conversation.

* Cira makes a welcome appearance to offer her viewpoint and thoughts on her experiences as well*

Cira Emor: hi!

Birch Wind:Hello!  Im just wrapping up an interview for our  blog– but wondering.. even tho spur of the moment.. if you could offer your thoughts on InWorldz and how you’ve enjoyed your time or found it challenging.

Cira Emor: oh gosh hahah

Birch Wind: lol, no pressure

Birch Wind: 😀

Cira Emor: hahah

Birch Wind: Can you tell me a bit about your time in Second Life, and your experiences here in InWorldz?

Cira Emor: We both started Falcon weapons Forge in SL in 2009 and the sims, and I alone had over 300 weapons for sale and my clothing line and we both invested and created the Unity Empire system – so we were busy campers lol. through all of that, the people, new friends and old, were what meant the most to us. We probably gave away as many of our creations as we sold.

Cira Emor: I have found IW to be a very comfortable place that highly encourages creativity and is a welcoming home for those who want to either build or play in this wonderful world! I enjoying working with brilliant and funny people like Warwick Falconer, he is a “Pathmaker” – which means he brings out not only the creativity in people, but creates a space that encourage them to challenge themselves! I like to see what folks create and what comes out of the insides of the hearts and minds and into this virtual reality. I think the most fun part is seeing the world getting along better than ever in this format of connection.

Birch Wind: These regions of Aerion – what does it represent, to you?

Cira Emor: Aerion is about the Experience, it’s the good will, the human moments of embarrassment or revealing of true character, and the epic funny moments that we all remember – so that’s what we promote 🙂

Birch Wind: Well, Cira and Warwick,Thank you again to both of you, it’s been great getting to know you both better and I thank you for your hospitality. This has been a great inside look of Aerion and the creative forces behind it.  I look forward to visiting again.

Cira Emor: nice to meet you again!

Warwick Falconer: waves…nice to chat with you


Photos – and check for Landmarks at the end of the post, below the photo set

Aerion1 Aerion2 Aerion3Tavern Aerion3TAvern2 Aerion4 Aerion5 Aerion6 Aerion7 Aerion7Alchemist Aerion8

Cira Emor – check for her lovely designs at Falcons Forge – Eagle Designs

Cira Emor Cira x 3


Aerion Welcome Center

Falcon Weapons Forge

=ED= Eagle Designs Clothing – SKY

Aerion Outlands

Aerion Badlands

(there are many more links from the Info notecard one may find at the Welcome Center)

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