My thoughts on #inworldz premium membership

I really liked this well articulated post, and the sincerity driving it /,3

MMP and Dunvalos Reach Stores

The Inworldz team brought forth a new feature for the grid they thought out well and designed to help retain newcomers to the grid, turn inactive members to active ones, and hopefully in the end, benefit existing landowners and merchants.

As expected, there’s a lot of disagreement and fear with something new. To be expected whenever a business or head of an organization tries a different approach.

There’s way too much to go into with just one post, but I’ll try to go into the area I know the most of from a virtual world customer standpoint. And do my best not to be too long on it.

Not sure how well I will do. Still may be a novella. *grin*

First, who am I to say anything? Knowing the extent of my experience in such matters will help.

I’ve been with virtual world grids for seven years now, plus…

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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on #inworldz premium membership

  1. Another nice article. I love reading these. I was quite excited about reading VKC is in InWorldz. They don’t have a classified listing, so I went through your group listing inworld and found them. I didn’t see a Siamese. I know Prax really wants a Siamese like the one she left behind in SL. BTW, since Leanna is on our Library Board of Directors and this blog is a good place to find out about InWorldz, I have added the blog to our favorites on our Metaverse Library blog. Keep up the good work!


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