RP Hub Part 2 – Dark Fantasy

When I wrote about the opening of the InWorldz RP Hub I promised I would visit again and write about the different genres. Several weeks ago, I visited the Dark Fantasy area, did the quests, took pics, and…somehow forgot all about it.

But here it is, finally!

When you start at the RP hub, you can either do a quest that asks you to look for Books of Lore in the library, or you walk through one of the portals at the outer wall. Each portal leads you to a different RP area and I boldly stepped through the Dark Fantasy gate.


As you arrive in the Dark Fantasy area, you are greeted by a guide:

Welcome : When you are ready, approach the Dark Fantasy Guide. Listen carefully to his instructions!
“Each location will have a Raven, named Morvran. If you get confused with what you need to do, please walk close enough to him so that he greets you.. and then use the word ‘help’ in chat. 


If you want to, you can pick up a scroll and read about Roleplay in general.

You start your journey through the dark area in the graveyard. Some of the graves have information about different “dark” fantasy races, like drow, demons, lycans, witches, vampire, and voodoo.

When you’re ready, walk up the path to the creepy old mansion and meet the Vampyre King.

In the vampire Mansion
[10:12] Vampire greeter: When you are ready, approach the Vampyre King. Do not kneel until he tells you to!

He will then give you an amulet of safe passage that protects you from all the dark and evil creatures that might otherwise decide you’re a tasty snack.


When you have received the amulet, you have three choices – either you go back to the library, the central of the RP hub, or you jump right in and teleport to a vampire roleplay sim, or you do as I did and “continue your journey down the path to your Destiny!” (cue spooky music)

Leaving he vampire mansion, you walk down a path to your next stop: a stone circle with an altar in the middle and a wicked witch awaiting you.

[02:20] Agatha: Darksome night and shining moon,Hearken to the witches’ rune.East then South, West then North,Hear! Come! I call thee forth!


The incantation is very well done, with a touch of arcane magic and the obligatory Wiccan “so mote it be”.

When the ceremony is finished, the witch gives you another amulet of safe passage and you can continue your journey through the dark realms to the lycans and an audience with the Lycan Alpha. You witness a lycan “ceremony of the ancestors” and upon its conclusion – you guessed it – you receive your next amulet.


The next stop on my perilous journey was an especially creepy one for me: drow, dark elves who worship a spider queen. Spiders. HUGE spiders. Ick.


[03:02] Lolth’s Priestess: Now feel the power of Lolth!

(It’s probably just me but the name Lolth makes me thnicker with a lithp. :P.)

The drow area is like all areas really, really well done but I was itching to get out of there. Too busy looking for a quick exit I didn’t notice the thpider behind me and before I knew it I was trapped. Yikes! Arachnophobia, anyone?


Luckily, the drow priestess decided to let me go and gave me the amulet so I could escape. After braving a horde of giant spiders I thought I was due for a little reward.

I got it in the form of eye candy in the demon cave.

[03:15] Succubus Demon: Ah, what do we have here?  A fine looking creature.  Traveler, you are indeed daring to venture down to the depths of Hades.  Luckily for you, my Master is intrigued!


One hot succubus!

I had to face a demon and send him back to Hades to receive my next amulet. That done, I lingered a little to ogle the succubus before I ventured on to the last stop of my journey.

In a foggy swamp area I was greeted by a voodoo priestess.


She made me dance with a snake draped around my neck:

[03:21] Voodoo Queen: Now Traveler, you must dance with the snake, the symbol of Damballa, the creator of our world. Damballa created the water from his shed skin and the stars in the sky from his coils. Dance, Traveler!  And hope that Damballa’s benovolence will carry you safely!


Luckily, Damballa allowed me to live and I was given the last amulet before I was sent into a crypt with portals to several dark fantasy roleplay sims and a portal back to the Roleplay hub’s library.

Thus concludes my perilous journey through the dark fantasy realm, where all sorts of magical creatures, wicked witches, and vile beasts lurk in the shadows.

Now go and brave the journey yourself, it’s fun!

Very Important Edit: The Dark Fantasy RP area was built by Lanorra Sion, Rathmeous Dagger, and Beck Howard. Great job!


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