Interview with the Painter or Capturing an Essence


I don’t really like big malls. Neither in real life, nor in virtual worlds. But when I wandered around the IW 6 regions and eventually landed on the shopping sim, I was blown away. The layout, the buildings – it’s easily one of the most beautiful malls I have ever seen.

I took note of the creator, elin egoyan, and found her art gallery. And I was blown away again. Gaping, I stood in her gallery, adoring one painting after the other. I bought about three of her paintings that time and I will buy more. There was not one single painting that I didn’t love. I knew I had to talk to elin and I was overjoyed when she agreed to an interview.

We met at her gallery and started to talk.


Leanna Caerndow: Hi elin!

elin egoyan: Heyaaa Leanna:)) Welcome! Well, perhaps you like to come in and sit ūüôā

Leanna Caerndow: Thank you so much for taking the time!

elin egoyan: Oh dear no bother at all :))

Leanna Caerndow: Just let me repeat how amazing your creations are. And your paintings are so beautiful! Each and every single one of them.

elin egoyan smiles. well so nice you like them :))

Leanna Caerndow: Like is such an understatement! Where does your inspiration come from? For both your paintings and your builds.

elin egoyan: Well most of my paintings are based on things I experience in life. Things that bother me or make me angry, sad, or joyful.

Leanna Caerndow nods, that’s what I feel when I look at them. There is so much emotion in them.

elin egoyan: The way of painting is just a cross inspiration with my fellow artists in RL with whom I paint already for over 25 years on weekly basis

Leanna Caerndow: Oh wow! That is awesome

elin egoyan: I have learned in those years hahahaha

Leanna Caerndow: I can imagine. That must be very inspiring, too.

elin egoyan: I started with sketching pencil and pastel crayon. From those days you still see the portraits I have here. The challenge was to draw them as real as possible. Inspiration came from photos I have seen; something in the faces dragged me into that face and beyond.

Leanna Caerndow: They are beautiful. I’m going to say that a lot.

elin egoyan: [I] left out what was not important and used what I thought was the essential thing of that person.

Leanna Caerndow: I like that.

elin egoyan smiles. For example, I made an Egyptian. I chose him because he had that smile, that makes me think that he thought: hahaha I earned my money today by guiding those stupid tourists around

Elin 2

photo: (from left to right) Egyptian, Ethiopian Bride, Indian Girl

Leanna Caerndow: oh wow!

elin egoyan: I bet he thinks he got too much from those tourists hahaha
elin egoyan: And here around the corner an Ethiopian Bride. She is still a child, not older than 12. But given away to well perhaps an old ugly man. But still you see in her that she is proud. It is her day and she is important.

Leanna Caerndow: Yes, I was going to say that. Determined too, maybe.
elin egoyan nods
Leanna Caerndow: you really captured their essence

elin egoyan: and one other I like to show you that covers my intention with these portraits is an Indian girl. I called it I AM! She is of low caste so very unimportant in India. But her look says: The hell with you!! I AM!!

Leanna Caerndow: she looks proud and fierce
elin egoyan: Thats the reason I made these years ago:)

Leanna Caerndow: I can imagine you were featured in a lot of RL exhibits.

elin egoyan: well I participated in quite a few over the years yes :)) But not to much:) Otherwise people think : Pah!! There is that Elin again :)) My production is not so very high, just 6 paintings a year

Leanna Caerndow: And you travelled the world!

elin egoyan: Well I travelled but not so much haha. Been to several countries Like India and Thailand, the USA and the Caribbean.

Leanna Caerndow: I’m looking at the picture of the Tibetan girl and her brother.

Elin 4

picture: African Thirst (left), Brother & Sister (Tibet)

elin egoyan: Aww yes that is how things go in the Himalayas. Girls taking care for their siblings.
Leanna Caerndow: You can almost feel the cold wind
elin egoyan nods smiling
Leanna Caerndow: it’s like she’s saying, I will protect him with my life
elin egoyan: or,… that damn wind… i am freezing!!! hahahha
Leanna Caerndow: hahahaha

Elin 3

picture: (from left to right) Young Girl (Phillippines), Old Skills (Peru), The Parently Hand (Tibet)

Leanna Caerndow: What made you come to IW?
elin egoyan: o dear loooong story:))
Leanna Caerndow: I have time >.> and I LOVE stories
elin egoyan: Almost 8 years ago I stumbled into SL.¬†Like many of us ūüôā¬†I did not know what it was but soon I found out that you could make dreams come true which you can’t in RL.¬†So my first goal was to start my own gallery and to build my dream house.¬†Well I met another Dutch guy. [note: Elin lives in the Netherlands.] He offered me a little place to exhibit and that’s how it started.¬†[I]¬†brought my art in here¬†but [at] first I did not do so much with it:)
Building attracted me. ¬†As a child when I could not sleep…normally people count sheep or something.¬†Not me -I was building my perfect house in my head. Mostly I fell asleep before I finished it!!
Further I always was building with Lego. I still do but now with blocks and cylinders here in SL and IW :))

Leanna Caerndow: Ohhh! That’s interesting, I’ve heard a lot of people say that building in VW is like building with lego.

elin egoyan: And now still mesh got into the world, I first build in prims and I convert that to mesh with a special script.
After a while he [Stefanik Dagostino] told me he started up in IW  and asked me to join him in IW with my art. Well he is a good friend so I did that for him in his gallery Artlandia. In SL actually I got the opportunity to live my self out in building because of Shawn Masters. He wanted a mall and gave me free hand in making something for him. Well he paid well so I did and he was satisfied. Because of that I started to sell my builds. I told Shawn about IW and he took a look and was sold i think. I bought sims here and told me I could set up my house at his sim if I wanted and a display area for my houses above it. prims enough to do that. So I did.

Leanna Caerndow: Ahh, I know of Stephanik, I have heard only good things about him

elin egoyan: So thats why I got a base in here. But because of Karen Sunshine Emerald owner of this mall I have build this for her after I did some builds for her in SL.

elin egoyan: And thanks to Eve the IW Event Coordinator now suddenly more people know about Elin Egoyan :))))). I have tried Avination even went to Kitely and Osfgrid but I thought what the hell am I doing there.

Leanna Caerndow: What you said about capturing an essence earlier, I see that in your other pictures, too. I told my friends about you and said there is not one single picture that I don’t love.

elin egoyan: Well tell me Leanna what attracts you in the paintings I made:) What is the one which is striking you most?

Leanna Caerndow: The emotion. There is something that “speaks” to me. Your pictures tell a story, with the colours, the strokes, it all fits so perfectly.
elin egoyan smiles That is good:) Under a few paintings I made an information bottom in which is a note with the story of that painting.

elin egoyan: Let me show you Dreamtrees :)) I bet you like them

Elin 6

picture: (3 small pictures) Dreamtrees РMorning, Afternoon, Evening. middle: Dreamtrees Dancing. right: Dreamtrees walking through the seasons.

Leanna Caerndow: When I came here today, I was instantly drawn to them.
elin egoyan smiles. [On the] left you see the day passing: morning, afternoon, and evening. In the middle those trees -they have fun :)) They dance through life en exsistance. [On the] right the tree that walks through the seasons. Or dancing or pushing themselves, in a hurry to get to next season like that green one :))

Leanna Caerndow: and in each season there’s something magical and beautiful

elin egoyan: Very true. I do a lot with seasons and the path through life we all walk

Leanna Caerndow: I saw that. Your 4 seasons paintings are one of my favourites
elin egoyan: I have two sets. The older is upstairs. The new ones down here.

Leanna Caerndow: I could stare at them for hours

elin egoyan: My newer paintings are made with past cardboard netting and all kind of material to give it depth. Behind you and around that pilar. And the red and brown one on the wall to that other part of the gallery are called Crossroads. There was a day that in my feeling I was standing on a crosspoint in my life. Things changed. My mum got ill and died which made me an orphan in a way. No parents so I was no child anymore of someone. I stopped my job. And some more changes here and there.

elin egoyan: And in this corner all my women of the elements
Leanna Caerndow: oh I love them. I bought one or two the other day.
elin egoyan: For a while i was focussed on to express those and it came to this.

Leanna Caerndow: they’re very powerful

elin egoyan: Like women are in most cases:))) So that was the best way to express the Elements.

Elin 5

picture: Lady of the Elements – Silver, Stone, Wood

elin egoyan: You like to go upstairs too?
Leanna Caerndow: yes!
elin egoyan: of course there is more older work. I tried some digital art
elin egoyan: That big one is made after the Tsunami in Japan. Focus.
Leanna Caerndow: I was going to say this feels like me when I try to focus
elin egoyan: She is doing that. Focus on what is important and left in life after a disaster like that Fukushima melt down
The Big Bang :)) It speaks for it self I think.

Elin 7

picture: Elin in front of “Focus”

Leanna Caerndow: It definitely does

Leanna Caerndow: Ka is interesting. Are you interested in ancient Egyptian mythology?

elin egoyan: Well in all history and mythology of the world. I just know there is far more than we will ever discover.¬†Ka… is the beginning of life¬†and all the signs around express that same Ka.¬†The Ankh,¬†the kind of hand figure.

Leanna Caerndow: The one behind you, 9 lives

Elin 8
picture: Nine Lives

elin egoyan: That’s about my cats. It is a tribute¬†to all my cats I have had at that time.¬†All died now after a long or a shorter life.
Leanna Caerndow: a cat’s essence, you did it again
elin egoyan smiles
Leanna Caerndow: the fierce side, and the cool and haughty side,¬†and the playful in between. that’s what I see anyway
elin egoyan: Ohhh the secrets of a cat – you will never get to learn them or you have to walk their hunter’s paths between the worlds.
Leanna Caerndow: Between the worlds! That sounds very mysterious and interesting. I’d love to see the world like a cat for one day’
elin egoyan: I bet they have doors to their shamanic world :)))) Doors they only see. A path they only can walk
Leanna Caerndow: you know what? What you said there “between the worlds” that’s how I feel about your paintings.

elin egoyan: wow that is a compliment Leanna :)) I am so glad my paintings give you this feeling

Leanna Caerndow: It’s true but I didn’t know how to say it

elin egoyan: well that is what art is don’t you think:)

Leanna Caerndow: absolutely!

elin egoyan: That people find something in it that makes them happy, feel something they recognize or that comfort the when they are sad. Or make them laugh.

Leanna Caerndow: exactly, yes!

elin egoyan: Another interesting one is Body language. At least I think you will like it. You see a foetus but you also see a woman that is pregnant to give birth. And you see the colors of the Chakras. And last but not least you see a white ghostly head in the right upper corner. Well, that is the etheric par of our life Рthe spirit.

Elin 9

picture: Caring (left) and Body Language (right)

Leanna Caerndow: and the one next to it, Caring, I bought that a year or two ago, it’s been hanging in my home since.

Leanna Caerndow: I think we share the same beliefs about life and spirit. That’s probably why I’m so drawn to your art.

elin egoyan: I think so :))
One other to tell about is the two dancing souls.The story is in the button ūüôā

Leanna Caerndow: I bought this one, too, the other day ūüėÄ
Leanna Caerndow: Ahhh, auras.

elin egoyan: Yes but also what they mean, for me that is. And how they interact among people. When people seek to understand the colours they see or they associate people with then they know immediately more about that person. Intuitively.
Leanna Caerndow: That is true, yes. What colour person am I, what do you think?

elin egoyan: you are a child of the moon that is what I feel but I can be so wrong

Leanna Caerndow: that is so spot on O_O. I wear my moonstone jewellery most of the time, heh.

elin egoyan: O dear hahah I really did not know that :)) So your color is more blue than red, more green than orange, more purple than yellow.
And that is not associated with the dress you wear hahahhaha
Leanna Caerndow: rofl!
elin egoyan smiles broadly. I can sound like Char and will earn money!!! You know har that woman that talks with your dead family? She is a fraud.

Elin 16_001

picture: Two Dancing Souls (left: extrovert, right: introvert)

Leanna Caerndow: Do you have any plans for your future here in IW?

elin egoyan: Well, first clean my inventory in 2 worlds, SL and IW, so I am back organized again hahaha. That building a mall and the IW mall made my inventory horrible. After that it will be summer time and then I am more outside and on holiday than before my screen. Then in september I will start bringing over my houses in mesh . I have them here still in prims. And after that I see what Iw will bring me.

Leanna Caerndow: I hope it brings you a lot of inspiration!
elin egoyan: Eve [IW Events Coordinator] discovered me and doesn’t want to let me go so I guess I am stuck to the IW committee to provide new merchants areas :)))
My art in RL is in the lift, too, so perhaps more paintings in a year.

Leanna Caerndow: elin, thank you so much for taking the time, I really really appreciate it!
elin egoyan: Well it was nice to tell a bit about my art :)) Certainly to someone who appreciates it :))
Leanna Caerndow beams! ūüėÄ

Elin gave me her painting “Dancing Trees”.
elin egoyan: take this as a present ūüôā
Leanna Caerndow: thank you so much!!! O_O
elin egoyan: This painting belongs to a moonchild ūüôā
Leanna Caerndow: thank you thank you thank you!!!!
elin egoyan: well make a nice story on your blog:)) and please send me the link:))

Leanna Caerndow: Have a great evening and keep creating your beautiful works ‚̧
elin egoyan: I will dear ūüôā

Elin 11

Elin’s gallery and shop. TP:¬†

Below: Pictures of Charleston Mall, all building were created by elin egoyan.

Elin 12

Elin 13

Elin 14

Elin 15


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