” InWorldz is sooo SL 2007″ – just a POV

Although InWorldz is my home, I do still spend time in Second Life. I belong to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (whom might be setting up an outpost in InWorldz soon *fingers crossed* ), and I have babies in Second Life that I admit I would be sad to leave behind permanently (though after talking with one of the virtual baby creators, there is a chance my fav babies might be making their way into InWorldz, once again *fingers crossed* 😀 ). I originally missed my doggy in Second Life, but now he is here in InWorldz – my VKC Great Dane Harrison

VKC Dogs

Finding Harrison at the VKC park. Many animals to choose from


When I talk to people about coming to InWorldz, I often hear “Oh yeah, I’ve been there, it’s so SL 2007”, or other similar things.

This has always kind of irked me and I find myself saying “What? Have you even bothered to look around? Have you checked out The Sidhevairs, or Loggos, or Jackson Square, or Chanwood, Aerion, Underworld, …(enter in any number of amazing places here) ?”  And that doesn’t even begin to touch upon the amazing artists and creators that just enjoy creating quietly in the background without putting themselves in the limelight.


This also brings up one of the biggest charms of InWorldz for me. Some regions are not as glossy or polished as Second Life because in InWorldz you have people that finally have the ability to create without the high cost of land ownership and without being dinged for 10L each time they want to upload something. For many people, venturing into InWorldz is their first step into learning to recreating their dreams.


Dreaming in Aerion


I have quite a few friends in Second Life who are faced with mobility limitations and other such challenges. Paraplegic, hospital bound, agoraphobia, chronic pain etc. Now although not always the case, people with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary are often in a lower financial bracket due to the inability to find and/or maintain employment.

This is really truly unfortunate because it is FOR those reasons that virtual worlds can hold such benefit!

This article here is a perfect example Virtual worlds help the disabled regain hope.

An excerpt – but worth the full read:

  • By Rob Stein

    Posted Oct. 9, 2007 at 12:01 AM

    WASHINGTON — After suffering a devastating stroke four years ago, Susan Brown was left in a wheelchair with little hope of walking again. Today, the 57-year-old Richmond, Va., woman has regained use of her legs and has begun to reclaim her life, thanks in part to encouragement she says she gets from an online “virtual world” where she can walk, run and even dance.

  • Roberto Salvatierra, long imprisoned in his home by his terror over going outdoors, has started venturing outside more after gaining confidence by first tentatively exploring the three-dimensional, interactive world on the Internet.
  • John Dawley III, who has a form of autism that makes it hard to read social cues, learned how to talk with people more easily by using his computer-generated alter ego to practice with other cyber-personas.
    Brown, Salvatierra and Dawley are just a few examples of an increasing number of sick, disabled and troubled people who say virtual worlds are helping them fight their diseases, live with their disabilities and sometimes even begin to recover. Researchers say they are only starting to appreciate the impact of this phenomenon.

There are even ‘cheaper’ options out there, such as the open sim grids. There are probably hundreds of them. However from my own adventures into many of these grids, I can say that in my opinion only InWorldz offers the same sort of experience as Second Life. A larger user base than all the other grids, constant improvements, many groups to join, many events, all the required tools for creating your own immersive environment (including weaponry, meters etc for role play).

Castle Black - Game of Thrones

Castle Black – Game of Thrones

People financially limited in Second Life can come into InWorldz and for the first time REALLY create their own environment, being able to find what they need from many amazing merchants, or try their hand at building their own things. It’s sad to me that even though virtual worlds can be so amazing for learning, overcoming issues, connecting and interacting with people, that it is largely a case of Haves and Have Nots.

So, does InWorldz look like a throw back to the year 2007 in Second Life? Some of it does, and some of it doesn’t. The biggest factor in the ‘2007’ feel to me is the excitement of a new adventure. Trying things for the first time. A world full of possibilities and ideas. So from now on, when someone uses that phrase, I think I will respond with “Yes, it IS a lot like Second Life 2007. Virtual living full of dreams waiting to be fulfilled”



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