Burlesque – in a Virtual World

I have attended a few Burlesque shows in Second Life over the years. I’ve always enjoyed them as a form of exotic but tasteful entertainment. I was happy when I heard that my friend Chopper Gurbux wanted to bring some Burly into his Underworld region in InWorldz.

One might hear about ‘ burlesque in an Adult region named Underworld’ and get all sorts of thoughts on what that sort of show might look like 😉 – but let those ideas slide. First off, Underworld is an adult region, but the builds are fun and well done and there are a variety of shops and things to do there. One of the highlights being the Peek-a-Boo club.

The club has a perfect retro, fun burlesque feel, tasteful with friendly welcoming hosts and great people who come to watch the show. This past Sunday there were a total of about 50 people there.

I took some pictures and had a chance to speak to Divalin Magic after the show. I asked her some questions about what they are doing with their team and this is what she had to say:

Birch Wind: Hi Divalin, would you happen to have any time for me to ask a few questions?
Divalin Magic: Sure thing
Birch Wind: I’m  wondering how much work goes into the show, what does it take to make it look as easy as it does
Divalin Magic: First of all it’s a total team effort. Every one of the peek-a-boo members spends a lot of time working with each other and independently. We start the month off with a general meeting to discuss the next, upcoming show
and once we have a rough outline, each of the dancers goes off to work on their ideas. All of us are just a “phone call” away to help each other. And i can’t tell you the number of hours they all put it.. it’s a lot
Birch Wind: How many dancers are in the Peek-a-Boo dancers group right now?
Divalin Magic: we had 14 people in our skype call today. we are “live” during our meetings and rehearsals and final events. That includes the dancers and the support staff. We have weekly meetings, and a minimum of two rehearsals before an event, with several “one off” rehearsals in between for any of the people who want to do a run through of their sets
Birch Wind nods. That makes sense.
Divalin Magic:During the two formal rehearsals, the group make comment on all the sets
and we do the tweaking.. all the members know not to take any suggestions as criticism and in fact they are pretty open to ideas, especially if Tiana [Genesis] is offering them *laughs*
Birch Wind: Does anyone in the group have professional stage making experience as someone in the audience suggested this evening when ‘wowing’ over the skill displayed in the show?
Divalin Magic: No, not that I’m aware of
Birch Wind: It was very impressive.
Divalin Magic: we do have a great group of people who have amazing imaginations, and we leverage all the individual skills to put that on the stage, from those who can script, those who have a good sense of choreography, to those who are just amazing DJ’s and hosts. We do ask that the dancers have some knowledge of building, even just the basics. In the end it’s about having fun though. We spend a lot of time teasing each other and just having a lot of laughs, especially after the shows when we all collectively say “who let in that Lag Monster!!”
Birch Wind: LOL
Divalin Magic: omg if you’d heard our skype chat today .. between nerves and crashing and lag, I was offering beer 🙂
Birch Wind: There were a lot of people there tonight. i know that doesnit help nerves OR lag, but it came together brilliantly
Divalin Magic: Thank you ! We were absolutely thrilled to see so many supportive people
Birch Wind: I loved it. and such a wide variety of people come.
Divalin Magic: Yes. We present as a burlesque club, but burlesque is not just ‘stripping’. It’s about entertainment – making people smile, giving them something fun and lighthearted and visually appealing. Today’s burlesque is very much about being classy and sexy.
Birch Wind: Is there anything in particular you’d like to see in the future? Any direction you’d like the group to go?
Divalin Magic: Well if today’s attendance is any indication, I think people are learning that burlesque is somewhat like vaudeville. I think they are starting to see what it is that we do here, and it’s pretty fun. A direction I’d like to see the group go to? A bit more of the group sets which allows more interaction, but with the assistance of more diverse scripting available to us.
We are working together to make our ideas work, but we are definitely missing a few essential elements at the moment, that could really make things pop. An example would be a mover system such as is found on other grids. However, having said that, I know a lot of the scripting people in here have the same goal in mind. I’m confident it will happen!
Birch Wind: awesome. *grins*
Divalin Magic: I’m a dancer in SL  and I have to say, the quality of the dance events in here – ours and those at Golden Touch – rival those of Second Life’s. That speaks to the skills of a lot of people – including those in the audience that we may have purchased our clothing or scripts or props from.
Birch Wind: Diva, thank you so much for your time tonight, it was a pleasure gettting more background information about the show and the work that goes into it.                                                                                                                                          Divalin Magic: You are very welcome, and thank you for the interest in learning more about the Burlesque Show.


BurlesqueShow1 Burlesqueshow2

The opening act,  Diva says “The opener was Welcome to Burlesque and I made that one because I loveeee Cher LOL
She’s just sooo strong.. and has that impish grin 🙂 “


Burlesqueshow3 Burlesqueshow4

Diamonds – dancer Miss O Wonder


Burlesqueshow5 Burlesqueshow6

Pirates- Scarlot and team


Burlesqueshow7 Burlesqueshow8

Wicked Games – Dancer Simone Geddins. She says “I love that song and I have been playing around with set ideas for about 3 or 4 months and finally with the help of others from the group i decided on a wicked game of chess”


Burlesqueshow9 Burlesqueshow10 Burlesqueshow11

Wiggles – Clover and Team


Burlesqueshow12 Burlesqueshow13

Dance of the May Queen – Miki and Team


Burlesqueshow14 Burlesqueshow15

Beneath Your Beautiful – Scarlot says this about her routine: ” My set was inspired by the contemporary routine that Kelly  and Derek did on Dancing with the stars a couple years ago.  I was truly amazed with the song they used, Beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth and Emeli Sande.  The song has a good message which states that it is ok to tear down your walls and let people see your beautiful.  I hope that is what people felt when I did my routine.”


Burlesqueshow16 Burlesqueshow16a Burlesqueshow17

Final act- Earned It  Tiana Genesis says this about it: “I was inspired by the movie the song was from 50 shades of Gray.. I wanted to express the power of women.. the beauty and strength..”

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