InWorldz Launches Plus Accounts

InWorldz Plus has officially gone live on 10 June!

So, what exactly does that MEAN?

InWorldz Plus is basically a premium account. Personally, I compare it to subscribing to a magazine and having it delivered to your front door vs. going to a store to buy it. You still get the same magazine but subscribers do get a few perks.

Does that mean that plus users will be treated better than basic users?

Absolutely not. It does not matter if a support ticket has been filed by a basic or a plus users. Both user groups will get the exact same support.

Then what are the perks of a Plus account?

For $5.95 US you get a free house on a 2048 square metre parcel and about 1200 prims to play with. (One parcel supports just over 1400 prims but the free house weighs in with an approximate land impact of around 200 prims.) You can’t change the house but you can decorate it to your heart’s content. You also get a monthly stipend of 500 I’z , discounts at participating merchants, and access to Plus-only regions.

What about residents who want to become Plus members but don’t want or need the free parcel?

If you’re a Plus member and don’t claim your free parcel, you will get an extra 1000 I’z at the beginning of the next month.

So, to sum it up:

Plus account AND free 2048 sqm parcel = 500 I’z stipend + discount at participating merchants + access to Plus-only regions

Plus account WITHOUT free parcel = 1500 I’z stipend + discount at participating merchants + access to Plus-only regions

Regions owners are automatically considered Cornerstone accounts. As a Cornerstone account holder you get discounts at participating merchants and access to Plus-only regions, but neither a monthly stipend nor a free parcel. Region owners who want to subscribe to the full Plus membership at $5.95 US will also get the monthly stipend and optional parcel and will be identified as Cornerstone Plus. 

Who manages Plus regions?

Plus regions are managed by InWorldz residents. To be eligible to be a Plus region manager you must have been an InWorldz resident for at least six months and a region owner (mainland or private) for at least three months. Region managers are expected to hold regular events on their Plus region, the minimum being once a month. And you can earn real dollars when you manage a plus region. How? Try to get people to claim a parcel on the region you manage. After a minimum of nine plus members have claimed their parcel, InWorldz will give you $2 USD for every user who claims their free parcel on your region. So if you have 10 full parcels you will earn 20 USD per month and if your region is full (24 parcels) you earn $48 US.

Benski Trenkins made a video of the current Plus regions:


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