Some Further Thoughts on Plus Regions

I decided to purchase a Plus account. Not because I wanted perks and benefits, but because I wanted to first hand see what they were all about, as well as being able to find another way to contribute back to InWorldz financially.  My other reason was because I got the news that I was given a Plus region to manage. and thought it best if I actually ‘live’ there as well, even thought I do have my own regions.

My first impressions were less than stellar upon getting to the region. A bunch of homes plunked down on some flat green. Rather uninspiring. I was perhaps additionally biased because I have two regions that are full of trees, and builds and paths etc. and so popping over to Tikaboo Mesa was kind of ‘meh’.

My mind of course began to compare Second Life’s premium parcels. Things so lush and landscaped. And their stipend is higher also.

SL’s stipend is 1200/month

IW’s stipend is 500/month -1500 if you don’t use one of the Plus parcels

However, we can examine that further.

The Second Life Linden Homes are:

on 512 m parcels

total land capacity of prims – 117

from 9.95 US monthly -72US annually(6.00 US/month)

InWorldz Plus Parcels

on 2048 m parcels

total land capacity of prims – 1406

5.95 US monthly

That in itself is pretty awesome. It allows for LOTS of decorating. Here are some pics of my house.

premiumplus_009 premiumplus_008 premiumplus_007 premiumplus_005 premiumplus_004

Like Second Life, you can not deed to group. However, one difference that has indeed come up is that you can not allow other people to rez on your parcel. I’m not sure if this will be changed in the future, to at least include the ability of your Partner to share rezzing permissions (as it seems awkward for a partnered couple to have to have separate homes) . If you need to have other people rez on your land, you are best renting from one of the many awesome residential owners, or buy some land. (you will then get 1500 izzies on your account each month instead of the 500)

I see some logic in this. Unlike Second Life Premium homes, which only allow such a small amount of prims and allow no customization to yard, InWorldz Plus regions DO allow lots of yard customizations and lots of prims to really make your house a home. This makes it a great living option and this can also  invite abuse – a person could get multiple Plus accounts on various email addresses, and if land could be set to Group Build, then could easily rent out the land to people while collecting their own 500/month stipend.

Also, if your friend has a parcel set to group rez, and everyone can rez, then why would a resident bother getting a Plus account? They would just rez on the friend’s parcel for free… and lets be fair, all of our items, textures, etc are all stored on severs that are being paid for, we have free imports and uploads. We are using  service and expect Support, and implementations of new things, and someone has to receive wages for doing all that sort of work.

The above was something that came to surface when a new resident in the Plus region I manage was wondering why group members of his group could not rez on his land. My first thought was that it seemed rather unfair, but when I thought about it, it did indeed make sense. Yes, on his 117 prim parcel in Second Life that he paid 9.95/monthly or 72/year for anyone could rez, but really, how much can you put on a parcel with only 117 total prims anyhow? No, its not convenient when your friend wants to share some cool furniture with you and they can’t because they can’t rez there, but InWorldz has so much great content at such wonderful prices that furnishing your own home really isn’t so hard. And if its simply that your friend has no land to rez on, well we have lots of sandboxes inworld, so there’s no problem with finding a place to rez your box with new outfit/skin/shape/hair etc.

2500 IZ is 5.00 US.

My own homes/parcels I rent out in my non plus region are .50/prim so for a 1400 prim parcel, a person would be paying me 700 IZ/week. Some charge more, some less but that is about standard. So right there, a person is saving some IZ, PLUS they are given 500 IZ/month. Yes, if a person wants more freedom for group rezzing then buying their own home is more useful. But for the price, space and stability (‘Plus’ regions arent just going to close up and shut down, like some landlords that close their sims) it’s actually quite a good deal.

So yes, my initial reaction regarding  the plus regions has changed. I love my yard, I like the bit of public space I was able to create for the residents (where I will have some events planned monthly), and I like that it still doesn’t take away from landlords because there will always be people that have different needs and requirements for their land. It gives new residents a chance to see other items out and about to get ideas on shopping for themselves, as well as meet others and get help from more veteran residents (and yes, some veteran residents do live in Plus regions also)


Arial view of Tikaboo Mesa

Little public deck, future entertainment area

Little public deck, future entertainment area

My ONLY complaint about the regions is lack of sidewalks or paths. All parcels are joined. Little walkways in between, even if it lessened the available parcels by one, or two would be so much nicer for accessing public land instead of having to sort of cam out to find it and then teleport to it. (maybe this is something that can be addressed)

So, now Im back to InWorldz to finish decorating.



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