Prickle Pear Bay Urban Roleplay Opens

So far we’ve mainly looked at fantasy and/or medieval roleplay but if you’re interested in urban roleplay, you should definitely check out Prickle Pear Bay.

Taken from the website :

Prickle Pear Bay – About the town

In 1940, Robertson’s Bay was a small town of a few hundred. Some forestry, fishing and boatbuilding made up the majority of the occupations of the residents. June of that year, a ship off course pulled into the harbor with a sick captain and crew. Hit by some flu they had picked up along their travels, most of the crew perished. The remarkable thing however was that the ship had brought a huge load of Prickley Pears. There was a nearby town called Robert’s Bay as well, and for ease of designation (as many people confused the two) Robertson’s Bay became known simply as Prickle Pear Bay.

Atlantic coastal towns have always had a hard time, severe weather, an economy that rises and falls – Prickle Pear Bay was no different. As the larger cities inland made use of rivers for hydro and energy, and more jobs were created, new ship building companies sprung up elsewhere. Eventually the ship building company in Prickle Pear closed down. Bigger cities were affording better fishing ships and could sell larger amounts for a better price, eventually the fishing slowed to a trickle in Prickle Pear and all that was left was the forestry. With that being the only option left, it was quickly over forested and Prickle Pear Bay was left almost desolate.

More than 60 years later now, the remaining residents are either too stubborn or too poor to move away for a better life. Some residents are bound and determined to keep Prickle Pear alive. There is a café, movie theatre, a few shops and of course the local bar.

This is the day to day life of these people, big hopes, broken dreams, some aiming high and some just trying to keep their chin up. Gangs aren’t a part of life in Prickle Pear Bay, but some crime does exist.

Become a resident and write your own story.

Today, Prickle Pear Bay officially opened with a party on the streets!

prickle 2

prickle 3

prickle 4

prickle 5

and then, I thought I’d sent Kahlan, the girl dancing to the left of the DJ on the pic above, a picture by dragging it on her avatar but…I missed and…I have edit rights to Birch’s things…and ah…this happened…

prickle 1

Luckily, Birch had another copy of the build (and that’s why no copy is not acceptable 😛 Unless it’s either art or weaponry. So there.)

prickle 6-2

prickle 14

prickle 8

prickle 9

prickle 10

prickle 11

prickle 12

prickle 13


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