InWorldz Community Meeting- Moving Forward

I’ve been in the InWorldz grid a few years now. I have seen a lot of progression from my first arrival.

I remember when walking up hills was kind of bouncy. I remember sometimes being in the floor. I recall all sorts of little glitchy things here and there, but through it all an amazing community. Part of that community of course is the founders themselves.

Last town meeting we were told about a Role Play Hub as well as Plus Regions and optional paid memberships that would allow plots in some pre-made little neighbourhoods.

This meeting had lots of news as well, the overview being here, and a bit of a summary of some of it below. I suggest listening here so that you can hear the whole thing in it’s entirety.

At the meeting, one of the founders, Tranquillity Dexler said that they wanted to be able to provide some of the stuff that they had done back to greater Virtual World community. This was done he said not only for the desire to share (which he said they do want to be able to share with the world), but more hands on deck for the software allows for more efficient problem solving. Tranquillity also mentioned that the Phlox script engine, the aperture source code, and the asset server source code have all been released. These were done to help provide a more stable environment for grids overall. If people come over to OpenSim from Second Life and experience instability and inventory loss etc, it gives a negative impression of OpenSim overall. So, these shares can help provide a more stable experience across the board and help people to see that sure, maybe there aren’t 40 people working at one of these smaller grids, but they can still have a good user experience.

He also talked about ‘Halcyon’.  As Jim InWorldz said (also known as Jim Tarber)

Jim InWorldz: InWorldz is the grid, Halcyon is the software. (think along the lines of OpenSim vs osgrid, not the same thing) but in this case from the same folks

What does this mean? Well as Jim went on to explain later, it makes the software eligible to be used in very public projects, where previously it just wasn’t in the running at all. There was also mention of creating the ability to provide services that would allow users to easily pipe their content back and forth to the grid – think ‘sandbox’ .

Another big change will be a completely redone viewer- this will be lightweight, more streamlined and is being professionally created as we speak.  V3 viewer has materials and deformer support, and it will be released for some form of public beta within the next few weeks. People will be asked for what they absolutely need, not a bunch of bells and whistles perhaps, but what is absolutely necessary. This is in the hopes that it will be a quick, light, efficient viewer able to give a good experience to residents and of course to new people who are joining, and download the viewer.

There were other things mentioned also, Founder Ellenia Llewellyn shared some new directions in marketing, to help get InWorldz seen, she also shared some goals for community involvement in events and activities . They also let us know that a website update is in the works and there will be continuing work on the InWorldz chat program ( for use when not actually logged into InWorldz) and more.

It was discussed how important these virtual worlds are for so many people for such a variety of reasons, including for Tranquillity the loss of his father, a need to immerse himself in something. We all have stories to tell about what brought us to this virtual world. So many reasons that we have chosen this grid for home.

I’m very excited to watch how InWorldz continues to grow and develop.



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