InWorldz Mainland – Tulare

There are two main types of regions in InWorldz – Private Islands and Mainland. While Private Islands allow for greater freedom when it comes to terraforming and building, mainland has one big advantage: It is a large landmass connecting many regions,  thus giving visitors and residents the opportunity to explore without hitting sim borders too soon.

With the new InWorldz Plus regions (read about InWorldz Plus here ) sitting between mainland regions, old and new residents alike have a great opportunity to explore beyond their parcels.

The backyard of my Plus parcel has a lovely view of a bordering mainland region. The Plus region (and my parcel) ends with the lawn in the picture below. The waterfall and its surroundings are all part of the neighbour region, Tulare.

mainland tulare_001

Tulare is owned by Misty Harley who has an amazing eye for landscaping. There are so many beautiful spots for photos you can spend hours on the region. The sim also hosts Misty’s shop where she sells poses and shabby chic country decor, and a couple of other shops for clothes and accessories.

I only took a few pics that don’t really do the region justice and I can only dream of Misty’s photography skills but I had to showcase the region. Maybe I can pin Misty down for an interview soon…

mainland tulare_017

mainland tulare_016

mainland tulare_014

mainland tulare_013

mainland tulare_012

mainland tulare_011

mainland tulare_009

mainland tulare_008

mainland tulare_007

mainland tulare_006

mainland tulare_002

mainland tulare_003

Tulare has everything a quaint country regions needs – spooky old graveyard and (abandoned?) trailer park included.

Taxi to Tulare:


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