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Today I had the privilege of meeting with Boaz Sands. Not only is she a neighbouring Plus Region manager to me (she manages Dry Lake) but she is the creative force behind Simply Fae. I came across Simply Fae the first time back in my Second Life days, and was thrilled to pieces to find it in InWorldz. Over the past few years, much of my fae attire and fantasy attire has been acquired from Simply Fae, and so when I ran into Boaz at a little party on Friday, I took it as an opportunity to ask her for an interview for the blog.

We met up in my backyard for a chat.

Birch Wind: First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me today!
Boaz Sands: it is my pleasure 🙂

Birch Wind: How long have you been in InWorldz for ?
Boaz Sands: since June of 2010

Birch Wind: And what brought you into InWorldz ?
Boaz Sands: A friend of mine that is a creator had been exploring other grids. We both checked them all out and found InWorldz. The other grids did not seem to have the infrastructure we needed to create, so we decided to come to InWorldz and bring our creations

Birch Wind nods ‘ did you come from Second Life?
Boaz Sands: yes I originally had shops in Second Life and we were looking for ways to expand our businesses

Birch Wind grins 2010 is a little while ago now, what were your first impressions when you came here?
Boaz Sands: I immediately loved it here. The residents were so nice and helpful. The thing that impressed me the most was that designers were willing to help each other and there did not seem to be the cut throat competitiveness that you find in places like Second Life. While I do make money in both Second Life and InWorldz , it is really not about the money for me. It is more about my ability to express myself artistically

Birch Wind: You are a creator, would you mind sharing a bit about your creations, and talk a bit about your inspiration for them?
Boaz Sands: My inspiration comes from nature mostly and fairy lore – I have always been fascinated with fairy lore –  In RL I have woods on my property and a lake so I do get to enjoy nature in RL. I try to think of what a fairy might use to make an outfit. Things she might find in nature such as petals, tossed bows, and other found items. Of course I do make a few medieval themed outfits too, but my love is the fairy and elven outfits

Birch Wind: Do you have anything in particular that has been a favourite item to work on?
Boaz Sands: my favorite outfit I have made to date is the dart frog fairy dress. I really enjoyed researching the dart frogs and creating the textures for that one

Dartfrog Fae outfit from Simply Fae @BigEasy in InWorldz

Dart frog Fairy outfit from Simply Fae @BigEasy in InWorldz

Birch Wind: Thinking back to when you first came to InWorldz, five years ago were there initial challenges you faced when you decided to open shop here and to make a new home?
Boaz Sands: The first challenge was the fact that when you created a skirt for instance it did not hold its spot properly when you reattached it. That has since been fixed though. that was really the only challenge. Everything else pretty much fell into place really well

Birch Wind: Where did you put your shop down when you got here?
Boaz Sands: I had rented a spot on big blue easy. When the owner decided to leave I offered to buy it so all the shop designers could keep their shops there. so now I just rent those spots to them at the same price the former owner had been renting to them

Birch Wind: How do you find the technology now? I know when I first came here it was  a bit glitchy, not more so than other grids, but it seems to have come along way, do you find that it does meet your needs ?
Boaz Sands: it meets all my needs now. I have had no problems lately, the IW team seems to do a very good job addressing issues here

Birch Wind: Outside of your creative works, which are of course a huge part of what you do, what else do you do with your time, or what do you enjoy doing?                                                                                                                                      Boaz Sands: I enjoy listening to the entertainers when I can. Also I just love chatting with people and meeting them. It is so incredible to think we can make so many friends from all over the world here. I also love to explore the art here. IW really has some amazing artists. I try to support the grid, designers and sim owners when I can

Birch Wind: And you are also a Plus Region Manager , what prompted you to take on that role on top of the other things you work on?
Boaz Sands: I did that to help mostly. I just thought that I should do what I could to help promote this grid.

Birch Wind: Now that you have been in InWorldz for a while, what would you say are your favourite things about it? What is the most rewarding?
Boaz Sands: The people! 🙂 the community here is really what makes it in my opinion. I have not met a single person here that I did not like, they are all so friendly and helpful. But I also do have to say I do get some pleasure from seeing some wear my designs, hehe. It really makes me feel good that someone appreciates my art too

Autumn Maiden - Simply Fae @Big Easy Region

Autumn Maiden – Simply Fae @Big Easy Region – DEFINITELY someone that enjoy’s Boaz’ art 😉

Autumn Maiden - Simply Fae @Big Easy Region

Autumn Maiden – Simply Fae @Big Easy Region

Birch Wind: Do you have any future plans? Any special items you are working on?
Boaz Sands: I have so many items in progress lol. I have been trying to finish them up and get them all uploaded.  but RL has not been agreeing with me on that lately, hopefully next month I will get some uploaded. I have some dark fae outfits,and a line of ones I call the Urban Fae series

Birch Wind: Oh that sounds really interesting, what would they entail?
Boaz Sands: It is a mixture of fairy but with more urban items so for instance a bit harder edge to them with items one might find in an urban setting , found items from places like that

Birch Wind: Oh that sounds really neat! What a great creative combination. I look forward to seeing the finished items.
Boaz Sands: I am really excited about them. I will probably only upload the new items to InWorldz first then later if I get time I may upload some to Second Life but my focus is more in InWorldz now

Birch Wind: Is there anything else you’d like to share about InWorldz or you or … anything at all?
Boaz Sands:  I would just like to thank all the people of InWorldz for supporting me. I really do appreciate that. I also encourage others to be a part of the community as much as they can. Also, while I may not be online a lot I do pay attention to my customers so if they want to give feedback I am always willing to listen.

Birch Wind: It was really so great to chat with you, thank you so much for taking the time to do this with me today Boaz 🙂
Boaz Sands: it was my pleasure 🙂 Oh, one more thing!  I have a sim called Dreams. It was created for me by Toymaker she did a fabulous job on it… I just love her design it is open to the public to enjoy so I hope people will go enjoy her design.

Birch Wind: Do you have a LM you can share with me?
Boaz Sands: Yes, coming right up!  hop:// is the landmark for the Dreams region, and for my main store, the landmark is hop://

Birch Wind: Once again, thank you so much Boaz for your time today, now I’m off to model a few of your outfits in your Dreams region! Safe paths to you!                                                                                                                                      Boaz Sands: Safe paths and fair winds!

Dreams is really a lovely region to visit - wearing Fairy Nim in white... take a look. it's lovely

Dreams is really a lovely region to visit – wearing Fairy Nim in white… take a look. it’s lovely

Arriving in Dreams - wearing Nadira in Red, from Simply Fae

Arriving in Dreams – wearing Nadira in Red, from Simply Fae

Visiting a little tumbledown , rustic and sweet in Dreams - wearing Nadira in Red

Visiting a little tumbledown , rustic and sweet in Dreams – wearing Nadira in Red


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