The Lanes – Shopping in Style

Sometime last year I saw a stunning picture of The Lanes on twitter and I had to visit. What greeted me was breathtaking. It’s not just rows of shops waiting for customers, it’s a seaside town waiting for visitors.

There is many a mall in InWorldz but none is quite as beautiful as The Lanes. Built by the extremely talented Veronika Garzo, The Lanes are part of Cherry Charlesworth’s Charlesworth Estates which consists of 20 residential and commercial regions.

The Lanes offer 58 beautiful unique shops for creators who want to showcase their wares in an environment that invites people to stay rather than just shop and go back home right away.


In InWorldz, I’m both a shopper and a creator, even though I haven’t felt what I call the “blender bug” in a while. When I go shopping I appreciate beautiful surroundings that create an atmosphere of realism – minus the sore feet! The best case scenario for me – and I think it’s like this for every creator – is when a place is inspiring and makes you want to create. That’s what The Lanes do for the creator in me. The shopper and explorer in me just really enjoys wandering though the streets. I even walk on the pavement rather than the street because it looks so realistic.

The pictures I took hardly do the region justice, you just have to go and see it with your own eyes. For more information, check The Lanes website .














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