The more ‘Adult’ side of InWorldz

Since starting this blog we have covered a variety of genres in our stories. We have visited Roleplay areas and spoken to people who are involved in various themed roleplay regions. We have done coverage of various events and  shared photos of some of our favourite places. We have highlighted places that cute little furry creatures can live as well as family themed ares for those who want to live out their dreams of having a virtual family.

Today I decided to show another side of InWorldz.

The Adult community in InWorldz is no secret. Since I first came here a few years ago I have always found the Adult community to be a welcoming, fun bunch. Attending parties on Chopper Gurbux’s Underworld region, with a group of often scantily clad and  sometimes naked folks has always been so much fun – and that is not the only place where I have found Adult themed fun.

!* BDSM HUB *!, Besnit (58, 193, 31) – Adult



So my first stop was at the BDSM Hub in Besnit. The creative mind behind it is Sam Leader. Although made of stone, it did indeed have a very welcoming friendly feel to it.

Inside is a sitting area for Doms/Masters and their Subs/Slaves, to the left is a club, upstairs more sitting area and all about are erotic photographs – not ‘porn’ type images that some people automatically assume are part of BDSM.  (though outside in the market area, there are some rather invigorating animated .gif pictures one may purchase for their wall at home 😉 )



Games upstairs – chess, parcheesj, blitzy, in general just a fun, casual place to hang out.

I traveled further through the castle and found  not only a school room  (good thing the teacher wasn’t there, they’d have noticed I was writing with my sonic screwdriver) but a library as well with some really useful information not only on the walls on the posters but in the notecard giving bookshelves as well.






My next stop was over to the Adult Hub, being put together by Viking Spirit.


This place is a work in progress, but already has a really great start, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

There are a few shops there already, meeting places, and a wide variety of builds that have the space to really offer all sorts of events. I will be checking back on it and will update any progress.

I wanted to find a recreational area , adult themed and had to look no further than Oztotl.

The man currently behind this project is Ivan Zadark. This area could pass as a non BDSM estate however hidden here and there are little reminders that kink is definitely welcome. Taken from the region description:

Oztotl is a place for adults of all types & persuasions to enjoy romantic, erotic, RLV, BDSM, D/s, fetish RP outdoors, at a nude beach, in caves, the woods, & themed skyboxes.

There is an expanse of beaches, and trees, sound of rushing water and waves, club and hang out and really a very beautiful  area . There are 8 sims that make up Oztotle and there are many areas to be enjoyed, whether as a couple or on your own.

BDSMblog10 BDSMblog11













There are some very decent Residential Regions themed for adult in InWorldz also. Merlin Ambrosius has a number of sims, nicely landscaped and available to rent for very reasonable prices . Taken from the description:

Exile Residential Properties welcomes everyone and is a Gay owned and operated Clothing Optional Adult region. While nudity is allowed (actually encouraged), sexual harassment is a big No-no! We strive to have almost a commune feel and maintain a social atmosphere.





And last but not least – I went to revisit Chopper’s region – Underworld. He is still the ‘boss-man’ of the best Burlesque Troop in town – the Peek-a-Boo gang. They put on fabulous shows on a regular basis. My favourite part of Underworld, besides the fact that he built every part of his town brick by brick is the Dive Bar. We have had some amazingly hilarious times there. Some of the best times I’ve had in InWorldz has definitely been in Underworld. Chopper DJ’s. tosses random parties, sometimes we pack that bar to overflowing.  There are  some rental apartments and quite a few rental shops as well.





There are a lot of options for those who prefer a strictly adult environment. From Gorean (not covered here, but definitely can be found) to Urban. From thrones to beach fronts.

InWorldz has space for everyone. Sometimes places seem empty – check out the event board on the region you’re visiting , join the group or better yet, contact the region owner and ask directly. Sometimes showing an interest can spark a great collaborative effect.

Open Collar is also alive and well in InWorldz, as are a number of fantastic BDSM specialized merchants with high quality furniture , toys, accessories and ‘props’. We’ve also had a few beautiful InWorldz Erotic Art shows. Yes there are Dinkies,  Tinies ,  family regions and churches but there are also bondage ranches, nude beaches, urban sims and more. Just look around 🙂 You are bound to find something just right for you.



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