Faces of InWorldz – Judy Dressler

So, I was feeling a bit nostalgic the other day, wandering to some of my first favourite InWorldz spots. I was reminded of my first home in InWorldz, it was in a Greek themed area of white pristine builds with cheerful blue roofs and doors. It was my first day in InWorldz and I saw these homes and saw the cheap rent (and cute little yards) and immediately set up my new home base.

It was in a region created by Judy Dressler, and it had not only homes, but a beach and many places to wander. I saw my very first musician in the live music venue there in Paros, it was Russell Eponym.

I decided to go back to that region which has now expanded to encompass a vast area in which to live, set up shop, fly or sail. Although initially I was just going to snap some photos for the blog and do a ‘Places of InWorldz, it turned out that Judy was online and about to take off in her plane, and she agreed to do an interview. So, it instead became a ‘FACES of InWorldz post 😉 — Without further adieu, here we go!


Moonrise Azalee: Hi Judy, first off I’d like to thank you for taking the time to share a bit about your time here in IW

Judy Dressler: You are very welcome Moonrise. Sorry we did not have time to do this in my Pilot Lounge “The Wing” at Harriet Quimby airport.

Moonrise Azalee: How long have you been here ?
Judy Dressler: Since October 2011. Gee we don’t get any younger.

Moonrise Azalee: *laughs* – THAT is true! What made you decide to come to InWorldz?
Judy Dressler: TenBears Running, a friend and neighbour at New Horizons Airport in SL asked me to come see IW after telling me loads about it. So I went and looked around that grid as well as it’s website, TOS, FAQ, land prices, forums, and more.

Two days later I had bought my first ever full sim on Mainland Two. Could not believe I had a full sim for me at the time! That was Port Hamilton where I began to create my own airport. Another two days later I bought sim next to it, Diable, that became Amelia Bay version 1 and my IW home.

Did build my first house ever on top of the smooth hill above the Bay. I had a magnificent view of “my land!’. I was ecstatic and could not stop build and decorate the Bay to host my first renters in beach bungalows only one month later.

Was sending pics of progress to Tenbears and Jay every 3 days. Was pure fun! Like a kid in a toy shop. Was also then I discovered IW had a great community of builders in IW and made lots of friends rapidly.

New residents can feel that IW citizens friendliness in Welcome Group chat and we did not even have that at the time but welcome area was .. well welcoming.

Moonrise Azalee: Did you find it a hard adjustment when you came here? InWorldz was in it’s infancy then.
Judy Dressler: Not really. I knew they had no physics yes and was ready to wait for it while preparing my “Plan B” to move my own builds from SL to IW. The wait was 2012 and 2013 while I was still flying my own females pilots group in SL.

LOL there was not even real water yet around Mainland II and the two Mainlands were not yet linked by IZ Ocean. I saw it happen and it’s a great souvenir!

We saw first basic physics in 2012 and physics for vehicle followed in 2013. It became intense for me then as I participated, with many others, on testing vehicle physics on the IW beta grid.

Must say we have the best physics engine (Nvidia) and scripting engine (Phlox) anywhere.

The wait, the preparation, the hard work, sometimes the deep frustrations, paid off when one day in October 2013, full physics was pushed on the main IW grids. The morning after my birds were happily flying!

I remember Sunny Day IM from her regions next to me as I took off : “You go Girl!”

Is same month I closed Clear Skies Aviation in SL and did open it officially in IW. Was instant success. The SL TOS blunder, the friendlier people in IW, the land prices, the building possibilities, the coming of mesh next, and my work on the InWorldz Explorer Hud with passed away Sunny Day (RIP) did consolidate my final presence in the IW community for good.

By then I had moved out of Mainland 2, with all my renters following and had created a great estate on private islands and scenics. All linked to the seas at East.

Moonrise Azalee: Now that you have been here a while, what would you say are your favourite things about InWorldz that sets it apart from your previous Grid, Second Life?

Judy Dressler: Obviously Land price at first in the past, even if I could find lower elsewhere today where some believe grass is greener, but more and mostly (as an IT person) the solidity of the IW infrastructure, the constant work of our founders and devs to consolidate this grid on totally reworked code and IT foundations. I know I can trust this grid with my assets and not see an asset server go to oblivion as I saw in another grid I briefly visited in 2011. The performances of the grid in general also. I enjoy, as many, the fact a sim does not go down here when we are dancing at 60+ for a IW event…. (we “hard tested” 100+ on a region on purpose for the devs, and did not go down).

The way they now have organized server releases on a 3 weeks cycle. With possibility for us all to test next release in IW sandboxes, and next in Straits. No “dam it’s Tuesday!” here.

Also the extensive work that has been done here on sim crossings. I cross with a plane or boat here without going “live fan” or “flying hollander”. Not case where I came from. As a vehicle maker this is very important for me, and for my customers. Less for a club owner of course but he will in turn enjoy the lack of lag (lag? what’s lag ?)

Moonrise Azalee: You were my first landlady. I remember finding your beautiful white homes with the blue trim and we had a chat about your inspiration for Paros . Can you tell me a bit about your lands, your inspiration and how they have grown over the years?
Judy Dressler: Haaa yes managing and making my Walking Dreamer Estate live is my other passion here. I love to work on it when I take a break from welding planes together (grin). Paros was indeed inspired by my travels (lucky me) to the Greek Islands. It’s not a exact reproduction but a mix of things I saw there.

Amelia Bay is also close to my heart. When I left Mainland Two, I had numbered and taken x,y,z position of each house in Paros (Swan Island region on Mainland 2) as well as all beach bungalows, shops on top of the hill and my own house as a linkset. I moved all in new privates after terraforming from a flat green plate (!!) to set all exactly same in same spot and height. Then told renters, they could move their furniture over.

They all followed to new Amelia Bay and Paros for Christmas 2012, with new airport Harriet Quimby between the two regions.

Not only renters never left since, but they are still there with for some around 250 days paid in advance on their rent boxes! They want to be sure no one takes their beach bungalow and their haven of serenity in Amelia Bay.

This trust says a lot also on how they see their land lady even if she is a flying lady with her head in the clouds more than often. I look after them and am not greedy on prims and prices.

I recently hosted a freebies gallery in Paros. For free.

The demand Amelia Bay was so high that when we had the opportunity to turn our regions in 2*2 (also named quads) I created Tupaia Bay just the same on the back of Amelia Bay. It was filled up in days. We are at most West of contiguous land in IW. Sunsets are to die for here.

Moonrise Azalee: You also are well known for your aviation efforts, could you talk a bit more about Clear Skies Aviation?
Judy Dressler: Clear Skies Aviation (aka CSA) was first born in SL in 2010. After a burnout I had doing clothes as a designer. I also have a passion for Aviation in general and did clock about 1.100 hrs on Flight Simulator, all plane types, all flight and landing types.

I first flew other builders planes in SL before creating my own. It took me 3 months in 2010 to have my first seaplane willing not only to fly correctly (scripts) but to float … It was all prims and rather ugly. I called it “my lil ugly duck” with same tenderness a mum would have for her first baby. His floats were laughable but it floated !

What I have learned since in last 5 years is unbelievable (from prims, to sculpties, to mesh). I went “from skirts to wings” and never did regret it. I’m never bored in IW. Not only do I work for Clear Skies Aviation and civil airplanes, but also with Tink Puddle and Kayaker Magic for Historic War Bird Collectors (HWBC) for which we have just release WW1 Air Combat in IW with live guns and bombs! And with Ferrator Montoya for Die Werke Airships. Two great partnerships with great partners to work with. Big fun.

As for Aviation in IW I not only work on my own business for it in IW but also as a community leader. Anyone interested can join InWorldz Aviation Group and follow notices and exchanges. To my great pleasure the seeds planted in 2013 are blooming and we have about 10 airports in IW now, with two more coming, and more and more flyers in InWorldz. Makes me happy to organize Group Grid flight where we explore IW skies, or to help new airport managers setup their facilities for all.
Moonrise Azalee: What do you see for yourself in the future here in InWorldz, do you have any upcoming projects you are working on that you can share?

Judy Dressler: I always have projects! (grin). At moment I’m moving my Harriet Quimby Air Museum in Black Island to another region to consolidate the estate and it’s cost. And that Museum is far from finished. It’s a long term project I work on when I can.

I started a blog also on Women in Aviation based at first on the female pilots hall of fame in Harriet Quimby Air Museum. But on blog I will go further on this than notes givers allow in IW.

Moonrise Azalee: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with me a bit. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we close?
Judy Dressler: To all: I would like to take this occasion to warmly thank all IW private regions owners who agreed on a self willing base to allow for boats and planes to enter and traverse their regions without busting in a ban line and/or a Skybox. In 4 years I am here now I saw this becomes a commonly agreed and widely accepted consensus. In return I ask my flyers community to respect region owners and homes as well as the sailors community boats. It’s all good. THAT is also a huge differenciator of IW!

To new comers: Come and see IW and don’t stop just to chat in Welcome Area. Go travel!

Moonrise Azalee: Again, thank you so much, and have a fantastic day!

Judy Dressler: My pleasure Moonrise.Over and Out 🙂

If you go to http://inworldz.com:8002/region/Paros/181/138/24 just roam about from there, check the map for Harriet Quimby, Tabor, Amelia Bay and others. You will enjoy traveling about. You can even purchase a plane or aircraft to fly about and make it more fun, or of course through the various water ways by boat. Here are a few pictures of what you can see in Judy’s regions.



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