InWorldz’ Seventh Birthday

The celebrations for InWorldz’ seventh birthday are in full swing. That means  seven “epic years of creativity, collaboration and community in InWorldz”.

For a list of daily events and live performances, click here – the last page is updated daily so keep an eye on it.

In between all the live entertainment, you should walk (or fly or sail or dive!) around all the birthday regions. I spent quite a few hours today exploring and snapping pictures. As always, the pictures don’t do the builds justice and there is a lot more to see and do than I could capture in a single blog post so be sure to take some time and check out all the amazing builds and exhibits.

The birthday regions will be open until 30 April.The central welcome and info hub is here (opens your viewer).

welcome area_001

InWorldz 7 Welcome and Info Area


IW7 Gift Shop

Gift Shop at the Shopping Centre



I went on an underwater tour on an Orca! I wasn’t dressed for occasion but at least I had my wellies on…


Events Hub

Entertainment region central landing point


IW7by sChenChaos

Sign in front of an exhibition with photos by sChen Chaos.


by sChen Chaos_002

Photo Exhibition by sChen Chaos


medieval fantasy_001

Mediaeval Fantasy Exhibit


medieval fantasy_002

Mediaeval Fantasy Exhibit


IW7-3 deadly sins by kasha

Art Exhibit by Kasha Selona



Particle Art by Ferrator Montoya



Beautiful Scenery!



Build by Cassie Eldemar



Breedable Horses Exhibit



I love lighthouses! InWorldz 7 has a lighthouse so … yep 😀


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