Faces of InWorldz – Zauber Paracelsus

Moonrise Azalee: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye, thanks for contacting me about it 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: So to start, how long have you been in InWorldz for and what brought you here?

Zauber Paracelsus: I have been here for about 7 years, though it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I joined shortly after InWorldz was founded in 2009, though I didn’t become active until a year later, after a friend and I were looking for alternatives to an opensim grid where things had gone sour. When I returned, the founders had recognized me from some online discussions on the Elf Clan blog prior to InWorldz being founded. I sat down with them and had a chat, and was very pleased to learn that not only were they doing their own dev work, but they were also focusing on two technical aspects that I value most: efficiency and stability.

Initially, I hung out at some space that Scotsgraymouser Janus gave me for building, and constructed a large steampunk village on a cluster of sky islands. A few months later, I got my first region, Isla Draconia. I still have that region after all this time, and last summer I converted it to a landmass (2×2) when that region package became available.
Moonrise Azalee: You have been here right from the beginning then! What was your first impression when you arrived here?

Zauber Paracelsus: Well, initially things were a bit buggy, but within tolerable limits. Despite that, region performance was very good, so I was pleased by that. As for community, it was mostly a few close friends that I interacted with, as that was back when InWorldz had fewer than 100 regions and less than 10 users logged on at once. So, I joined right before InWorldz took off.
I was also quite pleased with being able to build at a large scale like I did when I had a region on OSGrid, but on average things were more stable in InWorldz.

Moonrise Azalee: Many people got their start in Second Life before coming here, you mention opensim, had you also had experiences in Second Life?

Zauber Paracelsus: Yeah. I started Second Life in summer 2008. I took to it quickly  though it lost its shine rather quickly. After the openspace fiasco (which resulted in me and some friends having to give up a 1/4 openspace sim we were jointly renting). Around this time, I first learned of alternatives in the form of OpenLifeGrid, an opensim grid that Elf Clan had begun migrating to. Things went sour there, however. Then InWorldz was founded after that. I checked it out, but didn’t become active until the next year.

In that time, I hopped between a few grids, and eventually got my own region on OSGrid, hosted by a VPS provider. However, some unstable code was dumped to OSGrid in the form of a mandatory upgrade, and so things went sour there. I was thinking about pulling my region and instead running it privately over hypergrid, but then my hosting provider suffered a major hacking attack and went offline for a few weeks. When I was able to get my region back, OAR backups were busted, so I had lost a few weeks worth of changes I had made prior to the outage.

That sort of soured my experience, so I gave up on opensim. Then later on, a lady was trying to open up shop at a commercial opensim grid, and hired me to reimplement the scripts she wasn’t able to export or get working. Though, she and I left that grid after she became suspicious of the grid’s owner (and it later turned out that her suspicions were correct). She asked me if I knew of any other grids. I remembered InWorldz and checked it out. Haven’t regretted it since, and my friend still has her store here.

Moonrise Azalee: Opensim is certainly a wonderful idea, what with inexpensive land and hypergridding and such, but there is always the possibility of a grid suddenly disappearing, or whatever other dramas can often beset a small grid. Not that a commercial grid is immune to this of course.

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye. InWorldz has seemed to weather such things much better than other grids, which usually tend to fall apart when they get too big. So, I haven’t ever regretted my choice of grid 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: So what do you do in InWorldz? You still have Isla Draconia – and I know you also are good with scripts!

Zauber Paracelsus: Aside from scripting and building, I mostly chat with friends, chill and relax, and torment meeroos >:D

Moonrise Azalee: Ahh, yes.. meeroos — not a favourite of many! What kind of scripting and building do you do?

Zauber Paracelsus: A variety of different things, though one area that I am still unfamiliar with is physics and vehicles. I’ve never really pursued them because I haven’t taken on very many projects that use them. As for building, it’s mostly a lot of little things these days. I haven’t done very many big builds in a while.

Moonrise Azalee: Your profile says that you are a volunteer manager for the InWorldz bug tracker as well – is that still accurate?

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye, it is. Shortly after I arrived in InWorldz, I had assisted the founders in tracking down and fixing a number of serious bugs. After a few months, I offered to serve as a volunteer manager on their bug tracker and then set about organizing a lot of the bug reports into categories to make them easier to look up. More recently, I’ve contributed code to InWorldz several times, which mostly added new scripting functionality. But I’ve also fixed a few bugs, including a longstanding one where a region’s “Get Top Scripts” window would not show objects if their scripts were in their child prims instead of the root prim.

Moonrise Azalee: Are there any projects you are working on right now? Either for your store, or just as a personal project?

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye. Projects that I’ve been focusing on recently have been making some fixes and enhancements to AlphaVend, working on an art overhaul for my web comic, Lord of Maelstrom. I’ve also been working on a design document for an open world RPG I plan to make, which is up to 42 pages now.

Moonrise Azalee: You have a web comic? Is that somethig anyone can find and read? Or is it still a work in progress?

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye. It’s a gaslamp fantasy comic, though it is currently on hiatus. It can be found at https://lordofmaelstrom.com . It sort of takes place in a traditional fantasy setting, but the technology is roughly equivalent to the industrial era

Moonrise Azalee: That sounds really cool, and what is the open world RPG you are designing right now? Is that something to take place in InWorldz or somewhere else?

Zauber Paracelsus: It will be external to InWorldz. The game itself will be set during the creation mythos of a world that has not yet been created. You explore fragments of this yet-to-be-created world in the form of procedurally generated sky islands. The game itself will feature some aspects of games such as Skyrim, Minecraft, and Legend of Zelda.

Moonrise Azalee: That sounds amazing! 🙂 Before we go today, what would you say is your favourite thing about InWorldz, the most rewarding?

Zauber Paracelsus: The most rewarding thing? There’s so many things that I can’t decide which is the most, lol.

Moonrise Azalee: lol – well are there any landmarks you would like to share?

Zauber Paracelsus: aye, one moment

􀀁Paracelsus Designs Main Store: http://places.inworldz.com/Isla%20Draconia/68/197/1351

Isla Draconia – Land of the Dragons: http://places.inworldz.com/Isla%20Draconia/33/159/26

􀀁Moonrise Azalee: Zauber thank you so much for chatting with me today, it was great to get to know more about you – I had known your name for quite some time but not known about what you do, or the history behind your time here . It was a pleasure.

Zauber Paracelsus: Aye, was glad to spend time on the interview. It’s been a few years since the last one I had 🙂

I arrived at Isla Draconia – Land of the Dragons. The main arrival area is a landing point, with some brightly coloured mesh tents to your right – off the dock – and a shop with items created by various residents within. In front of me were two portals. The one on the left took me to what seemed to be a tree or root type item in the sky with tunnels going within it and various platforms with trees.

inworldz blog zauber_001

The  portal on the right took me to the Main Store level with a variety of things that Zauber makes including these very cool decanters in his Antique store:

inworldz blog zauber .gif

There are builds made by Zauber, and many other very cool things. Even a Magick shop.

Inworldz blog zauber 2.gif

There are also portals leading to many different spaces around and about his 2×2 (four region)


inworldz blog zauber_005

The portals offer an opportunity to see different creations and items.

inworldz blog zauber 3.gif

One portal even lead me to a Find it in InWorldz Freebie HQ ( http://places.inworldz.com/Isla%20Draconia/46/45/1317 )

Definitely worth coming to take a look as part of your InWorldz adventures!

~ Moonrise Azalee


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