Brewster Park

Lately I’ve not felt my best. Some anemia perhaps, not sure, but the tiredness has caused me to  not be as social as usual. Normally I’m a chatty sort, out and about, interacting and such – though to be sure, only to the best of my introvert ability. (yes, social introverts exist. They are chatty when they need to be, do a surprising good job, and then run off to binge watch a netflix series to recuperate 😉 )

The joy of a virtual world is that for those who want constant interaction, they can find it, and for those who are exhausted by constant interaction, they can hide from it and simply create their own little space.

Sometimes it is nice to visit little spaces created by others. Today I just felt like discovering quiet little nooks and crannies. Though, after finding Brewster Park – a gem within the Magellan Sea Community – I think I will have to get in touch with the owner of Brewster , Calnia Westland and ask her to do an interview with me.

Today however, I simply bring you some photographs of my visit. I had my environment set to [TOR] My Noon and [TOR] Coastal Afternoon 3 . It created a lovely ambiance, which went well with the bird songs, the waterfalls and the water surrounding the park.

It was relaxing and and exactly what I needed.

From the Land Description:

A forested park open to the public. Feel free to wander the pathways. (Still under construction.)
Set in the Magellan Sea Community.




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