Fusion ~ Interview with Ecko Riven and Miss Munk

Interview for Fusion_001 (2).png

Moonrise Azalee: Well, to start off with, Miss Munk and Ecko Riven, it’s a pleasure to sit here with the both of you and thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me!
Ecko Riven: Thanks for interviewing us.
Moonrise Azalee grins absolutely! Now, first things first.. I’d like to ask both of you, how long you have each been in InWorldz for
Miss Munk: 4 lovely years
Ecko Riven: almost 4 and a half years for me
Moonrise Azalee: And if I may ask, how did you hear about InWorldz, or what made you decide to check it out?
Ecko Riven: I heard about it through word of mouth, someone mentioned it when I was exploring SL. I had a bad experience in SL and took a break for a while then when I decided to come back I wanted to try someplace different and I remembered what that person had said.
Miss Munk: i personally was trying to learn how to build in SL and found it too expensive, and i still do. So i came here to give it a shot and kinda explored all building options. I knew nothing about building – and still dont 8)                                                Moonrise Azalee: hah !
Ecko Riven: I came here to build too and free uploads was an added benefit.
Miss Munk: Ecko and I have kinda learned together
Moonrise Azalee: What did you each think of InWorldz when you got here?
Miss Munk: hard to find things, but people were politer.
Ecko Riven: I thought it was great – I remember I was working on building a house and I got help from a mentor – Waco Baxton – and he and Missy helped me out a lot.
Moonrise Azalee: And what are you doing with your time here now? I know Fusion is a big thing, and everyone is talking about it ~ and I will ask about that shortly also, but outside of that, what are you keeping busy with? Miss Munk, may we start with you?
Miss Munk: well, you know I DJ on the side. I am partners with Ecko in Simple-Reflections which is a combination of our 2 first stores. I usually do structures and simple things. while Ecko makes more intricate items and helps me make mine pretty. We support each other fully in our creations and plan and test most builds together. basically I prefer to stay in the background of our business.

Miss Munk

Miss Munk ~ DJ, and Creator in InWorldz

Moonrise Azalee: Is there something you enjoy working on specifically? Any favourite things that you like to work on?
Miss Munk: Ecko is much smarter than me anyway so she doesnt mess up as much as Ido
Ecko Riven: oh boy
Miss Munk: I do like to make buildings. My favorite is our WeShed, and our Gazebos. But I did just make the DJ set which I also enjoy doing.
Ecko Riven: Missy is just humble – I tend toward smaller builds and she does larger ones usually.
Moonrise Azalee: I do actually LOVE the DJ set, all of them really! They are very well done!
Miss Munk: I would like to redo them all. we decided about a year ago that we would only do original mesh from then on out. A year? time flies!
Ecko Riven: Well we don’t always do original mesh sometimes we do combine full perm stuff with our original mesh but the bulk of what we do is original now.
Miss Munk: We started really learning blender and pushing ourselves with mapping etc.
Ecko Riven: Yes that was about a year and a half maybe more now
Miss Munk: see , smarter
Ecko Riven: And I have two businesses, Simple Reflections with Missy and Ecko’s Reflections which is a full perm store.
Ecko Riven: I spend a lot of time on those usually. That’s the bulk of what I do here normally.
Moonrise Azalee: Then that sort of sums up what I was going to ask you Ecko – namely, what is it you enjoy doing here. Now that you’ve been here for a while however, how do you find InWorldz to be? Has it changed?
Ecko Riven: I think it is at essence very similar to what it was four years ago – a lot of great, friendly people helping one another. Doing this event I’ve gotten to know more people and I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed establishing those relationshps recently.

Moonrise Azalee: I would have to agree, and that brings me to a big focus of my chat here with you both, is the work you are doing to create the creator’s expo coming up. Fusion. What was the spark that fueled that fire?
Miss Munk: in Second Life they have expos where people can show what they do in one spot. Problem is it’s too expensive and I don’t really like them because they show a bit of favoritism . So I think we agreed to do something similar but not bias or show favoritism. ANYone could show as long as they created it. We also wanted it to be free so people who don’t have money to throw away could participate equally. It wasn’t about making money for us but to get a group together and easily show some things that INWORLDZ has to offer. We did it on our sim. worried that people would think it was just to get traffic. But the real reason was so that we could offer a higher prim allotment for each guest. Really though we are trying to be completely selfless. and have really considered all our options on the Expo area. Have you seen it ?
Moonrise Azalee: I haven’t no. I’m going to pop round right before opening and view it when it is closer to completion (pictures will  follow of that, as I DID get to sneak in to see it before it opened)
Ecko Riven: Yes I was thinking we should wait until shops have had a chance to set up.
Miss Munk: but you will notice that all shops can be seen from the landing point.. for example. No favoritism.

Ecko Riven

Ecko Riven, Creator in InWorldz and co-creator of Fusion along with Miss Munk

Moonrise Azalee: I think that sounds really amazing and is a fantastic way to approach this.
Ecko Riven: We wanted to give everyone more prims so it’s not quite as compact as some SL shopping events like the recent uber for example
Miss Munk: Oh,and Ecko added the EXCLUSIVES
Ecko Riven: Well I wanted to give consumers a reason to come
Miss Munk: I am already seeing places I did not know existed, so its already worked for me.
Ecko Riven: We decided to request that every participating merchant have an exclusive never before seen in InWorldz so that it would be more attractive to shoppers.
Moonrise Azalee: That is a great way to not only showcase what InWorldz has to offer, but is also a great way to encourage creators to do something collaborative, everyone working on an exclusive Fusion item. I really like that.
Miss Munk: yes, what she said

Moonrise Azalee grins ~ Now this is a pretty huge thing you have decided to undertake. Is this something you would consider to do again? Annually perhaps or, more often even?
Miss Munk: I think we are waiting to see the results to be honest
Moonrise Azalee: That sounds like a sensible approach. Are there any other things you have planned for the future? Projects you’d like to work on?
Miss Munk: well we are getting a new animation engine soon – Avsitter has become opensource – so i will be working on more furniture. I think we are going to focus on some indoor furniture
Ecko Riven: Zara and Christine Nyn have been working on making it work for InWorldz the last few months. I have been helping them with testing it out.
Miss Munk: I usually have a builders block around now. if you look on our building area near us I have few things to finish lol
Moonrise Azalee cams out
Ecko Riven: Our most recent furniture uses nPose which is also a very good no poseball system and I’ve gotten a lot of help from Howard Baxton, one of its developers.
Moonrise Azalee: why yes, you do!
Miss Munk: would be fun to make some new tree houses too, don’t know what I’ll do next. Above us are some skyboxes we did, have you seen those?
Moonrise Azalee: Yes, and those are the ones I believe are available at your store ~ I admit I am a fan of the creations you have both worked on.
Miss Munk: oh thanks
Ecko Riven: That’s nice to hear
Moonrise Azalee: I was very excited to hear that you were doing this Fusion event. I think that having people like yourselves and the many other residents involved in the continual creation of new things and really, anyone who is taking initiative to be an active member of the community is so very valuable. and so overlooked
Ecko Riven: Yes what’s awesome about this event is you get to see a big sampling of many of the very active creators here.
Miss Munk: Hopefully it is a great event, re-invigorating.
Moonrise Azalee: I really have no doubt that it will be
Ecko Riven: I have a lot of things on my list I want to buy at FUSION – some really neat products other creators have come up with.
Moonrise Azalee grins ~ I can’t WAIT to go. And I know many others feel the same way!
Miss Munk: Ecko is a peeker , I wont peek until its open
Moonrise Azalee laughs
Ecko Riven: Ha
Miss Munk: Ecko is doing all the executive stuff though
Ecko Riven: Yeah I have to see what the shops look like
Miss Munk: but she still doesn”t have to peek
Ecko Riven: I’m doing all the admin stuff
Miss Munk: whatev
Miss Munk: peeker
Moonrise Azalee grins ~ but you know. peeking is like.. part of the job bonus?
Miss Munk: it will be like Christmas for me
Moonrise Azalee: awww, yes!
Ecko Riven: What I have been very pleased with is many of the new relationships I’ve made as a result of helping to organize this event. Some really amazing creators, all great people, are participating. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with everyone so far.
Moonrise Azalee: Well, I tell you, i think this is a great opportunity for creators and non creators alike . I for one can’t wait! I am sure it will be a blast! And I do want to thank you both for meeting with me tonight! It has been a pleasure to get to know you both better. I am really looking forward to the event and looking forward to continued conversations about fantastic things!
Miss Munk: thank you for your time
Moonrise Azalee: ❤ your time spent on fusion is awesome
Miss Munk: i took a lot of naps
Ecko Riven: You’re welcome, I’m happy to talk with you – we really want it to be a success for all the creators who are participating in it and getting the word out can only help them.

And now….. some shots taken at my sneak preview of Fusion this morning! Click on each to view full size. I opted to NOT zoom in on individual merchant shops, as there are 42 creators, and it wouldn’t be possible to include each one here, nor would I want to exclude anyone as they are all fantastic. Fusion is located here: http://places.inworldz.com/Fisher%20Island/115/123/2609 and runs from today, October 6th at 11am til November 5th, so come on down!




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