Incorrect information, or simple smear campaign?

On January  third a story was written by Maria at Hypergrid Business. I emphasize that it was a story because it was mainly fiction. It would seem as though she had a lull in interesting things to write about so, she went to her fav ‘go to’ – InWorldz.

There was so much wrong with that article that I couldn’t just ignore it, nor do I have the patience to respond on a point by point to everything but there are a few key things I’d like to point out.

The first thing that caught my eye was “Merchants on the closed, commercial InWorldz grid are concerned about perceived drop in users and commercial activity, and worry that the grid owners are no longer committed to the success of the grid.” Right there, one can tell that the article is all about how InWorldz is dying and the founders don’t care. This isn’t a surprise, as it’s the angle Maria enjoys the most. It is also of course, untrue.

What was most irritating for me however was the ABSOLUTE twist in words. She says that Elenia Llewellyn , one of the founders ‘seems to blame the merchants’ for the declining sales and  loss of merchants. She directs her audience to the video shared of Elenia (and others) suggesting ways that merchants can increase their sales.

Apparently there are those who would like to be spoon fed their success. If being told ‘hey, make use of the tools available, free blogging tools, social media, UP TO DATE CLASSIFIEDS ‘ is blaming the merchants then so be it.

If you are in a city and  have your shop in some little known area, you don’t advertise, don’t promote – are you going to blame the CITY for your sales?  Seriously. In my opinion it is NOT the responsibility of the grid founders to increase the sales or retain merchants any more than it is for them to help me get renters, or help me get my Roleplay sim happening! There is already a working classifieds section in the browser that allows people to find the merchants, and although there was once a classified section in the old forum, how is that useful for hundreds of creators?  Anyhow, point being, Elenia didn’t BLAME her community, she simply pointed out some free tools they could use to help boost their sales.

Throughout the article Maria brings up things Elenia has said  2+ years ago, things not at all relevant to now. Maria says “She [Elenia] also defended the grid’s decision to close down the classified ads section on its forums.” – and then after also mentions , hey in fact it was the whole FORUM shut down. NOT just the classifieds. The forums were a place that although a great way to get an opinion out, were too easily fueled by emotion and then bombarded with angry  posts. This happens in forums all over and like it or not, the content can be cruel or rude enough to make people  not want to be in that world. That DOES cost a grid money. So the ‘forum’ has moved to Zendesk and does fine there.

Maria also insinuates that the grid has been abandoned by Elenia and Tranquillity.

“owner Reischl moved to Panama and founder and CTO David Daeschler has mostly moved on to other projects.” Who the hell CARES if Elenia moved? InWorldz is still registered in the US. And Tranquillity having other work he does doesn’t mean he has abandoned InWorldz, even if he isn’t logging his avatar on. So much work goes on behind the scenes to keep IW going. There are still IW sponsored events, still updates to the grid and the servers were all updated recently. Elenia does her iNEWZ shows and posts on ZenDesk.

Lots of small starting grids have owners with nothing but time on their hands to individually connect with everyone. InWorldz isn’t small.

Another thing is the numbers Maria uses. She says InWorldz unique active users has fallen to the lowest since Feb 2012, but only shows a graph of 12 months so there isn’t a way to see other trends that have been lower and higher. And to compare, that LOW number is still 5,276 unique log ins over the past 30 days. Compare that to the big Opensim grid OSGrid , their unique log ins was only 3,884. Interesting though is that OSgrid has 6,146 regions and InWorldz only as 1,288 regions. InWorldz is definitely more densely populated! ( No, Maria doesn’t make unique log in comparisons with OSgrid however)

She does compare  the new registrations last month of 1,026 in InWorldz against Kitely (though she doesn’t state a # for Kitely, I looked and that grid received approximately 1400 registrations last month). Am I missing something though? Is it fair to compare new user registrations in InWorldz with Kitely, when Kitely requires that you make a Kitely account in order to send items to your avatar in any other grid? It also requires you to have a Kitely account in order to sell from the market. So EVERY seller and EVERY Opensim buyer HAS to have a Kitely account. With Kitely being the only  opensim market is it a surprise that it sees such a huge number of registrations? Also again, with land region numbers lowering in InWorldz, if Kitely reports 16,000 regions, it has to be remembered that even regions that are in storage ( free region that each avatar gets and never uses again, or larger regions paying a storage fee) those land amounts are included. These aren’t necessarily regions you can go visit.  Also, OSgrid’s total land mass and some other grids is quite large because they allow remote connections to regions hosted on people’s private servers of computers.

Other than the biased ‘reporting’ and the twisting of words, what I found disappointing was that the owner of a group I belong to in InWorldz  – Chamber of Commerce – decided to air her thoughts to Maria, as though she were speaking on the behalf of all the merchants. Considering the ‘merchants say ‘ this and ‘merchants say’ that ~ with no actual NAMES except for the owner of the Chamber of Commerce Group, it is REALLY hard to say who it is that ran to Maria with their anonymous  sad bit of ‘poor me’ news.  I guess I could watch the video again and refresh my memory as to who it was that was asking Elenia these questions, that might help to figure out who it was but either way it boils down to this:

InWorldz is NOT about the founders. It is about the PEOPLE. It is not about expecting the grid owners to do anything other than provide a stable, virtual world for us to access in order to create and enjoy, whether for fun or profit. People can whine about stability but it’s the most stable grid I’ve been on outside of Second Life (and I’ve been on MANY) it has great scripting, psychics engine, working classifieds, no arguments over ‘Version 8? Or version 9? Bullet? or uBODE’? Things just work.  Sailing waters, sponsored regions for events, members who have been active as many years as the grid plus new people all the time. So much great merchandise available, prices a fraction of the cost of Second Life and it’s been around a good long while now.

To finish, I’d like to include some words from some of my fellow InWorldz folks (though MANY more can be found at the initial article at Hypergrid Business:

“I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce group, I was not aware we had a ‘director’. There is a group owner who does not speak for me (or most members of the group), and IF in fact the interview was as stated in the HGB article, speaks pretty much in opposition of my own views.

I watched the interview mentioned in the article, and I agree with everything that Elenia said. I have a successful business and I have never depended on IW to drive my traffic. That is MY job. I have seen merchants come to IW and expect to succeed based on their performance in other grids – but not market themselves or work to grow their customer base – then leave and blame IW for their lack of success. Everything she said I have basically said at some point or another. I love IW – my ‘work’ here is a hobby, I make enough to put a good amount of money back into the grid in tiers, rents, purchases and entertainment with a little left over to take home once in a while. I don’t look at concurrency, I look at sales, and they keep going up 🙂 I don’t look at concurrency, I look at new faces (and recently a LOT of those new faces are people who are returning after years away), I see the numbers of people that are out and about, and I see growth”. ~ Sophia Larkspur: Sophia Fashion


“I saw that article on HGB and all I can say other than what I already responded to there, in regards to my great sales at InWorldz and my expansion of land here is there is a sense of community, of ‘coming home’ when you come back to InWorldz after being away for a bit. I love that all my boats work wonderfully here, and that I can concentrate on just creating things without worrying about whether or not scripts will work or about transfer permissions for Opensim. I have some great sales there too, but here it is just a lot easier to know that each customer will get the item  working the same way it  works for me, instead of an often change of performance from one grid to the next.” ~ Curt Halberd: REALized Mesh

“Ever since I’ve been in IW my real life has been richer, more full, and there’s so much joy, every day, because of the people in IW. I’m a merchant here as well. Multiple entities… I get to share my art and creations with friends as well as take part in the entertainment industry here. Something I never would have thought of before coming to IW. There is so much to learn… it’s a win / win!” ~ Orb Nim:Owner of the Galley Lounge and i-Rent rental agency and Creative Director of Bridges Creative Learning

(from the HGB article but passed to me to use)“Adding my 2¢ and ALSO a member of this same Chamber group, like the others I do *not* share the thinking of this trash journalism that ignores two of the core principles of journalism, namely Truth and Accuracy, and Fairness and Impartiality, neither of which this article contains. It appears to be little more than a smear piece from someone with a personal vendetta. Sad. For the record, my business was busier in 2017 than the 3 previous years combined. Anyone who knows what my business is, I gladly offer an open challenge to anyone from any grid. 😉 ~  Neytiri Omatikaya: PyroVR Fireworks


Come into InWorldz, take a look around, look at our active events in classifieds, our amazing stores that I would LOVE to list but don’t want to be dinged for favourtism 😀

But just using the General in General, Moderate and Adult tab – in search, looking for skins:

FS Search

Never mind the tons of places for awesome mesh hair, clothing, feet, shoes, eyes, furniture, homes, vehicles, roleplay, rentals — and it is all, right here. I do still love visiting my Opensim friends, but I also love that I can shop, purchase and play right here all in one spot ~ checking out stores, wandering around – not just ordering from a website and having it drop delivered (though we do have that also with , and an awesome directory coming soon, both from our amazing Wolf Hartnell ) . To sum it up, InWorldz is Alive and Well. Still cared about by founders and residents alike. Still growing and still an AWESOME place to call home!




13 thoughts on “Incorrect information, or simple smear campaign?

  1. Excellent story Moonrise and an honest representation of those who strive for success on many levels in InWorldz. It’s not about what IW can do for you, but what you can do for your community that means the most.

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  2. That HGB post was nothing but a hate piece that reveals Korolov’s deep-seated personal issues with Elenia.

    Korolov’s post intentionally tries to create drama by drawing unsubstantiated conclusions and completely twisting the meanings of quotations.

    Would the same thing be ” a story” if it had happened on kitely? But then again, I don’t remember Korolov so blatantly twisting any other grid owner’s words, or presenting her personal opinion as fact.
    There are very few things that make me as angry as double standards and that’s something Korolov is really good at.

    I can’t help but scoff at the timing of Korolov’s post, too. I’ve asked if and when she contacted the grid owners for comment and what I found out was that it was midday on New Year’s Day, a holiday, a day when most people try to spend time with family or friends rather than spend hours on the computer replying to a sad and angry blogger.
    If Korolov wants to be treated like a journalist where HGB is concerned, then she might want to behave like one. But as it is, HGB is nothing but an opinionated blog, like so many others.

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  3. Ironically a few of the best comments were removed. Including a wonderful one by Wolf.

    Many do not realize that iNewz was started as a way for people to show what they do in InWorldz. In fact, iNewz itself is another tool people can use! Seriously, why you think we take the time and effort to create that show? It’s about InWorldz only. It’s about InWorldz Residents.

    Now this blog post, THAT’s an article. And I am going to share the link wherever I can.

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  4. I am beginning to think at some point Elena must have stolen someone’s puppy or something, and will never be forgiven.
    I have left the CoC group as I do not feel it reflects my values.

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  5. Something else comes to mind…the timing of Korolov’s hit pieces against InWorldz is also interesting.
    Those of us who have been in IW long enough will remember the convention in Las Vegas in 2012 where founders and residents met. Korolov chose that time to publish a doom & gloom piece about InWorldz. At a time when founders were busy with the conference and were practically defenseless.
    Then again, InWorldz is still going strong, despite Korolov’s prediction that with its business model the grid was on its way out in 2012. Well, shucks.

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      • Well, her blog is called Hypergridbusiness (which in itself is an oxymoron) so that should tell anyone she’ll be cheering for hypergrid and tear closed grids down. Since IW is not only the biggest alternative grid to SL *and* a closed grid, that must be really annoying to her.
        But that’s something else that bears asking: Why is a site that is clearly dedicated to the hypergrid so concerned with closed grids anyway?
        And since IW stopped publishing its stats it’s really taken on a new turn. That must have really angered Korolov.

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  6. Coming a bit late to the Party here, Hit the nail on the head Moonrise, Maria as usual does another hatchet job one would ask why she has nothing better to do than attempt to smear Inworldz again, It is getting extremely tedious.

    I rarely comment now on anything regarding Inworldz, doesn’t mean I do not have an opinion or feelings but these articles are usually based on inacurracy. Another attempt at throwing a bomb in the room and watching it do its damage. We know the truth and we know why we are here each and everyone of us. Those that are loyal to this grid I thank you for your friendship and value each one of you.

    As a Landlord and Owner of a popular Retail Sim, The Lanes I take offence at someone speaking on my behalf. My Business partner and I have many of our own stores on the region all of which are in our opinion successful. Successful is a subjective word if you make what folks Want or Need then you will be successful. We live in Inworldz and this is the only grid we are active on. We also have one of the best selections of Merchants showcasing their items. Its a pleasure to work with and be friends with many in Inworldz.

    This is clearly a personal vendetta against Elenia ( Yes Maria chooses to name her again and again) Maria might want to ask herself what this article full of vitriol really does to encourage people to explore Opensim/Closed grids. Folks now have choice alot of choice. Youngsters now can pick and choose what Virtual activity they wish to be in, time moves on quickly in the blink of an eye its gone. So lets embrace what time we have….


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