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About Moonrise Azalee

I originated in Second Life a few years back as Moonrise Azalee. I was suffering from severe sleep deprivation and post partum depression. I had heard of Second Life from a Pagan email group that I was on. They were talking about this place where we could make virtual representations of ourselves, and interact.

I remember that day that I joined – with my lag(lap)top whirring away loudly, trying to load images. I remember learning how to move objects and ‘What is a prim?’ — I was THE noob. I also was bit that first day by a vampire, I found out a few years later when I wanted to join a clan and found out my soul was already owned.

Things progressed and although I spent many fun hours there, I wanted the opportunity to create a community somewhere. One in which I could realize my own dream rather than live out someone else’s. I heard about InWorldz from a friend and off I went.

I took to it happily. It had everything I needed, at a cost that I could afford being on a very, very fixed income. Got a region, Diamond Valley with a dear friend of mine that came along also, and now three years later and another sim later, I am a happy Faelf/Landlady exploring and creating in InWorldz.


Moonrise Azalee – Faelf , Landlady and Photographer

 About Leanna Caerndow

(to be updated)


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