InWorldz Marketplace is Live!

After many months of hard work by Wolf Hartnell, the InWorldz marketplace on is finally live! Shopping has just become a lot easier.

I know there are many people out there who prefer shopping in-world – which is all good but for lazy people like me the new marketplace is a godsend.

Uploading your products is super easy – you just add your items to a kind of magic box, then list them on the marketplace. It supports multiple pictures and direct teleports. So you don’t even need an in-world store. All you need is a tiny piece of land for the box that holds your marketplace items. If you don’t own or rent land, there are many residents who have dedicated FREE parcels to placing marketplace boxes.

We at hope that the new marketplace will attract merchants who want to put their products out there but have no time or resources to maintain an in-world store.

One thing to keep in mind is that the new marketplace is a third party service and is not directly affiliated with InWorldz LLC. Wolf Hartnell created the site independently , along with other services for residents of InWorldz. He is a longstanding member of our community and has done way more than his share to improve the residents’ experience.

Thank you, Wolf, and happy shopping, everyone! main page


Faces of InWorldz – Lexxy Moore

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with and interviewing Lexxy Moore – the Queen of Particles!  She is a ‘dinky’ – a kitty avatar – most often, and today that is how she met with me. lexxy moore Blog Kitty

Moonrise Azalee:Well, first of all, I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today

Lexxy Moore: my pleasure 🙂

Moonrise Azalee laughs
Moonrise Azalee: So to start, how long have you been in InWorldz for?

Lexxy Moore: ooooh lemme check my profile lol – I was born on July 11th 2014. sooooo less than 2 years ago. I feel much older than that

Moonrise Azalee: Oh you do not look a day over one!
Lexxy Moore: I guess in human years I would be around 12 or 13, if we are like dogs
Moonrise Azalee: Hmm, i wonder how old that makes me then…(doing the math I am almost 28)

Lexxy Moore: oooooh much older than me
Moonrise Azalee nods “I am ancient”

Lexxy Moore: I love being small. We are adorable and can get away with stuff – I like to especially munch on human’s ankle

Moonrise Azalee: Yes, I agree! ( I decided to do the interview as a Dinky also – it’s not so often these days i find reason to shed my human skin)

Moonrise Azalee: And what brought you to InWorldz? How did you hear about it, or what made you decide to check it out?

Lexxy Moore: well back in the 2000’s I briefly tried Second Life. I wasn’t in many groups and so I got bored. I also was being griefed/bullied and decided to leave. “self…you should try another virtual world” so I did some research and InWorldz looked very promising.
On my 2nd day here I attended a live music performance. and after the concert the performer Steven Strikker and his InWorldz wife Qwirky Snoodle adopted me. I was so amazed at the friendly people here that I stayed.

Moonrise Azalee: That’s sad about the bullying and such on the other grid, I’m sorry to hear that! What first impressions did you have of InWorldz when you arrived here almost two years ago?

Lexxy Moore: Well literally my very first impression was when I landed at the starting area and was cheerfully greeted by one of the InWorldz mentors who gave me an Explorer HUD and other goodies. It was a great first impression for a newbie. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to try some roleplay.

Moonrise Azalee nods and listens

Lexxy Moore: so I joined Bim and Andor Rasmuson’s Unified Lands. It was there that I started scripting. I took Shadow Song’s scripting classes and everything today took off from that. I was only there about three months but made some amazing friendships.

Moonrise Azalee: You say you learned scripting, is that something you focus on now that you are settled into InWorldz?

Lexxy Moore: Well a bit of background… in real life (RL) I was a Computer Science major in college, and then a programmer after. So the scripting here really was a nice fit with the skills I already had – although my programming was a bit rusty hehe. but yes almost everything I do now creatively involves scripting. My building abilities are extremely limited. I can rez out basic prim shapes and torture them a bit into twisted shapes but my doggies still look like horsies and my cows look like rabbits.

Moonrise Azalee: Oh! Well, then you build in the same style I do!
Lexxy Moore: haha I guess so ! I think of myself as a Mathematical Artist. I paint with shiny particles.

Moonrise Azalee: Do you remember the first thing you made or scripted?
Lexxy Moore: well the very first things were HUDs – the ones in Shadow’s classes and then some HUDs for my friend ladycasandra emerald. she was building guitars and drum sets for Dinkies. and needed HUDs to control the animations and also some particle effects for the drums. you can see those in my LexxyTech store display
(landmark at the end of the interview)

Moonrise Azalee: What are some of the other things you have worked on – either for yourself or for others?
Lexxy Moore: well some quick history… after I worked on the Dinkie HUDs I started experimenting more with particles and how the emitters can be made to move in space. About that time Jeri Rahja asked me if I could submit a piece of art for the 2015 ArtFest “The Art of IWz Love” so I wracked my brain and decided to combine all the things I had learned so far. I rezzed it out here on my build platform it is particle art that visitors can interact with via the rezzed HUD. when nobody has touched a HUD button for a bit it goes into “Demo Mode” which changes the settings

Moonrise Azalee: Is it the same as what is in front of me?
Lexxy Moore: yus give it a try 🙂 you can press the Reset button or any of the setting buttons to get out of Demo Mode
Moonrise Azalee grins and wrings her furry paws together “okay!”
LexxyTech Particle Spin Controller v1.3: Exiting Demo mode…you are in control now.
Lexxy Moore: the arrow buttons change the setting values
Moonrise Azalee: Can i hit any buttons? (starts touching all the buttons)
Lexxy Moore: yush – try spin

lexxy moore blog demo

(just a note that my screen refused to rez properly for me – I had too many things running.. the buttons and such are much clearer in ‘person’ )

Lexxy Moore: all six settings change every 5 seconds in demo mode, which makes for some interesting patterns. this art piece is basically v1.0 of the gadgets I use in my particle shows today, instead of six settings (as in this hud on display) I now have 15, plus an additional 11 special effects I can trigger. and I’ve flattened and rotated the display so it can fit on a stage behind the DJ or performer
Moonrise Azalee: Thats a great idea, and It’s really beautiful.
Lexxy Moore: fun to play with isn’t it? 🙂
Moonrise Azalee: Yes, it really is

Lexxy Moore: if you want I can tp you to the place I do shows with Ganjo Mokeev every other Tuesday night to give you an idea of how it looks now
Moonrise Azalee: Sure!

And we arrive at The Loft Blues Club in Elektra

lexxy moore Blog two kitties at ganjo

Moonrise Azalee: So, tell me about this place we are at right now? You do shows here?
Lexxy Moore: yep my very first particle show was here back on May 19th 2015 so roughly 1 year ago the owners Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore asked if I could do a show with Ganjo Mokeev every other Tuesday night. Ganjo is an amazing live I owe my start to The Loft Blues Club 🙂

Moonrise Azalee Waves to the bartender  who sseemed busy wiping counters.
Lexxy Moore: Slim Pickins never moves from that spot behind the bar, poor guy
Moonrise Azalee *grins* awww, he must really like his job

Lexxy Moore: If you look behind the stage I’ll show you some basic particle show stuff — ok so remember the gadget you were just playing with?

Moonrise Azalee nods

Lexxy Moore: just think of the setup here…as that gadget but rotated up against the back wall but instead of only 8 particle emitters there are now 32

lexxy moore blog starburst

Moonrise Azalee: Oooh,Thats so pretty!

Lexxy Moore: it creates some cool kaleidoscope effects

Lexxy Moore: another fun thing I can do is make the particles extend out toward us in a tunnel best view is straight down the center I call this “Warp Drive Mode” hehe. As you can see…the particles can get pretty intense I try to be very careful and keep them out of people’s faces. also some folks can have serious health issues when viewing fast moving colors, so I give plenty of warnings before the shows.

lexxy moore blog kaleidoscope


Lexxy Moore: I also have some other effects I can trigger, the backdrop you see there is actually three backdrops

Moonrise Azalee: It’s really amazing – and you weren’t doing this in SL at all?
Lexxy Moore: nope I didn’t get into this until InWorldz

Lexxy Moore: I can make the backdrops change colors or apply a texture like this Earth
I can spin the backdrop
Moonrise Azalee: ooh yes

lexxy moore blog earths

Lexxy Moore: or animate the texture like this can change the alpha (how see-through it is)
Moonrise Azalee: yes!

(note that for part of this interview I didn’t realize I had turned PARTICLES wayyyy down instead of Draw Distance – her particles are even better up close and personal and WITH your particles on /facepalm)

Lexxy Moore: and the glow I can get some funky effects by messing with all three backdrops

Lexxy Moore: then I have flames, these are good for roasting the drummer
Moonrise Azalee: LOL

Lexxy Moore: and particle lasers – can do all sorts of things with those , also some prim lasers I’m still working on. Some nice smoke/fog for the floor 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: This is really beautiful. Very amazing… you’re like an all in one crew
Lexxy Moore: haha you have no idea, I have 11 huds up on my screen for shows, nothing at all is preset so every show is different

lexxy moore blog pink and blue

Moonrise Azalee: Now that You’re coming up on two years in InWorldz, what would you say are your favourite things about it?

Lexxy Moore: oh that’s an easy one…my favorite thing about InWorldz are the people friendly, supportive, creative people in every group I’ve been a part of – I also love waffles – but the people are even better than waffles
Moonrise Azalee laughs

Moonrise Azalee: Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on, or would like to work on?
Lexxy Moore: well my ongoing groups are Golden Touch Theater (dancer/scripter), The Dinkies Band (Beatles tribute band), rosy ogray’s Funsters Band and of course my own LexxyTech shows. I also do a 3rd Friday of the month event with Astoria Luminos (DJ) and my The Loft gigs. My latest project is with a very talented visual artist named Thoth Jantzen I believe you just did a blog about him 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: I did, yes!
Lexxy Moore: I will be combining my particles with his visual media in an event soon and it will be exclusive to InWorldz I will never take my shows off-grid. I really want what I do, and what other artists do here, to bring more folks to the grid and by “grid” I mean InWorldz 🙂 As for my own particle shows, I plan on adding more interactive features this year so that the audience can participate

Moonrise Azalee: What do you feel are some of the things that people who’ve never been to InWorldz would appreciate that can’t be found elsewhere?

Lexxy Moore: well right off the top of my head… Neytiri Omatikaya’s PyroVR fireworks are ultra realistic and only found in IW – Golden Touch Theater does amazing shows only in IW. I believe Thoth Jantzen is only doing his visual media here now. If you are into roleplay we have tons of options including Bim and Andor’s Unified Lands, Amaya Tyrell’s Game of Thrones, Pirates vs Navy sailing/combat, Star Trek (The Rookery), etc

Lexxy Moore: It is a nice niche somewhere between Second Life and the smaller grids
Moonrise Azalee: I would agree with that for sure.

Lexxy Moore: I sometimes do wish there were more than 200 or 300 online at a time : but then again a performance of any kind, on any grid slows to a crawl with more than about 50 people on a region so maybe more people would be bad.

Moonrise Azalee: Yes, it certainly can sometimes hinder a performance to have a huge amount of people in attendance at one single event.

Lexxy Moore: oh one other future project. I created a LexxyPop Particle Venue and had its grand opening earlier this year it is basically a sim-wide hollow sphere where I can totally control lighting I plan on doing a few repeat performances this year and then a brand new show early next year – and a BIG thank you to quadrapop tree. She inspired my first particle creations and has given the LexxyPop Particle Venue a home and she is an awesome friend too

Moonrise Azalee: What would you like to see in your future here at InWorldz?
Lexxy Moore: honestly I would just be happy if InWorldz remained successful so that I could be here with all my buddies. I have way more friends here than I do in RL, I’m guessing that is true for most of us

Moonrise Azalee: I think a virtual environment is an amazing way to build real friendships with people who are on the other side of a monitor far away.
Lexxy Moore: amazing and in many ways the “best” way to build relationships. you get to know a person from the inside. Ooooh that sounded gross!

Moonrise Azalee: Well, I think I know what you mean, you get to see how a person sees themself, without any of the limitations put on them by their real life

Lexxy Moore: and I also find that folks open up here, where in real life they may be shy. This is a great place to spread your wings and soar – well I’m a cat so I can’t do that – but I spread my paws as wide as I can and then jump off things.
Moonrise Azalee: You sure can! And make amazing imagery! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today, it’s been great getting to know you!

Lexxy Moore: it has been a pleasure !

Some Landmarks!

􀀁 – LexxyTech Store – The Loft Blues Club – Rockin’ the Blues


Some more Pictures!

􀀀Lexxy also gave me her list of Pictures and Videos of different events and such that she has been part of , contributed to or been featured in. I shall provide them here, as it is a great list and there are lots of other fun InWorldz things to be seen via them also.


2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater IW7 Repeat Performances

2016/03/27 Pawsum Particles IW7 Event – DJ Calliope Andel

2016/03/26 Exhibit “Southern Charm” ArtFest

2016/02/28 Pawsum Particles LexxyPop Particle Venue – DJ Wolf Hartnell, Tenbears Running (Video), Rig Torok (Photos)

LexxyPop Grand Opening Party

2016/01/15 Pawsum Particles David Bowie & Alan Rickman Memorial Concert – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/12/31 Pawsum Particles New Years Eve – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/10/25 Pawsum Particles FallFest – DJ Wolf Hartnell

LexxyTech Particles & DJ Wolfie

2015/05/03 Dinkies Band WeeFolks HUB Opening

WeeFolks of IW Hub Grand Opening

2015/03/29 Dinkies Band IWz Birthday

2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater “Illumination”

2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater “My World”

2016/04/02 Golden Touch Theater “Compass”

2016/02/13 Golden Touch Theater “Fire and Honor”

2015/12/12 Pawsum Particles WinterFest Toys For Tots Event – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/07/04 Pawsum Particles InWorldz Desert Island (Taika Wirsing) – Fourth of July Event 7p IWt (DJ NiteShade)

2015/02/01 Exhibit “The Art of IWz Love” ArtFest


The Faces of Quadrapop Tree

The other day I talked to quadrapop Tree, an incredible artist and one of InWorldz’ busiest people. Quad always has a project going on and I’m honoured she took she time to talk to me for this blog.

I’ve met people in InWorldz who wondered whether quadrapop is a girl or a guy because sometimes she roams the grid as a male avatar, sometimes as a female avatar. Personally, I don’t care. To me she is one of the most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

quadrapop tree - pioneer portrait

The two faces of quadrapop.

Leanna Caerndow: You’ve been a huge part of the IW community, especially the art and the adult scenes – for 5 years and 8 months! What made you come to InWorldz?
quadrapop tree: In short LL 😉
Leanna Caerndow: Haha!
quadrapop tree: In 2010 I was looking for an alternative to SecondLife™ that would be a good fit for my art practice, a place where the grid gods were a bit more responsive to the residents, and where the security and technical situation was a bit better than OS Grid (which i had explored in 2008-9).
I checked out a lot of the alternative grids and settled on InWorldz – liked the attitude of the founders. Not looked back.
Leanna Caerndow: I’m glad you stayed 😀
You’re a person who does a lot for bringing people together – events and art fests. Was it challenging to get started with that here?
quadrapop tree: Initially, I came to InWorldz to simply build and make my own stuff – happy to share it if and when…However my reputation preceded me and in 2011 Jeri Rahja and I started talking about doing an art festival to showcase all the cool work being made by people in InWorldz.
I had been founding curator of the UWA Art Challenges in SecondLife™ and a lot of the visiting artists and many InWorldz residents knew of me from that challenge. So helping Jeri with organising and running the Dreamz & Visionz Art festivals was easy.


quad’s gallery on Railroad Valley in InWorldz

Leanna Caerndow: When you create, what inspires you?
quadrapop tree: Oooh many things. I have a real life art and design background – my influences there are far and wide as well as very local (my local country).
In virtual worlds I found a place to make what would be really difficult to in real life so in a way the very building tools and scripting functions are my inspiration here.
Leanna Caerndow: I forgot about scripting! I learnt a lot from you – you gave classes, too, on how to reduce lag and particles.
quadrapop tree: I like to play with the abilities we are given – prims, sculpties, light, transparency, glow, and recently the projected lights and bump/shiny effects that come with “materials”. Since i was 4 weeks old in SecondLife™ I have been helping others with what I know.
In 2008 I was a SecondLife™ mentor till they closed the programme. I helped real life friend Ember Farina to start and then did estate management for Fantasy Fair in SL from 2009 to 2013. I seem to be a born teacher and like sharing what knowledge I have with others
Leanna Caerndow: Wow, that’s amazing! And I agree with the born teacher statement – you are.
quadrapop tree: From all that estate management and lag reduction for Fantasy Fair I learned a LOT and so brought that with me to IW and share information that will hopefully help others see IW to the best of their system’s abilities.

I have to say a big Thank You to my real life partner CaptainCrunch who has taught me a lot about the technical side of [virtual worlds] over the years and without whom I’d not understand anywhere near as much about what creates or reduces lag in this environment.

Leanna Caerndow: There are a lot of myths floating around about what causes lag, so it’s definitely nice to have someone who can explain to people what really helps.

Glowing Cycad with Lens Flare

Glowing Cycad with Lens Flare

Leanna Caerndow: I LOVE what you do with particles
quadrapop tree: That one is a really old piece. [Glowing Cycad]
Leanna Caerndow: I’ve seen it before, still love it.
quadrapop tree: From 2011 but has been one of my best selling ones since then.
Leanna Caerndow: It’s cheap O.o [100 I’z] Why so cheap? I asked Tiana [Genesis] the same question. I can hardly believe that someone sells their art for basically nothing.
quadrapop tree: I settled on a price point that anyone can afford. Well, when you can sell thousands of copies of the same item for no extra effort why charge so much that only a few people ever bother to buy it ?
Leanna Caerndow: That’s a good point.
quadrapop tree: I see InWorldz as a cheap art studio and gallery space. I spend less in InWorldz a month than I would for a week of studio space in real life.

Random Shimmer - 3 pieces

Random Shimmer

quadrapop tree: And I don’t have to give 20-50% of my earnings to a gallery. For that matter an InWorldz sim is about what it would cost to go out for dinner in a restaurant here so i see it as a good social option too 🙂

Leanna Caerndow: Where does the fascination with particles come from?
quadrapop tree: Oooh I think that might be from a visit (actually many visits) to Jopsy’s particle palace in Second Life ™ and where i picked up all the information.

quadrapop tree: Do you have advanced lighting active?  If so you can see the effects of materials on the floor here. Cam or move around and you will see rainbow effects on the floor.
Leanna Caerndow: I see them, it looks lovely. [in quad’s gallery on Railroad Valley]
quadrapop tree: I have a small demonstration set up down the ‘back’ of the sim which shows what people are missing who cannot see advanced lighting.
Leanna Caerndow nods, everything looks so much more realistic…and beautiful.


quadrapop Tree

Leanna Caerndow: You like to play with gender, right? I’ve seen you in a male avatar many times (a very attractive one >.>)
quadrapop tree grins, Yes, I have had a fluid avatar appearance since day one in Second Life ™.Though these days i am getting old and lazy and seem to end up female more often than not (Mak [her partner]may have something to do with that).

quadrapop tree: I rebranded QT Wearables as Atelier Adagio last year. Will be moving to a lifestyle branding of the jewellery (but that means a lot of work :P).
The Prefabs store will slowly fill… the display level is a mess atm, lol. Never moved a sim so slowly in my life but i don’t seem to mind in InWorldz 🙂
Leanna Caerndow: I love the trademark quad rainbow colours.
quadrapop tree: It is a bit of a trademark of mine. I’m an ex graphic designer and worked in advertising once upon a time.

Jwellery 1

Jewellery Set made by quad

quadrapop tree: Skyrah [Rose] and Lexxy [Moore] came with me from Dolphin Bay [quad’s former region] and Thoth Jantzen joined us last month. He is an old artist friend of mine from SecondLife™ who was in InWorldz briefly a few years ago.
quadrapop tree: TPs to all the venues are available from he sim centre.
quadrapop tree: You can see how far I got with the sim build…Here ends civilisation…
And over here…advanced lighting and ability to see materials advised 🙂 Try a few different dark windlights and maybe turn on show transparent so you can see the  light sources.
Leanna Caerndow: Oh wow that’s gorgeous!
quadrapop tree: I gave a copy of the big disk to EC [Events Coordinator] for the birthday bash Materials display.

Ooh Shiny

Ooh Shiny!

Leanna Caerndow: It’s so soothing
quadrapop tree: Lots of people say that about my work.That or “who needs drugs”.
Leanna Caerndow: By the way, that’s something I love about your artwork. I haven’t seen a single one yet that I didn’t find soothing and gentle.
They invite to keep looking, almost meditative. This piece is definitely meditative to me.
quadrapop tree nods.  That’s the idea: Stop and actually look. I like messing with minds:)
The works are a “thing in and of themselves”. Like a piece of nature.


Ooh Shiny gif

Leanna Caerndow: So you made this with specular maps ad projection lighting?
 quadrapop tree: It would be cool if the lighting effects could be transferred to dreamshare. { }
Hmm I should put ALL the jewellery on it, lol. I suck at doing the marketing things.
Leanna Caerndow: Most artists do
quadrapop tree: Like a plumber with leaky pipes 😛 Hell, I should be good at it, having worked in the industry. But pfft, only if someone pays me, lol.

Leanna Caerndow: Yes, you do it for everybody else but yourself 😛

Leanna Caerndow: From art to adult: You were a big part of the adult community, you created the adult hub – what made you create it?
quadrapop tree: There was a lack of a central place new residents could go who were interested in the more mature aspects of virtual worlds. I was seeing a lot of people arrive in InWorldz and due to mentor restrictions the mentors were unable to answer their questions directly about adult activities or items. I hoped to be able to set up a HUB from which adult creators and adult item users could connect.
Lots of interest but when it came to the crunch of actually adding their info and/or items … not so much 🙂 Story of virtual worlds. Even the creators want some one else to do all the work for them.
Leanna Caerndow cringes. I had a spot there, though!
quadrapop tree: You did! And a few did but not as many as actually existed.
It was fun while it lasted 🙂 and I had help from a lot of really good people.
I still think hub sims for each of the main areas of interest with free advertising for all who want to come fill a info panel would be a GREAT idea.

The Drepressionsphere

The Drepressionsphere

Leanna Caerndow: Do you have any big projects or plans that you’re working on?
quadrapop tree: Yes, I am working with Tiana Genesis and Moontan Valeeva on the Southern Charm Dreamz & Visionz Art festival.That will be taken care of in the next fortnight.
And I am also working on a commission for the winners of the Art Auction at Toys 4 Tots (which got delayed with the sim sale and move here). Also putting final touches to a reallife collage book I started at Christmas (search my twitter for #Dexfiles).
Leanna Caerndow: Oh wow, that’s a lot of work!

Quad then teleported me to her work platform above her sim to show me some of the things she is working on.

quadrapop tree: I build mock ups of ideas  I have for a real life house we would like to eventually build. We have a 2000sqm block in the hills above Perth and will one day rebuild.
So this is a VERY ROUGH volumes only model
THIS is one of the reasons I keep a sim. In a day I can have a walk through version of a building without the fine detail of a real architectural rendering but with more detail than I can manage with pencil and paper.

We got distracted and talked a bit off the record and I forgot to thank her for taking the time to answer my nosy questions.

Prism Starfish

Prism Starfish – left: front. right: back side


Quad’s private spot on Railroad Valley

Fae Sky Court

Fae Sky Court – IN addition t her art and jewellery, quad also sells prefabs, like the one pictured above. Her prefabs are not all fantasy themed, she offers stores and even an entire mall but…I am naturally attracted to everything fantasy themed 😉

Jwellery 3

Jewellery by quadrapop Tree (Atelier adagio)


Photos taken by quad, available from her gallery

Photographs 2

Photos by quad, also available from her gallery on Railroad Valley