Wee Woodstock

I made it to the Wee Woodstock festival in InWorldz! I attended a couple of live shows on the opening day and meant to come back for more but real life has a habit of getting in the way.

What I did get to see and experience was absolutely awesome.

One of the organisers, aminata Potez, said she had wanted to do something like that for a while. I’m glad she did and I hope there will be more events like it in the future!













Here are more pics, by Teal Freenote https://www.flickr.com/photos/17684969@N03/



InWorldz Celebrates its 8th Birthday

If you haven’t already you should check out the festivities for InWorldz’ 8th birthday. That means daily live events, exhibitions, and a whole lot of fun.

To get started on your IW8 tour, go here http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Events%20Scenic%2021/130/129/21 to find out about current events and places of interest.

If you’re a bit of a hippie you’re in for a real treat: from April 6 through April 8, the tinies will host a “WeeWoodStock” festival. If you don’t have a tiny or dinkie avatar and you want to party like it’s 1969 you might consider getting one just for the event.


Here’s your VW-bus to Wee Woodstock: http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Events%20A/118/117/22

I’m always drawn towards art and there are plenty of artists exhibiting their work at the InWorldz’ birthday bash.


above: art by Lily Lightcloud

Rig Torok is exhibiting some of his amazing photos. You should also check out his blog here for beautiful photos from the birthday celebrations and events: http://rigsphotos.blogspot.ca/


above: photo exhibit by rig torok

Ilianor Illios shows a piece called “Our Real Life in InWorldz”. I didn’t take pictures of it because it’s best experienced in person – it’s pretty awesome! http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Events%20Scenic%2024/251/141/22

One of my absolute favourite artists, quadrapop tree, exhibits some of her work, as well. I have never seen a work of hers that I didn’t either like a lot or outright loved.


Another amazing artist is Thoth Jantzen who also exhibits at the birthday regions:


Vertigo Cube by Thoth Jantzen. Thoth’s exhibit is amazing!


This post is just a tiny glimpse of all the lovely exhibits and places to discover and of course all the live events to attend.

I  have one complaint, though. Two of the regions left me a little confused. The regions exhibiting individual art works appeared to be completely empty.  I maxed out my draw distance, relogged, cleared my cache, all to make sure I wasn’t missing anything but nope – the region appeared to be lacking any kind of landscaping, decor, or structure. I understand that this may have been an attempt to avoid distracting from the art but an overall structure to the region would help to highlight the lovely works of art that are on display there.


Nevertheless, you should absolutely not miss out on visiting. All exhibits will be up until the end of the month.

See you at Wee Woodstock ;D




InWorldz Winterfest Part 2

I only saw this announcement when I logged in today and had to share it. Here’s the amazing website for the Winterfest, with information on all events as well as the auctions to benefit Toys for Tots. The website was created by InWorldz’ own Wolf Hartnell, scripter genius and excellent character.

So, check the InWorldz Winterfest website for all the latest events and come on over for some fun!


InWorldz Winterfest 2015

The annual InWorldz Winterfest is in full swing, with a plethora of sims dedicated to the holidays. In addition to showcasing their talent, a lot of creators have set out kiosks with the proceeds benefiting Toys for Tots . There will also be live auctions which have been a lot of fun in the past. This year’s live auction are Saturday, December 12 from 2PM – 6PM PST and Sunday, December 20 from 1PM – 5PM PST. InWorldz creators will auction off unique, one-of-a-kind creations and as I said above, 100% of the proceeds will go to Toys for Tots.

Art patron Jeri Rahja has organised a silent auction on the Holiday Joy Art Fest sim. All proceeds go to Toys for Tots, as well.

I wandered through a few sims today and took some pictures of my favourites. There is even a whole sim dedicated to winter sports, with a huge ski jump you can swoosh down!

Use the teleport boards that are scattered throughout the locations to move around and don’t forget to swing by the gorgeous shopping centre where you can pick up last minute holiday goodies and gifts.

The Winterfest closes on December 20 with a grand ball and the big auction mentioned above.

Log in to InWorldz and start here.

winterfest auctions_004

Central landing point for the InWorldz Winterfest 2015



winterfest auctions_002


winterfest auctions_003


winterfest russian_001

Russian fairy tale village.


Sendalonde Library stage for live story telling.

InWorldz Fall Fest & Fright Fest 2015

Once again, Fall Fest has fallen upon InWorldz , accompanied alongside Fright Fest. Fall being my absolute favourite season I was excited to visit the many regions set up for viewing. I will say right now that as much as I wanted to I did not get pictures of every single thing – there was just too much to see! But shared with you here in this post are some of the builds that I found in my travels . This is the InfoHub main LM and you can get all over from here. As well, at each build there is a board at the entrance with list of places to click n go to



This is an excerpt from the Official InWorldz notice regarding events and locations:

It is that time of year. The leaves are beginning to turn beautiful colors and fall, which means it is time for our annual Fall Fest Event. We invite you to be one with the elements as we celebrate earth, air, water, fire, autumn and the Halloween season.

This year the Event will begin on Oct 18th and end with several big Fright Fest Halloween Parties on Oct 31st. Our themes include autumn, Halloween, and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water)

While our week of entertainment is mainly from Oct 24th – 31st, we encourage everyone to visit all the sims between Oct 18th – 31st to see all the incredible builds, art and fun interactive elements that the amazing creators of our InWorldz community have designed for your pleasure. Our InWorldz Shopping Quartier (designed by Elin Egoyan) is also open for all your shopping needs and you can even pick up some free items at our InWorldz Gift Shoppe (organized by Benski Trenkins). Be sure to visit the InWorldz Events F and water sims for interactive water and air elements like boating, sailing, surfing and airplane rides. For those that like to stay fit, we have the Four Seasons InShape sim with track available (created by Elin Egoyan). The ICE sims will also be open for all to see the wonderful art exhibits.


I popped over to the shopping quarter, got a few great free gifts and wandered the shops:

To the left is the Teleport Board for the amazing builds done by IW residents and to the right is the TP board for the Shopping Quarter

To the left is the Teleport Board for the amazing builds done by IW residents and to the right is the TP board for the Shopping Quarter



Beautifully done by Elin Egoyan

Beautifully done by Elin Egoyan


Golden Touch Finale

Golden Touch Finale – I caught the tail end of an amazing show, as per the theme this year, the elements were expressed in amazing form.


Not sure what to think of these guys. They weren't LOTS bigger than me.. but still..

Not sure what to think of these guys. They weren’t LOTS bigger than me.. but still.. This was from the WeeFolk build


These guys seemed to be having a great time, but they really need to eat more. Very boney.

These guys seemed to be having a great time, but they really need to eat more. Very boney. Wee Folk build








Wee Folk region GIANT punkin! wow.

Wee Folk region GIANT punkin! wow.







I visited a haunted house and got up close and personal with a very large spider – and no, that isn’t my shadow along the wall in the background, something was sliding about – eep.

Happily it did not eat me YAY!

Happily it did not eat me YAY!








Fire - Zarmina Naidu

Fire – Zarmina Naidu

Talking to the raven - Zarmina Naidu

Talking to the raven – Zarmina Naidu

Water, by Zarmina Naidu

Water, by Zarmina Naidu











Build by Zarmina Naidu

Entering the build done by Zarmina Naidu



Done by Ilianor Illios

Elementals Build done by Ilianor Illios








The start of the InShape build – what a beautiful stroll! I loved this!







Book along the trail in the Inshape build







There is really so much to see, and so much to do. Sailing, flying, parachuting, walking, traveling, observing, enjoying, shopping, dancing — the entertainment is top notch also.

Another favourite — more Fright Fest than Fall Fest, was this build done by Chopper Gurbux for the Peek-a-Boo shows being held here:

The Big Tent --- this freak show tent holds some of the most beautiful and talented dancers in InWorldz

The Big Tent — this freak show tent holds some of the most beautiful and talented dancers in InWorldz


Not the most inviting welcome I've ever been faced with .... *eep!*

Not the most inviting welcome I’ve ever been faced with …. *eep!*









There are the ICE exhibits, the modeling shows, talented merchants and creators of all sorts. Far more than can all be included in one post. You’ll have to go take a look!

Included here is a partial list of some of the Landmarks for stages/events. The exhibits and builds can all be found from the main Hub as well as each build that you visit – because there is a TP board at the entrance to the build.

Stage LMs:

Main Stage Hub

Air Main Stage

Earth Main Stage

Fire Main Stage

Water Main Stage

Peek-a-Boo Stage



InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment

On Sunday, 1 February, a very special Art Fest opened in InWorldz. We’ve had a lot of artfests over the years, organised by Jeri Rahja, an extraordinary patron of the arts, both in real life and in InWorldz. She has been organising artfests in InWorldz for more than four years, she has sponsored dozens of sims to give artists a place to display their art.


This artfest is a very special one, though. It’s the very first endowment at InWorldz – the InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment, short ICE! (ICE, ICE baby! – yeah I know. ) Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, ICE is open to everyone.  It comprises 3 full and 2 scenic regions. InWorldz plans on showcasing 12 to 24 artists per year. As an artist you have 45 days to 2 months time to get your project up, then it will be open to the public for 45 days.

The current artfest, with the very fitting theme “Love of IW Art” is split into four categories or stages: Stage 1 – Frozen Heart Castle, Stage 2 – Lovers’ Romance, Stage 3 – Marshes of Struggle, and Stage 4 – Redemption & Balance. Over 40 artists, both digital and traditional, display their interpretation with the help of many different mediums: traditional prims, sculpties, mesh, RL paintings, photography (both RL and digital).

You can read the entire announcement here: http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=20273

The current exhibition is amazing. I’ve been taking pictures to show them here but what can I say, the pics really doesn’t do the art justice. Some installations are so huge they don’t fit on a picture without losing too much detail. You really HAVE TO go and look at all the amazing art. And admire the beautiful landscaping.

For some of the following pics I had to turn down my draw distance, way down so another installation in the background wouldn’t distract.

A huge thank you to Jeri Rahja and her helpers Ladyheart Muirin and Gerrard Winstanley, and the InWorldz founders for providing the canvas.

by KaiShun Oleander_001 Installation by KaiShun Oleander

by Kasha Selona  Love Hurts by Kasha Selona

elemental love by ferr_002 Elemental Love by Ferrator Montoya

siesta del gato by bijou benique_001 Siesta del Gato by Bijou Benique

by bijou benique_001 art by Bijou Benique

three stooges by nyx breen_001 The Three Stooges by nyx breen

what about us by kapi kinder_001 What About Us? by kapi kinder

by kapi kinder_001 more artworks by kapi kinder

by bianca xavorin_001 art by Bianca Xavorin

I might go back and take some more pics because this tiny blog post really doesn’t do the art justice. But I want it understood that the above selection doesn’t reflect personal likes or dislikes. In fact, I know that Miso Susanowa, a very dear friend of mine AND one of my favourite artists, has an exhibit at the art fest, too, but I haven’t found it yet! So I am definitely going back. Between this and that I just have to flail around a  little. So long!

The Annual InWorldz Fright Fest

Rumour has it that on Hallowe’en the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest. At this point in the cycle  of the year nature reminds us of our own mortality. Shorter days and colder, darker hours invite us to quiet introspection. It’s a time when death is a part of our lives. More so than at any other time of the year we huddle together inside against the sometimes cold October winds and share ghost stories, delighting in the shivers they send down our spine. With the longer nights and almost bare trees, the rich smell of the decaying leaves on the ground, we feel a little bit more connected to the spirit realm. It’s easy to imagine that the shadow you just caught out of the corner of your eyes is a visitor from the other world. Or that you can hear quiet whisperings in the trees swaying in front of your window.

If you need an extra little shiver – and I know you do – you should visit the annual InWorldz Fright Fest. Wander through amazing spooky landscapes where the trees have eyes and ghouls are hidden in the grass, visit haunted houses and graveyards.

There are 22 (twenty-two!) regions for you to explore. Among them are event sims for live performers, DJs, and storytellers. There are costume contests, build contests, hunts, live shows, and the quirky OddBall, hosted by Tuna Oddfellow. The latter takes place this Saturday, 25 October at 6pm IW time (that’s PDT). Here’s your taxi: http://places.inworldz.com/InWorldz%20Events%20C/131/226/651

But this year the Fright Fest is not only about Hallowe’en. There are three regions dedicated to a really interesting theme: Dante’s Inferno. When I heard about it I thought it was a fantastic idea and the outcome is, well, fantastic. Amazing pieces of art have been created.

When you land at the welcome point, look around to see gates that take you to all the different regions.



The gates to Dante’s Inferno.


Part one of the merchant area where you can buy spooky props for your virtual home.

fright fest_008 As a side note, I love the houses pictured above, they’re so well done!

Part two of the merchant area:

fright fest_009

Walking through a Halloween forest


A witch house!


Cave under the witch house. The well gives you a blessing when you touch it.


Those few pics really don’t do the Fright Fest justice, there is so much more to see.

Here’s a great video shot by Benski Trenkins (he’s a dinkie!)

And now, go and visit the InWorldz Fright Fest. Bring a friend if you’re easily spooked. 😉