Faces of InWorldz – Lexxy Moore

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with and interviewing Lexxy Moore – the Queen of Particles!  She is a ‘dinky’ – a kitty avatar – most often, and today that is how she met with me. lexxy moore Blog Kitty

Moonrise Azalee:Well, first of all, I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me today

Lexxy Moore: my pleasure 🙂

Moonrise Azalee laughs
Moonrise Azalee: So to start, how long have you been in InWorldz for?

Lexxy Moore: ooooh lemme check my profile lol – I was born on July 11th 2014. sooooo less than 2 years ago. I feel much older than that

Moonrise Azalee: Oh you do not look a day over one!
Lexxy Moore: I guess in human years I would be around 12 or 13, if we are like dogs
Moonrise Azalee: Hmm, i wonder how old that makes me then…(doing the math I am almost 28)

Lexxy Moore: oooooh much older than me
Moonrise Azalee nods “I am ancient”

Lexxy Moore: I love being small. We are adorable and can get away with stuff – I like to especially munch on human’s ankle

Moonrise Azalee: Yes, I agree! ( I decided to do the interview as a Dinky also – it’s not so often these days i find reason to shed my human skin)

Moonrise Azalee: And what brought you to InWorldz? How did you hear about it, or what made you decide to check it out?

Lexxy Moore: well back in the 2000’s I briefly tried Second Life. I wasn’t in many groups and so I got bored. I also was being griefed/bullied and decided to leave. “self…you should try another virtual world” so I did some research and InWorldz looked very promising.
On my 2nd day here I attended a live music performance. and after the concert the performer Steven Strikker and his InWorldz wife Qwirky Snoodle adopted me. I was so amazed at the friendly people here that I stayed.

Moonrise Azalee: That’s sad about the bullying and such on the other grid, I’m sorry to hear that! What first impressions did you have of InWorldz when you arrived here almost two years ago?

Lexxy Moore: Well literally my very first impression was when I landed at the starting area and was cheerfully greeted by one of the InWorldz mentors who gave me an Explorer HUD and other goodies. It was a great first impression for a newbie. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to try some roleplay.

Moonrise Azalee nods and listens

Lexxy Moore: so I joined Bim and Andor Rasmuson’s Unified Lands. It was there that I started scripting. I took Shadow Song’s scripting classes and everything today took off from that. I was only there about three months but made some amazing friendships.

Moonrise Azalee: You say you learned scripting, is that something you focus on now that you are settled into InWorldz?

Lexxy Moore: Well a bit of background… in real life (RL) I was a Computer Science major in college, and then a programmer after. So the scripting here really was a nice fit with the skills I already had – although my programming was a bit rusty hehe. but yes almost everything I do now creatively involves scripting. My building abilities are extremely limited. I can rez out basic prim shapes and torture them a bit into twisted shapes but my doggies still look like horsies and my cows look like rabbits.

Moonrise Azalee: Oh! Well, then you build in the same style I do!
Lexxy Moore: haha I guess so ! I think of myself as a Mathematical Artist. I paint with shiny particles.

Moonrise Azalee: Do you remember the first thing you made or scripted?
Lexxy Moore: well the very first things were HUDs – the ones in Shadow’s classes and then some HUDs for my friend ladycasandra emerald. she was building guitars and drum sets for Dinkies. and needed HUDs to control the animations and also some particle effects for the drums. you can see those in my LexxyTech store display
(landmark at the end of the interview)

Moonrise Azalee: What are some of the other things you have worked on – either for yourself or for others?
Lexxy Moore: well some quick history… after I worked on the Dinkie HUDs I started experimenting more with particles and how the emitters can be made to move in space. About that time Jeri Rahja asked me if I could submit a piece of art for the 2015 ArtFest “The Art of IWz Love” so I wracked my brain and decided to combine all the things I had learned so far. I rezzed it out here on my build platform it is particle art that visitors can interact with via the rezzed HUD. when nobody has touched a HUD button for a bit it goes into “Demo Mode” which changes the settings

Moonrise Azalee: Is it the same as what is in front of me?
Lexxy Moore: yus give it a try 🙂 you can press the Reset button or any of the setting buttons to get out of Demo Mode
Moonrise Azalee grins and wrings her furry paws together “okay!”
LexxyTech Particle Spin Controller v1.3: Exiting Demo mode…you are in control now.
Lexxy Moore: the arrow buttons change the setting values
Moonrise Azalee: Can i hit any buttons? (starts touching all the buttons)
Lexxy Moore: yush – try spin

lexxy moore blog demo

(just a note that my screen refused to rez properly for me – I had too many things running.. the buttons and such are much clearer in ‘person’ )

Lexxy Moore: all six settings change every 5 seconds in demo mode, which makes for some interesting patterns. this art piece is basically v1.0 of the gadgets I use in my particle shows today, instead of six settings (as in this hud on display) I now have 15, plus an additional 11 special effects I can trigger. and I’ve flattened and rotated the display so it can fit on a stage behind the DJ or performer
Moonrise Azalee: Thats a great idea, and It’s really beautiful.
Lexxy Moore: fun to play with isn’t it? 🙂
Moonrise Azalee: Yes, it really is

Lexxy Moore: if you want I can tp you to the place I do shows with Ganjo Mokeev every other Tuesday night to give you an idea of how it looks now
Moonrise Azalee: Sure!

And we arrive at http://places.inworldz.com/Elektra/79/194/1002 The Loft Blues Club in Elektra

lexxy moore Blog two kitties at ganjo

Moonrise Azalee: So, tell me about this place we are at right now? You do shows here?
Lexxy Moore: yep my very first particle show was here back on May 19th 2015 so roughly 1 year ago the owners Dick Pinelli and Rusty Larimore asked if I could do a show with Ganjo Mokeev every other Tuesday night. Ganjo is an amazing live performer.so I owe my start to The Loft Blues Club 🙂

Moonrise Azalee Waves to the bartender  who sseemed busy wiping counters.
Lexxy Moore: Slim Pickins never moves from that spot behind the bar, poor guy
Moonrise Azalee *grins* awww, he must really like his job

Lexxy Moore: If you look behind the stage I’ll show you some basic particle show stuff — ok so remember the gadget you were just playing with?

Moonrise Azalee nods

Lexxy Moore: just think of the setup here…as that gadget but rotated up against the back wall but instead of only 8 particle emitters there are now 32

lexxy moore blog starburst

Moonrise Azalee: Oooh,Thats so pretty!

Lexxy Moore: it creates some cool kaleidoscope effects

Lexxy Moore: another fun thing I can do is make the particles extend out toward us in a tunnel best view is straight down the center I call this “Warp Drive Mode” hehe. As you can see…the particles can get pretty intense I try to be very careful and keep them out of people’s faces. also some folks can have serious health issues when viewing fast moving colors, so I give plenty of warnings before the shows.

lexxy moore blog kaleidoscope


Lexxy Moore: I also have some other effects I can trigger, the backdrop you see there is actually three backdrops

Moonrise Azalee: It’s really amazing – and you weren’t doing this in SL at all?
Lexxy Moore: nope I didn’t get into this until InWorldz

Lexxy Moore: I can make the backdrops change colors or apply a texture like this Earth
I can spin the backdrop
Moonrise Azalee: ooh yes

lexxy moore blog earths

Lexxy Moore: or animate the texture like this can change the alpha (how see-through it is)
Moonrise Azalee: yes!

(note that for part of this interview I didn’t realize I had turned PARTICLES wayyyy down instead of Draw Distance – her particles are even better up close and personal and WITH your particles on /facepalm)

Lexxy Moore: and the glow I can get some funky effects by messing with all three backdrops

Lexxy Moore: then I have flames, these are good for roasting the drummer
Moonrise Azalee: LOL

Lexxy Moore: and particle lasers – can do all sorts of things with those , also some prim lasers I’m still working on. Some nice smoke/fog for the floor 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: This is really beautiful. Very amazing… you’re like an all in one crew
Lexxy Moore: haha you have no idea, I have 11 huds up on my screen for shows, nothing at all is preset so every show is different

lexxy moore blog pink and blue

Moonrise Azalee: Now that You’re coming up on two years in InWorldz, what would you say are your favourite things about it?

Lexxy Moore: oh that’s an easy one…my favorite thing about InWorldz are the people friendly, supportive, creative people in every group I’ve been a part of – I also love waffles – but the people are even better than waffles
Moonrise Azalee laughs

Moonrise Azalee: Do you have any upcoming projects you’re working on, or would like to work on?
Lexxy Moore: well my ongoing groups are Golden Touch Theater (dancer/scripter), The Dinkies Band (Beatles tribute band), rosy ogray’s Funsters Band and of course my own LexxyTech shows. I also do a 3rd Friday of the month event with Astoria Luminos (DJ) and my The Loft gigs. My latest project is with a very talented visual artist named Thoth Jantzen I believe you just did a blog about him 🙂

Moonrise Azalee: I did, yes!
Lexxy Moore: I will be combining my particles with his visual media in an event soon and it will be exclusive to InWorldz I will never take my shows off-grid. I really want what I do, and what other artists do here, to bring more folks to the grid and by “grid” I mean InWorldz 🙂 As for my own particle shows, I plan on adding more interactive features this year so that the audience can participate

Moonrise Azalee: What do you feel are some of the things that people who’ve never been to InWorldz would appreciate that can’t be found elsewhere?

Lexxy Moore: well right off the top of my head… Neytiri Omatikaya’s PyroVR fireworks are ultra realistic and only found in IW – Golden Touch Theater does amazing shows only in IW. I believe Thoth Jantzen is only doing his visual media here now. If you are into roleplay we have tons of options including Bim and Andor’s Unified Lands, Amaya Tyrell’s Game of Thrones, Pirates vs Navy sailing/combat, Star Trek (The Rookery), etc

Lexxy Moore: It is a nice niche somewhere between Second Life and the smaller grids
Moonrise Azalee: I would agree with that for sure.

Lexxy Moore: I sometimes do wish there were more than 200 or 300 online at a time : but then again a performance of any kind, on any grid slows to a crawl with more than about 50 people on a region so maybe more people would be bad.

Moonrise Azalee: Yes, it certainly can sometimes hinder a performance to have a huge amount of people in attendance at one single event.

Lexxy Moore: oh one other future project. I created a LexxyPop Particle Venue and had its grand opening earlier this year it is basically a sim-wide hollow sphere where I can totally control lighting I plan on doing a few repeat performances this year and then a brand new show early next year – and a BIG thank you to quadrapop tree. She inspired my first particle creations and has given the LexxyPop Particle Venue a home and she is an awesome friend too

Moonrise Azalee: What would you like to see in your future here at InWorldz?
Lexxy Moore: honestly I would just be happy if InWorldz remained successful so that I could be here with all my buddies. I have way more friends here than I do in RL, I’m guessing that is true for most of us

Moonrise Azalee: I think a virtual environment is an amazing way to build real friendships with people who are on the other side of a monitor far away.
Lexxy Moore: amazing and in many ways the “best” way to build relationships. you get to know a person from the inside. Ooooh that sounded gross!

Moonrise Azalee: Well, I think I know what you mean, you get to see how a person sees themself, without any of the limitations put on them by their real life

Lexxy Moore: and I also find that folks open up here, where in real life they may be shy. This is a great place to spread your wings and soar – well I’m a cat so I can’t do that – but I spread my paws as wide as I can and then jump off things.
Moonrise Azalee: You sure can! And make amazing imagery! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today, it’s been great getting to know you!

Lexxy Moore: it has been a pleasure !

Some Landmarks!

􀀁http://places.inworldz.com/Railroad%20Valley/98/133/27 – LexxyTech Store

http://places.inworldz.com/Elektra/80/207/1003 – The Loft Blues Club

http://places.inworldz.com/Wyldwood%20Bayou%20NE/66/102/27 – Rockin’ the Blues


Some more Pictures!

􀀀Lexxy also gave me her list of Pictures and Videos of different events and such that she has been part of , contributed to or been featured in. I shall provide them here, as it is a great list and there are lots of other fun InWorldz things to be seen via them also.


2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater IW7 Repeat Performances

2016/03/27 Pawsum Particles IW7 Event – DJ Calliope Andel

2016/03/26 Exhibit “Southern Charm” ArtFest

2016/02/28 Pawsum Particles LexxyPop Particle Venue – DJ Wolf Hartnell, Tenbears Running (Video), Rig Torok (Photos)

LexxyPop Grand Opening Party


2016/01/15 Pawsum Particles David Bowie & Alan Rickman Memorial Concert – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/12/31 Pawsum Particles New Years Eve – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/10/25 Pawsum Particles FallFest – DJ Wolf Hartnell

LexxyTech Particles & DJ Wolfie

2015/05/03 Dinkies Band WeeFolks HUB Opening

WeeFolks of IW Hub Grand Opening

2015/03/29 Dinkies Band IWz Birthday

2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater “Illumination”

2016/04/30 Golden Touch Theater “My World”

2016/04/02 Golden Touch Theater “Compass”

2016/02/13 Golden Touch Theater “Fire and Honor”

2015/12/12 Pawsum Particles WinterFest Toys For Tots Event – DJ Astoria Luminos

2015/07/04 Pawsum Particles InWorldz Desert Island (Taika Wirsing) – Fourth of July Event 7p IWt (DJ NiteShade)

2015/02/01 Exhibit “The Art of IWz Love” ArtFest


The more ‘Adult’ side of InWorldz

Since starting this blog we have covered a variety of genres in our stories. We have visited Roleplay areas and spoken to people who are involved in various themed roleplay regions. We have done coverage of various events and  shared photos of some of our favourite places. We have highlighted places that cute little furry creatures can live as well as family themed ares for those who want to live out their dreams of having a virtual family.

Today I decided to show another side of InWorldz.

The Adult community in InWorldz is no secret. Since I first came here a few years ago I have always found the Adult community to be a welcoming, fun bunch. Attending parties on Chopper Gurbux’s Underworld region, with a group of often scantily clad and  sometimes naked folks has always been so much fun – and that is not the only place where I have found Adult themed fun.

!* BDSM HUB *!, Besnit (58, 193, 31) – Adult



So my first stop was at the BDSM Hub in Besnit. The creative mind behind it is Sam Leader. Although made of stone, it did indeed have a very welcoming friendly feel to it.

Inside is a sitting area for Doms/Masters and their Subs/Slaves, to the left is a club, upstairs more sitting area and all about are erotic photographs – not ‘porn’ type images that some people automatically assume are part of BDSM.  (though outside in the market area, there are some rather invigorating animated .gif pictures one may purchase for their wall at home 😉 )



Games upstairs – chess, parcheesj, blitzy, in general just a fun, casual place to hang out.

I traveled further through the castle and found  not only a school room  (good thing the teacher wasn’t there, they’d have noticed I was writing with my sonic screwdriver) but a library as well with some really useful information not only on the walls on the posters but in the notecard giving bookshelves as well.






My next stop was over to the Adult Hub, being put together by Viking Spirit.


This place is a work in progress, but already has a really great start, I’m excited to see how it turns out.


There are a few shops there already, meeting places, and a wide variety of builds that have the space to really offer all sorts of events. I will be checking back on it and will update any progress.

I wanted to find a recreational area , adult themed and had to look no further than Oztotl.


The man currently behind this project is Ivan Zadark. This area could pass as a non BDSM estate however hidden here and there are little reminders that kink is definitely welcome. Taken from the region description:

Oztotl is a place for adults of all types & persuasions to enjoy romantic, erotic, RLV, BDSM, D/s, fetish RP outdoors, at a nude beach, in caves, the woods, & themed skyboxes.

There is an expanse of beaches, and trees, sound of rushing water and waves, club and hang out and really a very beautiful  area . There are 8 sims that make up Oztotle and there are many areas to be enjoyed, whether as a couple or on your own.

BDSMblog10 BDSMblog11













There are some very decent Residential Regions themed for adult in InWorldz also. Merlin Ambrosius has a number of sims, nicely landscaped and available to rent for very reasonable prices . Taken from the description:

Exile Residential Properties welcomes everyone and is a Gay owned and operated Clothing Optional Adult region. While nudity is allowed (actually encouraged), sexual harassment is a big No-no! We strive to have almost a commune feel and maintain a social atmosphere.






And last but not least – I went to revisit Chopper’s region – Underworld. He is still the ‘boss-man’ of the best Burlesque Troop in town – the Peek-a-Boo gang. They put on fabulous shows on a regular basis. My favourite part of Underworld, besides the fact that he built every part of his town brick by brick is the Dive Bar. We have had some amazingly hilarious times there. Some of the best times I’ve had in InWorldz has definitely been in Underworld. Chopper DJ’s. tosses random parties, sometimes we pack that bar to overflowing.  There are  some rental apartments and quite a few rental shops as well. http://places.inworldz.com/Underworld/109/120/22





There are a lot of options for those who prefer a strictly adult environment. From Gorean (not covered here, but definitely can be found) to Urban. From thrones to beach fronts.

InWorldz has space for everyone. Sometimes places seem empty – check out the event board on the region you’re visiting , join the group or better yet, contact the region owner and ask directly. Sometimes showing an interest can spark a great collaborative effect.

Open Collar is also alive and well in InWorldz, as are a number of fantastic BDSM specialized merchants with high quality furniture , toys, accessories and ‘props’. We’ve also had a few beautiful InWorldz Erotic Art shows. Yes there are Dinkies,  Tinies ,  family regions and churches but there are also bondage ranches, nude beaches, urban sims and more. Just look around 🙂 You are bound to find something just right for you.


Londyn SoulStar – Family Living, Virtually.

When on the ‘Big Grid’ (Second Life for those who are not familiar with that term), I really enjoyed some of the Family Themed regions. In real life I am a mother, have been for many years, but I fell in love with Funsies Babies in Second Life, and after getting twins and adopting a toddler I wanted to have a more immersive experience and moved into a Family Themed region.

I can’t pretend to know why other people enjoy doing it. As a child I loved playing dolls, I enjoy games like Animal Crossing and Role Play type games where we get to play out  ‘real’ sort of existence based on a character being developed. Farming games, Sims and other similar games. For me, having my ‘prim babies’ is not a lot different.

Now, back to InWorldz. Although I have a nice residential region that I rent out, it isn’t really aimed at Families. So, I did a bit of a wander like I do and found Kensington. There is Kensington, Kensington County, Kensington Village and Kensington Heights.

This lovely community is really coming along.

This lovely community is really coming along.

Four regions connected with a lovely Family Theme, right down to a park, bowling alley, shopping and huge parcels for a wonderful price.

A lovely place to relax with your virtual family

A lovely place to relax with your virtual family



A fully working Bowling Alley with various table games including pool.

A fully working Bowling Alley with various table games including pool.

As I wandered further I found a store called Baby Blossoms and was SO thrilled because inside was the preparation for…. Prim Babies!  Interactive, growing babies.

Baby Blossom Babies - Opening Soon!

Baby Blossom Babies – Opening Soon!

I wandered some more and saw some lovely builds done by Curt Halberd, and Chic Aeon, and lovely family homes created by Londyn SoulStar who is also the visionary behind these Family Themed regions. I really love to meet creators and residents to find out more about the people who make up InWorldz so I contacted her and asked if she had some time for an interview and so we met up this past Wednesday.

Chatting with Londyn in her large expanse of a yard

Chatting with Londyn in her large expanse of a yard


Birch Wind: Londyn, I just want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me:
Londyn SoulStar: You’re very welcome. *smiles* Thank you for choosing to interview here

Birch Wind: Well, I spent quite a bit of time wandering through today, and really enjoyed it. Lovely ambiance, so truly I am happy to be here. I guess first of all, I would like to ask, how long have you been in InWorldz for?

Londyn SoulStar: 4 1/2 years, though to be honest, I feel like I’;ve been here much longer than that with all the wonderful people I’ve met and that
Birch Wind: Had you been in other virtual worlds before here?
Londyn SoulStar: Yes, I played in Second Life before coming to InWorldz.

Birch Wind: How did here you hear about InWorldz and what made you decide to come here?
Londyn SoulStar: A friend had told me of this place…and then brought me here. I actually came over as a fae and turned human…lol

Birch Wind: And what were your first impressions of InWorldz?
Londyn SoulStar: At first I didn’t think anyone else was here… But eventually I met people and made good friends and became close to several

Birch Wind: What did you find to be the most difficult adjustment, coming from a big grid like Second Life and establishing yourself here?
Londyn SoulStar: Having the material things here that I have in Second Life such as the fancy cars & houses and mesh we have there. Thankfully all of that is now finding it’s way over here.

Birch Wind nods, it really is and though I never thought of myself as a big shopper, I cant help but be thrilled with all the new things we have
Londyn SoulStar: Awww…I’m a tyical female and love, love, love to shop…lol

Birch Wind grins – well I do now, i think part of the reason i wanted to do this blog was because there are so many neat places in InWorldz that people don’t realize exist.Including some of the amazing creators.
Londyn SoulStar: very true.Sometimes it’s diffacult to know the exact place to put your advt. for people to find you/me

Birch Wind: Now that you have been here for a while, what is your favourite part of InWorldz?:
Londyn SoulStar: How serene and relaxing it is here, not to mention how nice people are here compared to other Virtual Worlds. People don’t seem to have their walls or guards up as high here.
Not to mention I think in all the time I’ve spent here, I’ve only dealt with one griefer. And thankfully they bored of it rather quickly.

Birch Wind: Now, I have poked about your estates before, as well as popped in to many of your shops. I have seen your lovely regions as well as your various residential builds and of course a new project you’ve been working on – babies. Would you mind talking a bit about these various projects? Maybe starting with your Kensington regions and the reason you created them?

A cinema and hot air balloon!

A cinema and hot air balloon!

Londyn SoulStar: I built the estate for family role playing. Though anyone can come and enjoy the estate of course. Many people like to have families in a virtual world as well as children. I want to make it all as realistic as possible here, so I plan to add on as people join us here. I love to role play as a family and figured others did/do also. And as more people join us here, the more I plan to add to the estate such as a school, hospital, etc. For now I have a working cinema  as well as working bowling alley, table games, etc. and childrens’ park and adoption center.

Birch Wind: What was your inspiration for that?
Londyn SoulStar: My children in RL (real life) are now grown and out of the house. And I miss that. So I thought bringing it back with my virtual world here in InWorldz would help that “empty nest” syndrome. *smiles*

Londyn SoulStar: Everyone has their reason(s) for wanting to role play as a family. Whether as a parent or as a child. I just want to help bring that to life

Birch Wind: I want to talk about the adoption centre briefly – I took notecards and they explicitly mention that InWorldz Terms of Service must be kept this means that all children avatars must be over the age of 18 – I think people misunderstand the desire for families in virtual worlds. This is not about  age play in a sexual manner at all, but is about, like you say, actual virtual families.

Londyn SoulStar: Exactly. I hope to rid of that concept and bring forth the actual reason for wanting to be  a child avatar or in a family.  InWorldz TOS must always be met and respected at all times.

Birch Wind: Why do you feel that people are finding virtual worlds a good place to have a family?
Londyn SoulStar: For many, RPing as a child or family RP is simply bringing back something they no longer have in real life. Or maybe have never had. It can be a  type of therapy really.

Birch Wind:  I admit that when I first heard of it, back in my ‘other grid’ days, I thought it was odd. Now I think it is an amazing way for so many people to find that additional depth to their virtual life. Many people are faced with infertility issues, or did not have a chance to have children in life and so enjoy prim babies or children avatars to help give that experience, and for many others, they choose to be a child to be carefree, to have fun, or perhaps have the sort of childhood experience they were unable to when they grew up.

Londyn SoulStar: Yes, and it’s an amazing way to have fun and interact. For others, it’s a version of playing with “dolls” and not be made fun of because we’re adults…lol

Birch Wind: Could you talk a bit about the babies that you are working on?
Londyn SoulStar: Oh! Yes! I’d love to! Pixel Pretty and I are working on artificial intelligent babies at the moment. We were hoping to have them released by now. But pesky real life got in the way for a bit, but we are back to working on them now and hope to have them ready very soon.

Birch Wind: Will they be interactive and such?

Londyn SoulStar: Yes, they’ll grow and interact according to age. And learn new things as they grow such as rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, etc…all according to age. they’ll also come with an extensive wardrobe which you’ll be able to add to in the future. Such as short outfits, jeans outfits, dresses, suits, PJ’s, head bands, hats, etc And we’ll be adding new outfits which will be sold separately in the near future and will even have kits so others can create clothing for them and sell them as an affiliate as well.

Birch Wind: in Second Life, I have a few prim babies. Three actually. And they of course are about 35 prims each – but land on that grid is so expensive – to have a home and yard and all the fun things for a family is a big prim commitment and there.
Londyn SoulStar: Aww, yes. I understand and agree.

There are large parcels available like this one - 4320 sqm , 791 prims for only 514/week. There are also lots with lovely homes already placed.

There are large parcels available like this one – 4320 sqm , 791 prims for only 514/week. There are also lots with lovely homes already placed.


Wander the streets and do some shopping, lovely quaint shops and the ocean not far away create a lovely atmosphere.

Wander the streets and do some shopping, lovely quaint shops and the ocean not far away create a lovely atmosphere.

Birch Wind: I always thought, ‘Oh my I wish InWorldz had babies also, as here we have so much more flexibility with prims and such.

Londyn SoulStar: I have prim babies there as well. And though our prim babies will be about 35 prims each as well, we are trying to be very prim savy when it come to making the furniture to interact with the babies. Therefore, most of the interacting furniture will be mesh to help save on prims

Birch Wind: If there is an interest, will you have maternity services, school and other things along those lines for those who decide to start a virtual family

Londyn SoulStar: Yes. I’d love to be able to add those items into the estate as well. I actually already have a school built and waiting and will work on a hospital next.

Birch Wind: Are there any other projects you are working on right now? You have some lovely home builds and other items as well.

Londyn SoulStar: I love building and doing graphics. It’s my favorite thing to do here besides role playing. I’m actually working on a few things. Building up the childrens’ line at Leap here on the estate as well as building new houses for residents to choose from. And I plan to add at least one interactive restaurant here on the estate.

Birch Wind: What shops do you have that carry your items?
Londyn SoulStar:  I have Baby Blossoms Babies as well as Leap Furniture where I create for children & adults. It’s actually more for adults right now than children. But I’ll be working on the childrens’ stock very soon and getting it built up more.  I do have an amazing storytime chair for the kids. You click on it and it gives you a choice of 10 different stores that it will either read in IM to you or in local for a group. it seats up to 5 people

In Kensington

In Kensington

Birch Wind: What are your goals or plans for the future here in InWorldz?
Londyn SoulStar: I hope to continue growing as well as building and creating what the people want. . I want to make people happy and give them a place to want to call home and enjoy being at. Not just a place to land when they log in

Birch Wind: It really has been a pleasure, to meet the woman behind this lovely area. I have always loved regions that felt like real communities. Real little towns and quite liked it here. I thank you so much for your time with me today Londyn

Londyn SoulStar: Thank you so much. I have thouroughly enjoyed meeting you as well. again, thank you very much. *smiles*

And, some landmarks for you all! These were taken using Firestorm Viewer:

The Bowling Alley – more than just bowling: hop://inworldz.com:8002/Kensington%20Village/58/197/25

.::Leap::. Mainstore – hop://inworldz.com:8002/Kensington/213/146/22

Baby Blossom Babies- hop://inworldz.com:8002/Kensington/80/167/22

City Hall – hop://inworldz.com:8002/Kensington/135/142/22

Little Lambs & Ivy Adoptions – hop://inworldz.com:8002/Kensington/147/32/25

Some Further Thoughts on Plus Regions

I decided to purchase a Plus account. Not because I wanted perks and benefits, but because I wanted to first hand see what they were all about, as well as being able to find another way to contribute back to InWorldz financially.  My other reason was because I got the news that I was given a Plus region to manage. and thought it best if I actually ‘live’ there as well, even thought I do have my own regions.

My first impressions were less than stellar upon getting to the region. A bunch of homes plunked down on some flat green. Rather uninspiring. I was perhaps additionally biased because I have two regions that are full of trees, and builds and paths etc. and so popping over to Tikaboo Mesa was kind of ‘meh’.

My mind of course began to compare Second Life’s premium parcels. Things so lush and landscaped. And their stipend is higher also.

SL’s stipend is 1200/month

IW’s stipend is 500/month -1500 if you don’t use one of the Plus parcels

However, we can examine that further.

The Second Life Linden Homes are:

on 512 m parcels

total land capacity of prims – 117

from 9.95 US monthly -72US annually(6.00 US/month)

InWorldz Plus Parcels

on 2048 m parcels

total land capacity of prims – 1406

5.95 US monthly

That in itself is pretty awesome. It allows for LOTS of decorating. Here are some pics of my house.

premiumplus_009 premiumplus_008 premiumplus_007 premiumplus_005 premiumplus_004

Like Second Life, you can not deed to group. However, one difference that has indeed come up is that you can not allow other people to rez on your parcel. I’m not sure if this will be changed in the future, to at least include the ability of your Partner to share rezzing permissions (as it seems awkward for a partnered couple to have to have separate homes) . If you need to have other people rez on your land, you are best renting from one of the many awesome residential owners, or buy some land. (you will then get 1500 izzies on your account each month instead of the 500)

I see some logic in this. Unlike Second Life Premium homes, which only allow such a small amount of prims and allow no customization to yard, InWorldz Plus regions DO allow lots of yard customizations and lots of prims to really make your house a home. This makes it a great living option and this can also  invite abuse – a person could get multiple Plus accounts on various email addresses, and if land could be set to Group Build, then could easily rent out the land to people while collecting their own 500/month stipend.

Also, if your friend has a parcel set to group rez, and everyone can rez, then why would a resident bother getting a Plus account? They would just rez on the friend’s parcel for free… and lets be fair, all of our items, textures, etc are all stored on severs that are being paid for, we have free imports and uploads. We are using  service and expect Support, and implementations of new things, and someone has to receive wages for doing all that sort of work.

The above was something that came to surface when a new resident in the Plus region I manage was wondering why group members of his group could not rez on his land. My first thought was that it seemed rather unfair, but when I thought about it, it did indeed make sense. Yes, on his 117 prim parcel in Second Life that he paid 9.95/monthly or 72/year for anyone could rez, but really, how much can you put on a parcel with only 117 total prims anyhow? No, its not convenient when your friend wants to share some cool furniture with you and they can’t because they can’t rez there, but InWorldz has so much great content at such wonderful prices that furnishing your own home really isn’t so hard. And if its simply that your friend has no land to rez on, well we have lots of sandboxes inworld, so there’s no problem with finding a place to rez your box with new outfit/skin/shape/hair etc.

2500 IZ is 5.00 US.

My own homes/parcels I rent out in my non plus region are .50/prim so for a 1400 prim parcel, a person would be paying me 700 IZ/week. Some charge more, some less but that is about standard. So right there, a person is saving some IZ, PLUS they are given 500 IZ/month. Yes, if a person wants more freedom for group rezzing then buying their own home is more useful. But for the price, space and stability (‘Plus’ regions arent just going to close up and shut down, like some landlords that close their sims) it’s actually quite a good deal.

So yes, my initial reaction regarding  the plus regions has changed. I love my yard, I like the bit of public space I was able to create for the residents (where I will have some events planned monthly), and I like that it still doesn’t take away from landlords because there will always be people that have different needs and requirements for their land. It gives new residents a chance to see other items out and about to get ideas on shopping for themselves, as well as meet others and get help from more veteran residents (and yes, some veteran residents do live in Plus regions also)


Arial view of Tikaboo Mesa

Little public deck, future entertainment area

Little public deck, future entertainment area

My ONLY complaint about the regions is lack of sidewalks or paths. All parcels are joined. Little walkways in between, even if it lessened the available parcels by one, or two would be so much nicer for accessing public land instead of having to sort of cam out to find it and then teleport to it. (maybe this is something that can be addressed)

So, now Im back to InWorldz to finish decorating.


I’d Rather Be InWorldz

Better late than never so… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all our readers!

Birch and I were pretty busy in RL, what with Christmas preparations and everything, that’s why we didn’t blog earlier. We’re sorry!

And there’s such exciting news to be blogged about!

If you haven’t heard about the “I’d rather be #InWorldz” campaign you’re missing out big time!

I’d rather be #InWorldz is “a collection of media from #InWorldz residents who would rather be having fun in their favorite virtual world! ”

Avid twitter users will notice the hash tag. That’s right, take pics or make videos about your favourite places or activities in InWorldz or share something via IW dreamshare. Upload them here http://ratherbe.inworldz.com/ and you have a chance to win awesome prizes! Just log in with your InWorldz username and password and upload your pics or videos. Then share it with the world on twitter and everywhere else! Let’s show the world why we love InWorldz!

Spread the word and give your favourite submissions a “thumbs up”.

 1 Grand Prize
• A full private region for you to use paid in full for the first 3 months, or 3 months paid tier on a region that you own.
• An “I’d Rather be _______ #InWorldz” tee shirt
• An “I’d Rather be _______ #InWorldz” coffee mug

1 First Prize
• A full private region for you to use paid in full for the first month, or 1 month paid tier on a region that you own.
• An “I’d Rather be _______ #InWorldz” tee shirt

2 Second Prizes
• 10,000 $iz to spend anywhere in-world on anything you’d like
• An “I’d Rather be _______ #InWorldz” coffee mug

3 Third Prizes
• An “I’d Rather be _______ #InWorldz” coffee mug


Images have to be in jpg or png format without transparent background.

The contest will end on February 28 2015 at 11:59:59 PM PST.

So now you know what you should be doing: Log in to InWorldz, snap pics, take videos and share them http://ratherbe.inworldz.com/ .

And here are some of my faves so far, feel free to give them a thumbs up if you like them, too, and share, share, share 😀

Click the images to go directly to the submission and did I mention to give it a thumbs up?